Jamie Carragher has crucified Tim Krul after he was spotted smiling and laughing at half-time in the tunnel with Jermain Defoe, the Newcastle keeper apparently congratulating the Sunderland striker on his match winning goal.

The former Liverpool player says that he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and would never have dreant of this happening in the Merseyside dernies he played in.

John Carver said that he thought it was simply sportsmanship from Krul but this is what Jamie Carragher had to say:

“Somebody out there who doesn’t care about football might say it is good sportsmanship but when Everton played Liverpool, I certainly wouldn’t be shaking the hand of an Everton player (at half-time after scoring).

“He (Tim Krul) is actually waiting for him (Defoe) in the tunnel, he (Krul) is smiling.”

You don’t smile, you don’t laugh about it:

“Whenever you play a derby game you don’t just play on the day, there’s a build-up in the week before. Everybody is on edge and you work yourself up into a frenzy.

“You can’t have that in any game, but in a derby game…you don’t smile, you don’t laugh about it.”

  • Brownale69

    I agree total disgrace. Hang your head in shame

  • Kev82

    It’s one of those goals regardless of rivalry that you just have to say hats off to Defoe,

  • I disagree with Carragher when he said that everyone needs to be whipped up into such a frenzy that they despise the opposition. More often than not cool heads are needed in derbies. I do agree with Carragher however that Krul shouldn’t have patted Defoe on the head with a nice big smile at half time – remember this was only a minute or so after the ball hit the back of the net. It suggests to me that Krul wasn’t in the right mind-set if he was able to smile about going one nil down with the last kick of the first half. I’d have expected him to be too annoyed/disappointed to have any sort of interaction with Defoe.

  • Mister Tee

    I can agree with Carragher here although Krul might not have been aware of the camera approaching, however it does look like he has hung on for Defoe specifically to have a bit of (I hate this term) banter.
    Why not get yourself down the tunnel and into the dressing room to try and sort your own teams problems out?
    If you felt Defoe deserved a pat on the back, which he did to be fair – it was a great strike, do it after the full time whistle.
    It looked like Defoe couldnt have give a flying fig about what Krul was wanting to say to him and it makes us look so weak and almost too respectful of our opponents.
    The whole team looks spineless and lacks onfield leadership. Coloccini does not make any difference when he is playing and there is a lack of commitment within the squad. Lack of commitment to make a pass, to make a tackle, to have a shot.
    Lack of commitment to take responsibilty.
    Make no mistake, this filters down from the very top and will continue to do so while we are treated as a billionaires plaything.

  • Simon Sharp

    Jamie Carragher can piss off. No keeper in the world was stopping that, a good pro, a good sportsman will acknowledge what a great goal it was. Jamie Carragher was neither.

  • LeazesEnder

    gaitken They were so cool they froze!

  • Stephen Walton

    Surprised anyone can understand Carraghers impenetrable scouse accent

  • Chemical Dave

    Krul is s disgrace, uunbelievable.

  • David Grey

    He’s a “know it all” c**t. I really don’t like him at all.

  • tino o

    [email protected]@k him to off with most of the rest of the shower of shite disgraceful embarrassing display [email protected]! Ck them I’ve had enough of this

  • Darren Hogg

    Carragher is a broken wireless and shouldnt be on the telly

  • Chemical Dave

    What, and wait for him at half time to do it ??

  • Dave Graham

    Any congratulations should have been after the end of the game and not at half time.

  • Andgeo


  • alreet

    We have no leadership and no grit coz the players have no fire left. That in turn is down to the gaffer. Oh the players no what this means. Do they indeed. So cabella. Gouffran. Sissoko and Perez know of the old skool blood and thunder you used to get in a proper derby. Where the hell were we today. Should have been crunching tackles right and left. Busting a gut to chase a ball going nowhere. Giving the defence a good shoulder barge and making them pass fast or we are on ur back.
    Yeah we have loads of players out but come on. Would the youth team have played like a bunch of gnomes.
    We were in europe 2 years ago. Wtaf happened. No bloody clue.

  • Kris Suddick

    The goal was unstoppable and as much as I hate to say it, it’s a goal of the season contender. Krul had an ok game to be fair

  • Jeff Dorritt

    I’m glad J.Carragher spoke of this, Tim Krul displayed total lack of respect to NUFC and their fans.

  • Nigel Benton

    With everything we are up against that’s small beer.

  • Kev82

    Might not be the best of decisions but I don’t see the big deal about it.

  • Jack Soulsby

    That’s football’s warped idea of sportsman-like behaviour all over. Carra’s thoughts on the matter are irrelevant drivel

  • newcastle7

    Correct the sooner Tim Krul leaves the club the better.When we lost four nil v Tottenham three goals his fault.He is is a disgrace get him out now

  • DonDickson

    Just maybe it’s called sportsmanship one fellow professional to another and yes it’s against your local rivals but krul is only human and let’s face it I hate the scum just as much as anyone but what a strike,what would everyone being saying if it had gone 30 yards over the bar and krul had been caught on camera in the tunnel smiling at him.Carraga should keep his gob shut all he fetched to the premier league was the art of wrestling in the penalty box and getting away with it.

  • No Brainer

    Have a look at the chelsea fans behind the goal when adam scored on saturday. Many of them, applauding a wonder strike.

    Are all those hanging cruel today are better football fans than Newcastle united’s?

  • No Brainer

    alreet Papis spat, Colo lost his head, Daft lad should have bought a centre back, and our best central midfielder is a crock.

    Thats kind of what happened

  • No Brainer

    tino o In what way did Krul have a bad game today?

  • Deccatoon

    Ok so do you think the Chelsea players should have applauded? Listen mate you shake hands at the end of the game

  • Mister Tee

    Not sure what you are getting at.
    Defoes goal was a fantastic strike, as was Charlie Adams.
    I can appreciate that and so can Tim Krul but why hang around at half time to have a laugh and a giggle with Defoe?
    Did Courtois applaud Charlie Adam or go and have a laugh with him at half time?

  • Deccatoon

    A struggle to remember krul having a good game . O yes Tottenham last year

  • Deccatoon

    Everyone knows it was a good goal. It was the timing and enthusiasm krul showed that concerned me

  • Jamie Carragher is irrelevant. Hasn’t got a clue about us.

  • newcastle7 As long as he takes Carver with him

  • NotFatFreddy

    Who cares, just another embarrassing day for the fans. The 2 derby games could be the difference in staying up or going down for both clubs.  Looks like we are the ones choosing to be in free fall and the only help is how bad the teams are below us.  If Carver is manager next year then….*****!

  • Jon Goodall

    From a man who thinks Gerrard was superior to Scholes…meaningless.

  • No Brainer

    Deccatoon so drogba and others including the chelsea bunch shouldn’t have shown their appreciation to Cisse’s goal a couple of years back?

  • No Brainer

    Mister Tee No but many chelsea players showed their amazement to Cisses goal a couple of years ago.

  • Mister Tee

    Did they?
    I can only remember Drogba shrugging his shoulders at Cisses goal. They didnt applaud the goal, it was almost a look of resignation of “what can you do about a strike like that?”
    It was a one in a million strike, as was Charlie Adams.
    You can be respectful of somebodys talent, of course you can, but not at half time surely?
    Why give your opponent that degree of respect when there is still 45mins to play?
    Even if Krul said something disrespectful, why even engage your opponent?
    It makes him look weak and in awe of Defoe.
    Defoe looked like he couldnt have given 2 hoots about what Krul had to say.
    Leave it until full time.
    Can you imagine what Mourinho would have said to Courtois if he had done something similar?