Is it time to follow in the footsteps of FC United of Manchester…

When the Glazers purchased Manchester United  back in 2005, a group of fans decided enough was enough and started the journey of a fan owned/run club.

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10 years later and  on the eve of opening up the club’s new 5,000 capacity purpose built stadium and only 2 promotions away from league football, is it time to say enough is finally enough on Tyneside?

We as fans are at a similar crossroads to the decision that the Manchester United fans took in 2005, stay with the regime that we hate or create our own club.

Just like AFC Wimbledon before them, we have the power as fans to achieve this.

There is enough hate and venom for Ashley to create the momentum and as fans surely we can create the funds needed to make this happen.

Former players who also publicly speak out against Ashley can hopefully support the move and bring in investors to get the infrastructure ready to start a new journey and create a chapter for the city with a new team to follow.

Bringing the enjoyment back to watching football on a Saturday afternoon, after all isn’t that all we ask to be able to enjoy – watching football again?

The blueprint is there from the success stories of AFC Wimbledon and now FC United of Manchester to follow. With upcoming protest against Spurs on Sunday the momentum will only build to try and get rid of Ashley, it though pains me to say this but the protest will not work.

Ashley ihas just made huge profits from owning Newcastle United and he stands to make an even bigger profit  when the new TV rights kick in when we get to 2016, so he isn’t going anywhere.

Is FC United of Newcastle the only way of getting away from Mike Ashley?

  • Andgeo

    Anybody that goes tomorrow is a [email protected]@king idiot!

  • stepaylor

    Something below that i wrote a long time ago.
    “What is a club in any case? 
    Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. 
    It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. 

    It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.” The club is about us, the people of the area and anyone else that associates themselves with a Geordie heritage. Its not just that we were born in the areas of Tyneside, Northumberland or County Durham. Not just that were always the life and soul of any party regardless of how hopeless our real life situation often is. Not just because we have a history of being forgotten by the politics in London. Thousands of men did not march from Jarrow to tell the world how great times were in the north east. The miners strikes, Penshaw disaster and various other hard times have forged a pride in ourselves that we always find a way around the troubles placed before us. This pride we have in ourselves, in our history, in our family and friends is never better represented than how we feel collectively about our football club. For many we have nothing else in life that makes us feel this way and i have had about enough of having our loyalty, passion and pride hijacked, abused and recklessley assumed for a goal of profit and stability. Profit and stability are great things when they are hand in hand with growth and ambition. Right now we are simply a marketing vehicle and it is tearing us apart. Our pride in ourselves, our loyalty to our club and each other. Even our own self respect has been damaged and were becoming a luaghing stock amongst our peers who once respected us as top of the league at least in terms of fans. The truth is that the financial power of the Premier League has meant that clubs are no longer as dependent upon their fans as they were. Back in the 80’s as much as 80% of club revenue was derived from ticket sales and merchandising. Today it is as low as 30% for some clubs in the top tier and it has meant that the fans voice has weakened substantially too. This disconnect is now what we are feeling as fans and it slowly peels away at the layers of passion in what we used to believe was a club that was truely ours. Over time this will become worse and worse until we become passive fans at best. It is heart breaking to think of the history, generation after generation of hard working Geordie’s growing up with their passion of the club. Pride and heritage built up over years and years being stripped away day after day in the new business of football. It used to be about more than money. We must see that together we can achieve anything we want. Alone we have nothing. We are simply lemmings suffering from hijacked passion and loyalty. Our poor ability to organise ourselves makes us like the ancient tribes of Europe trying to stand alone against the Romans instead of grouping together as one. Look at the example of Barcelona and Real Madrid. The 2 biggest clubs in the world have a group of fans that don’t just feel like they are part of the club, they really are. Fan owned clubs must be the future or we will end up with the same situation i see in the USA where ‘franchises’ are supported from semi interested fans. Until we collectively ‘own’ our club it will never really feel like ours. Like a marriage that has no passion but we stay together out of familiarity and a fear of the unknown. I propose a club of our own. A club that represents the Geordie passion, pride, charm and energy. In an ideal world this would be what we have in NUFC but we know that is not going to happen unless someone reading this knws of a way that we can come up with the 300 million needed to make this happen. In the past when our people have had to fight through hard times we always found a new way and thta is what we must do now. I hope this reaches the likes of Alan Shearer and Ant and Dec or anyone else that can help give this the push it needs. I am a business man and understand the power of building a brand and i see none better than the Geordie brand. Passion, Pride and spirit are what inspire people and we are bursting with that if someone would just bring us together and make it ours. I have purchased the domain and stand ready to pledge 100k of my own money into our set up budget. We can take this whereever we collectively decide. Options such as forming a completely new side to start at level 14 of the English football pyramid or waiting until we have the money needed to make a move for Gateshead FC. Long term we may even be able to merge whatever we have achieved with NUFC. Either way we will do it together with fan involvement always the number one prority. I will set up an account on a public money raising domain for us to be able to make our pledges and see where we are at in terms of numbers. I will post regular updates and we will hold regular online polls to help decide what the best course of action is on a number of topics. If we can have the supporters trust get behind this and hopefully a couple of celebrities then maybe we can really be a part of something to be proud of. Something we can introduce future generations to with the pride and passion we once felt. Who is with me.  The Geordie Football Club will play in Black and White, we will sing traditional Geordie songs such as ‘the Blaydon races’ because they are ours. We will carry the spirit of NUFC from years gone by. We are the Geordie’s, and this is our club. Let no one forget it.

