A class idea to bring a little bit of happiness to all Newcastle and Sunderland fans has been put forward.

Like the internet, social media does occasionally throw up something of value.

Newcastle fan @SirDanWilson put up the following on Twitter:

“Lad at work suggests NUFC and SAFC fans should swap season tickets so they get some enjoyment at weekends watching a team get beat.”

The idea gave me a laugh and then when I thought about it, this season only the Chelsea match at St. James’ Park have I properly enjoyed.

At a push the win over Everton was decent entertainment, as was the 3-3 draw with Palace, obviously beating Liverpool is always good but the match was rubbish. The other home games that Newcastle have somehow won have been pretty dreadful, such as 1-0 wins over Leicester, QPR and Villa.

In contrast I could have been turning up at the Stadium of Light every other week and enjoying:

Sunderland 1 Crystal Palace 4

Sunderland 0 Villa 4

Sunderland 0 QPR 2

Sunderland 1 Hull 3

Sunderland 1 Man City 4

Sunderland 0 Arsenal 2

Just think of all those goals to cheer.

However, I might have given the derby match a miss earlier this month…

  • PeterRobson

    Or how about forming a mini league, that way we´ll always finish in the top 2 !!
    We might even qualify for european football (heaven forbid) !!!

  • toon tony

    We should unite both teams and form a NEW one. Using bits of both clubs. How about a new stadium call it…St James /Stadium. ..The strip, our Black stripes. .Their white stripes. The team could take our first name and their last name. . So Newcastle Afc it is. Simples

  • BillytheFish

    How about we just drop the lot and start a new club in Gateshead.
    They could even play at the international stadium.
    With both fans on board Gateshead, or “The Heed” which would be a good nickname, would rival Barcelona within just a few short years and owned by the fans…………………..

  • Andgeo

    Could make peter Reid manager and call it Monkeys Heed!!!

  • Andgeo

    Could make peter Reid manager and then call it Monkeys Heed!!!

  • Porciestreet

    Heed the Balls mebbies, never been a more apt title for two sets of fans from crap teams.
    HWTF…Ashley oot now………..!

  • FC Newcastle

    Remember when John “Geordie nation” hall wanted to do just that – an Nufc / safe ground share south of the river. Maybe that is the Ca$hey masterplan !!!!!

  • stepaylor

    Would be all for it if enough were to follow to make it worthwhile,