Ever since signing for Newcastle, Joey Barton has ‘enjoyed’ a long running love and hate relationship with Sunderland fans, though not much love has been involved…

However, the QPR midfielder felt compelled to praise the mackems during Sunday’s derby match.

When the 17th minute came around and the Newcastle supporters began their minute’s applause for the two supporters, John Alder and Liam Sweeney, lost in the MH17 tragedy, Barton was touched by the reaction of the Sunderland fans.

The former United player putting this message out on Twitter:

“Very rarely say it but touch of class from Sunderland fans there… #MH17”

Before the match, Joey Barton had been looking forward to his day of TV football, having already banked 3 points with Rangers on Saturday, turning in a man of the match performance as QPR beat West Brom 4-1 away from home.

Barton was looking forward to watching his two former clubs, Newcastle and Marseille in action, Tweeting the following before Newcastle kicked off:

“I’ll be cheering both of these on today. Toujours dans mon Coeur… #howaythelads #allezLOM”

The translation of ‘Toujours dans mon Coeur…’ is ‘Always in my heart…’ and heart is certainly something certain Newcastle players could have done with yesterday.

Whilst it was a successful weekend for Joey Barton personally, he may have been tempted to kick the TV because as well as Newcastle’s feeble display, Marseille threw away a 2-1 lead and went down 3-2 at home to PSG to leave Yohan Cabaye’s club top of Ligue 1.


  • Kev82

    They showed their true touch of class when supporting Adam Johnson.

  • MacM2015

    Innocent until proven otherwise, I thought that was the British way?

  • terriertwo

    What we would do with a Barton in our team at the moment plus a Nolan,Carrrol,Ba and maybe even a Keegan to steer the ship

  • Brownale69

    what you see is what you get……Barton surely would have had some word with Defoe at half time.

  • safcftm

    Have you ANY evidence whatsoever of him being guilty????? FTM#5INAROW

  • Cornflake

    Say what you want about Barton, but I would have him in my squad any day.  I much rather watch that club, even when relegated than the one we currently have.  The other squad at least looked like they were interested.

  • sunderland5

    NUFC showed no class at all when Adam Johnson warmed up !!

  • Alex Wilkinson

    It was moving and a throwback to the old days when we had friendly rivalry rather than “hatred”.

  • Toon Magpie

    There is more hatred towards our own club. What a mess we are in.