  • woodsie 8

    We need to do something now cashley is making fools out of us  I don’t bother watching them gutted

  • Alsteads

    Do you know what. I love the toon, always have and will but I’d back to the hilt an fc united. Share with Gateshead ?? I don’t know? What I do know is I bet we’d guarantee a couple of thousand a week starting off! I’m giving Gateshead a good go next season. They won’t take any of my love away for the toon but I want to just feel that match day feeling again. The build up through the week, the routine on a Saturday or the mental unpredictability of an away day game. Most of all just you were all in it together having a go. I’m not an old romantic, well maybe a bit but I remember paying a couple of quid to get in as a kid. Now? Stick train fares in, hotel sometimes, ticket, cancelled overtime, weekend spends and all of a sudden I feel a bit of a mug. My last game was Chelsea home. I loved it. The players actually looked like they wanted to play that day. I’ve done the self imposed excile thing. I’m gutted, really really am. What I see now worries me. To me every single one of those players is fair game to give a mouthful too. Their silence and performances say it all.
    I tell you now, an fc United would give these shxthouses a game!!
    I’m just flat and feel beaten and we haven’t even played yet this weekend. Christ when if ever did you ever feel like that as a mag? Still hope we win 2-0 but in an empty ground

  • gazchampion

    Let’s make the boycott the beginning of the rebellion… I hope the Toon Army is ‘big enough’ to retaliate against fatboy & his regime who are slowly killing everything that is NUFC!

    Everything he has done and is doing to the club has been an embarrassment & it has to be stopped!
    Those who continue, as paying customers, to line his pockets then you are SUPPORTING what HE is doing to NUFC. 

    Howay, let’s be honest – It’s not as though the team are playing for their lives… most of them are journeymen, already eyeing up a move anyhoo! How many of them can you see as iconic heroes in the future? 

    WE MUST BE UNITED AND BOYCOTT ,,,and why not for the rest of the season?

  • Conman

    Really good idea but takes some getting off the ground.
    I worked with a few lads who started the FC United club and they worked so hard but had major support to get it off the ground. After that, they thoroughly enjoyed it and came back with loads of tales of away day trips that we can only dream about these days.
    I would support this 100% but it will not happen overnight but if the will is there, there is a way.
    First step is a great effort on the boycott tomorrow. Everyone has a choice. Just make the right one.

