As a long time Mag, I look at the calls from my fellow supporters to boycott Spurs with mixed emotions.

On the one hand I say good on you, but on the other, I think, what took you so long?

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It’s been claimed the derby defeat is the straw that broke the camel’s back – all I can say it’s been a pretty strong camel. It all seems a case of too little too late.

If the reason people are backing this boycott is because of the club’s recent lack of ambition, or the transfer policy, or because the club’s good name is being dragged through the mud by an owner who simply doesn’t care about the club, then I fear they might not have been paying close enough attention to NUFC’s recent history.

It’s not as if the way our fine club has been run in the two decades since the halcyon days of Sir John Hall and Kevin Keegan has really been any different to this current model.

It would take too long to recount all the horrible things done by Fat Freddy or by Ashley, but suffice to say that when critically examined, any perceived ambition, good stewardship or good PR up to the point Ashley announced his business first approach, have been just that – perceptions. A string of false dawns, empty promises and smoke & mirrors.

If the true measure of a desire for change is a successful boycott, or indeed any kind of significant dip in support, our fans have shown in the recent past that they don’t really mind a club which has no ambition, or indeed one which holds its supporters in open contempt. Which is why I fear the boycott will be a failure.

I’ll not be there (at the Spurs game) but then again I say that as someone who stopped going to the match, or putting money into the club, long before Ashley even arrived.

Maybe that means I’m not a true supporter, but I can tell you the pride and passion I felt at the prospect of a Liverpool vs. Newcastle fixture in times gone by was almost visceral. For Monday night needless to say, the feeling ranges from apathy to dread. claims this is just the beginning. Well, let’s hope so.

Let’s hope whatever they have in the works, if they hope to even begin to wake the current crop of match-going support from their slumber, it’s going to have to be better planned and better executed than any protest that has gone before it. By a long way.


  • nnnnnmmmmm

    your not a true supporter

  • Demented_Man

    Absolutely spot on.  Why it has taken so long for fans to realise the true intentions of Tubby is a mystery.


  • NottsToon

    How it starts, when it starts for people is irrelevant. All that is important right now is to give this some momentum.
    I have read the disparaging comments about the Cardiff protest, but at least it was something, this time it needs to be bigger and I believe that it will be. What it needs to be is enough to chip away at people’s insecurities and show them all that we can act, we can protest, we can be seen and we will be heard.
    Whether there are 300, 3000 or 30’000 outside the ground on April 19th, each and every one of us will be there to stand against the destruction of Newcastle United by a callous charlatan who clearly regards us with contempt.
    April 19th, integrity or apathy. Your choice.

  • mentalman

    It needs to be bigger and better, I’ve nothing but admiration for the guys who have organised previous protests but it needs to be better organised without the separate groups doing separate things, people turning up with dodgy banners etc. The media are just looking to find something to jump on to discredit our protests so why give them something

  • NottsToon

    mentalman Genuine question. Why do you think the media are looking for something to discredit the protests?

    I would say if anything the media is finally starting to turn against Mike Ashley, and disgruntled fans showing their anger publicly is a far better story than trying to discredit a protest surely? Just not sure of the logic of that statement.

    With this protest having more publicity and organisation behind it I am confident that it will be a much more co ordinated effort than last time.

  • Andgeo

    Fatty will not take a blind bit of notice other than to issue another batch of splurge through the usual muppets ie moncur, charver and now unfortunately peter B. This talk of net spend is utter rubbish. Does that mean fatty is gonna pay his way for the sports direct advertising and TV money?? No it means we will perhaps spend more than we bring in from the sale of players!!! What a joke, most likely won’t even spend the money saved on santon, Gutierrez and mbiwa’s wages!!!!! The only way we might instigate anything other than the usual splurge of spin about ticket prices and plans to spend a couple of quid in the summa is for everyone to boycott every game until he goes. Ask yourself this, “are you gonna miss anything not going?” Are you gonna miss goufran running the full length of the pitch to score a goal like hatem Ben arfa. Are you gonna miss us not having a first team striker to score a goal, are you gonna miss Williamson being too slow and getting beaten in the air again? Sammi taking a nap and stumbling on the ball?? Just stop going, if you have to watch it watch it on the telly but surely each and every one of you can find something better to do than feed this fat leach.