  • NottsToon

    I read a great article the other day about FC United of Manchester. They’ve just built a new stadium which looks amazing, 5000 capacity, all modern and eco friendly etc….

    It would be amazing to get something like that going in Newcastle, but it’s an expensive job. Probably more chance of getting local investment than finding a buyer willing to give fatty his 10lbs of flesh though.

  • stepaylor

    Clubs beneath the premier league end up playing at a level associated with their fan base. For example you can see clubs in the conference get 1000, league 2 around 3000, league 1 maybe 5000 and the Championship around 15,000.

    If we could get enough people behind it from the start we would have a fan owned club from the beginning to the end and do something about it. We could always look to merge the 2 clubs if possible at a later time.

    i wrote a long reply about it below Geordie FC as a brand could be incredible

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Yes – this is much more sensible than a boycott!! Let’s get this started

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Seriously I guess most of us are too incompetent and lazy to get this off the ground. Can we get the sensible and motivated folk from NUST to pick this up? I’ll definitely follow this direction but don’t know how to get it started meself

  • snodgrass2

    Don’t agree with this. NUFC is my team. my only team and I want it back. I have supported since 1953 and can inform you that we said the same of each previous owner. “There is too much money involved for them we will never get them out” But once the pressure builds they did take the easy way out and sold on. In their way they are all wealthy bullies and they ultimately cannot understand why people contradict them. I am rich therefor I must be right. See how they surround themselves with flunkies. With our current owner we have condemnation of him and his methods by other bodies who have little or no time for him – the Government, the Local Council, the Unions, the City of London, the City of Glasgow, his Competitors in Business, his Fellow Directors of Other Football Clubs – so our pressure may be the final straw. Without trying we will never know. This should be the first boycott of as many needed to do the job. They will automatically gather in strength and numbers and become more vociferous for remember tall oaks from little acorns grow.

  • Grumpyoldmag No ! without a ground swellof anger  nothing , absolutetly nothing will happen .

  • NottsToon

    devonbay NottsToon Great, I could probably cover the bacon butties for the workmen ha ha

  • DavidDrape

    definitely possible, AFC Wimbledon & FCUM have my respect, however, the central location of our current ground has always been a geographical asset in helping to united people & for everyone to come together. I never thought i would say this but after seeing the San Siro I believe a new ground must be built on Leazes Park but hopefully, it won’t come to this because if the fans do a good enough job by staying away then ashley may end up selling instead of losing money. Its ok have 70 million every season but no fans coming thru the gate will catch up with the club….thats the strategy but we fans have to make it work.

  • NottsToon devonbay Pressed wrong button , I’m in.

  • GToon

    I mentioned this in a post the other day. I reckon if that bloke who was supposed to be buying the club off Ashley the first time got a few people together we could build a stadium that could easily be expanded and away we go.

  • GToon

    DavidDrape We need to get that old git who stopped us last time out of the way, that Dolly woman or whoever. Bet Freddie and the Halls might be interested in building it for us – would make em a few quid!!!

  • ilullissat

    There is a saying”the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

  • ilullissat

    Why does anybody need to buy a season ticket.I was there in the 70s And 80s and very few people had them.We just paid week to week

  • IntravenusMP

    FCManchester are a contradiction, they have until recently, charged more than their peers for entrance fees and seem to claim to have invented non-league football. 

    IF you want to set up FC Newcastle, go on, why not support Blue Star, Whitley Bay, North Shields or anyone else.

  • DownUnderMag

    Abandoning the club, it’s traditions, it’s history is never, I repeat NEVER the answer.  It was the only legitimate option for wimbledon fans after they physically relocated their club and so it wasn’t really their club any more. FC Manchester was a statement but now the club are spending and winning again i’ve a feeling most of those fans are actually back at Old Trafford and Man Utd games.

    If you want to start giving your money to another club and don’t care which level they play at then as has already been said, there are plenty of other teams around the Newcastle-Gateshead area to throw your backing behind.  I think the ‘heed will be glad for more supporters, and there are even local clubs around that are desperate for more revenue just to stay alive.

  • 50trevor

    I have read many fantastic articles on the
    mag and elsewhere,  I don’t have the
    wordsmith  skills like many others but
    here are my thoughts.
    Supporting NUFC is no longer a pleasure
    its  a chore I have been to the ground
    with a heavy heart and have had so little enjoyment this season .
    I have supported NUFC for over 50 years and
    have seen many highs and lows but never felt the necessity to not go to match
    especially one I Have paid for.
    When at St James Park I look at the stadium
    and I think can you imagine owning all this but the bloke who is lucky enough
    to,  just doesn’t understand us if he did
    he wouldn’t put is through the torture he has over the last 8 year,
    I can accept even the most successful
    businessmen make mistakes but his list is unbelievable.
    What I don’t understand is if you take
    Sports Direct out of the  equation there
    can be no pleasure for him ,  if he only
    did what he first promised of investing 15-20 million a year (or having Sports
    direct pay for the free publicity) where would be?
    I have read the many comments on the FC
    United option and  I think it is one we
    should seriously consider.
    The first stage would be  to see 
    how much support this would receive and to that aim if the MAG or NUST or
    any other organisation decide to  move
    forward I am happy to provide the website (I own a small Technology company) Free
    of Charge.
    Power to the FANS

  • NottsToon

    DownUnderMag “FC Manchester was a statement but now the club are spending and winning again i’ve a feeling most of those fans are actually back at Old Trafford and Man Utd games.”

    Totally wrong, many of the fans are actually involved in the running of the club, and their attendances have been so good that they have built a 5000 capacity stadium.

    I have already answered your other comment in my reply to Ashley’s accountant.

  • NottsToon

    50trevor Thank you Trevor, great to hear someone with resources likes this idea. I hope you keep up with it and get involved if it develops.

  • geordie4567

    Yes! I’ve been thinking this for a while, build it and they will come. It will be our own and we must never sell it to anybody.

  • 50trevor

    I have a friend who is a shareholder in FC United and i have asked him for details  of share ownership.   personally I wouldn’t allow any shareholder to own more than 10%.

  • jdkfcuom

    The comments made to this proposal for a new club, are a replica of the range of comments made, each time other clubs’ supporters reach the nadir in their relationship with a club owner. As an example I’ve read and watched extensively the antipathy expressed when the owners of Hull City (name change et al) and Cardiff City (shirt colour et al) fell out with their club’s supporters.

    Fans do know better. The problem is “better” means different things to different people. Those who would STAY and fight the Ashley regime, will always argue against those whose frustration would cause them to WALK AWAY and watch from afar or perhaps start a new club. 

    The last 10 years has taught that a new club born out of compromise, so as to cater for the broadest number of people expressing concern, will not match our, or other ‘new’ club’s supporters achievements. AFC Liverpool is classic living proof of this compromise (and there are many reasons for this). If you are going to walk away and start a new club, it must be on a point of principle so obvious that the rallying call is strong enough to provide the impetus (eg the Ashley regime, high ticket prices, lack of investment, matches moved to 8 pm on a Monday etc etc). There will be many supporters who would continue to pay for the Ashley regime, whatever the reason. And don’t rule out the online “agents provacateurs” who will be professional in trying to disrupt a break away. 

    In fact, forming a new club must be done for positive reasons and you must ignore the barbs of those who stay- barbs about going to support other pre-existing local clubs is a common theme. It is absolutely possible to remain a supporter of Newcastle United and start a new club. You would just be choosing not to give the Ashley regime your money. And of course you can attend away games! The thing is, having a club you own collectively will be the best thing that has happened to you after all the drudgery of the Ashley years. So it’s unlikely you’ll be tempted to go too often on a trip to Stoke when you can have a wonderful day out following your team at Norton and Stockton ancients (whom we have also played).