  • Morpeth mag

    Why is he not a true supporter? I know fans who have been going since the 60s and have family season tickets who are going to boycott this match, why are they not true supporters? If you go it doesn’t mean that your a
    ” supporter “of this regime, it just means you’ve made a personal choice,, this is what ashley hopes for, fans divided,, we’re all supporters or we wouldn’t bother reading these posts and comments,,,,

  • lameduck9

    I started going to the match with my dad 30 years ago this May and until 2006 we missed only 4 home games together.  After that, with my Dad’s health less than good he had to stay at home and I still went.  I would phone him as soon as I got home to talk him through the whole day – he wouldn’t watch Sky Sports News, he’d just wait for my call cos I would always be able to find something positive about the day and the calls used to last about an hour. 

    Well, in the past few seasons the calls have become shorter and shorter, the urgency to call him less and less and eventually we agreed that a chat sometime on the day after was probably fine.  I haven’t stopped wanting to talk to my Dad and he’s not stopped wanting to hear, but I just cant find anything positive to talk about and it feels like I am just saying the same old sh1te every time; poor players, no heart, no intelligence, no consequences and total indifference from the club.

    I cancelled my season ticket last year, a really sad time for me as since I was 12 going to the match was the one constant in my life; exams, jobs, girls, wives, children all come, stay a while and leave but NU was always there – WAS, but it no longer feels like MY club, OUR club, it’s just a shell with a great ground obscured by the corporate graffiti of greed and indifference.

    I dream that one day we will see NU rise again as a club that values its fans for their hearts and voices, not their wallets.  (I also dream that it will happen soon so I can take my dad back again before it’s too late)  For that reason I urge all fans to show the hierarchy what true passion looks like, a passion that could and should have been ever present IN the ground.  Even if you are going to sit in your seat for the Spurs match, at least come early and join the protests outside the ground.

  • mentalman

    For as long as I can remember the press have looked for any reason to have a pop at the club and this goes back even before the current regime, previous protests have resulted in articles which concentrated on people having misspelt banners rather than the reason for the protest.
    Likewise with the 2 walkouts at the Cardiff game.

  • NottsToon

    Very true, but I think the worm is beginning to turn on Mr Ashley (despite some people spouting the same old tosh to the contrary).

  • RexN

    nnnnnmmmmm The writer echoes the feelings of those of us who were at the Wrexham game when there were only 7,000 of us. Presumably you think we are not true supporters either?

  • A lex

    RexN nnnnnmmmmm ……….and I still don’t think I’ve fully dried out after the Wrexham games – BOTH of them!

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver is getting off in the meanwhile

  • nnnnnmmmmm

    RexN nnnnnmmmmm
    No, I was just agreeing with him. He says it himself. He hasn’t been since prior to Ashley, a self imposed ‘boycoutt’ for many many years. As a bit of background as i know everyone likes it – i had already decided not to go to the Spurs game – Im a season ticket holder and i made that decision for myself.  Even the most hardened anti – ashley NUFC supporter must agree that if he sold up tomorrow then they would be back at the ground again. The writer wasn’t. He’s sat at home bitching to everyone that will listen for the past 7 years at least hoping for the day his naysaying predictions would come to fruition so he could finally be justified. 
    Instead of re-uniting with a lost love and trying again when Shepherd sold up he gleefully sat at home waiting for a new problem to arise.
    He’s picked the wrong club if he’s expecting more than a couple of years of contentment in a row. As someone who spent many a lunch time shouting sack the board at Mckeags Gosforth office (luckily the teachers were on strike at the time so it was easy to get out of school) I know our club is held back continually by shitty owners – ashey is the latest and unfortunately wont be the last.
    The writer of this piece of drivel can’t even be bothered to try again when a new dawn (more than likely false) approaches – that is my issue with him and prefers instead to try and give himself some kind of justification by writing this garbage in a vain effort to elevate himself in to some kind of future telling super fan.
    NUFC will more than likely be very poorly ran for decades to come, a brief glimmer every now and then is the best we usually have to cling on to – but this club everyone agrees is more than that. The amount of people coming out of the woodwork and writing these ‘articles’ for a once decent Mag publication is getting embarrasing. Im far from pro-ashley, but these articles do nothing for us with each ‘writer’ trying to out do the last in their tales of hardship while trying to show they are better than the next supporter.