    And don’t think you’ll be watching pub standard football with a new club. With the influx of foreign players in the high leagues, there are many ex-league academy players who have been released from professional clubs, and are qualifying as tradesmen in their new lives. They’d jump at the chance to play at a new club. Plus the Northern League is a very strong level of football despite it’s place in the National pyramid.

    Good luck with the very hard decision making. And it will be heart breaking for many whichever way you choose to react to the current circumstances.

  • Democrat7

    F C United are committed to levying prices which are in the bottom third of whatever league they are in. Secondly, there is a clear promise to keep entrance prices low and, of most importance is the fact that prices are set democratically by the fans.
    A season ticket is sold on a “pay what you can afford basis?
    Where did this idea of FC charging more come from?

  • NottsToon

    jdkfcuom Thank you for that insight, I’m a huge admirer of what was achieved in Manchester.

  • NottsToon

    Democrat7 The bell end accountant above and more of his baseless propaganda.

  • Toon Magpie

    it is there choice at the end of the day.

  • breorgie

    Why don’t you find a high profile fan to head a consortium and take the club back you have now? Turning your back on your own club to spite just one of many owners Newcastle United has had and yet to have is just  childish. As is moaning about it, half arsed protests and mock funerals. Do something about it properly for once. Take your own club back

  • IntravenusMP

    Democrat7 not ehrn it first started it didn’t

  • MikeKerins

    Start your own club, FC Newcastle and enjoy the benefits. Stayiing loyal to the Premier League clubs is like saying you won’t buy your groceries at the local shop, which helps your own community and you get personal service, but would rather stay with Tesco or ASDA. It’s meaningless. Mike Ashley is only in it for the cash – i heard he’s not all that interested in football, which is actually what IT IS all about THE FOOTBALL! At FC United all ages attend at reasonable entrance fees and a great day out is had by all. It’s like going to the match when i was a kid with the same sort of atmosphere. You can be with your mates not stuck in a stand miles away from the nearest one, so go for ir Geordie lads.

  • joxelo

    50trevor geordie4567 No one owns “shares” in FC. It’s one member (£12 per year) one vote… an industrial & provident society (aka co-operative). Your friend might have community shares in the ground – like I do – but that’s basically just a loan… it doesn’t matter how much, you don’t control or own anything anymore than anyone else.

  • adamf2384

    the_itch1980 no danger we couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, plus there’s already a good none league scene here if that’s your game

  • millhouseward

    the_itch1980 Imagine if they ever met Newcastle in the FA cup, eh? EH? EH? They should support a local team anyway, like Sunderland. ETC

  • FCUnited_LGBTQ

    millhouseward the_itch1980 It’d end up being all about the politics.

  • DysonJosh

    millhouseward the_itch1980 “I would love it if Kevin Keegan opened the new ground…’

  • may26th1999

    FCUnited_LGBTQ millhouseward the_itch1980 FCUN = Moses Scum. It was Moses wasn’t it? JUDAS! Judas Scum. Yeah, Judas. #Judas

  • the_itch1980

    may26th1999 FCUnited_LGBTQ millhouseward They should be called SOCCER club of Newcastle, then they’d be SCUN!!! Wait. That doesn’t work.

  • LaurieHanna

    the_itch1980 may26th1999 FCUnited_LGBTQ millhouseward Try Club United North Tyneside Soccer maybe.

  • may26th1999

    LaurieHanna the_itch1980 FCUnited_LGBTQ millhouseward
    Jesmond Ultras Demonstration Against (JUDAS)

  • the_itch1980

    may26th1999 LaurieHanna FCUnited_LGBTQ millhouseward hahaha, brilliant

  • kersal jay

    DownUnderMag  your feeling that most fcum fans are back at old Trafford cos their now winning is laughable. ive got a “feeling” that your a complete prick but I like to fill my aguments?points of view with some substance……..