Writer Luke Summers has produced a guide to Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, and the planned boycott, for those not of the black and white faith.

Here is his idiot proof guide to NUFC:

Dear non-Newcastle supporters,

It’s very easy to look in on a situation and judge a fan base and call them fickle or deluded and with Newcastle United there has been a lot of criticism about how they were wrong to hound out Pardew, or shouldn’t be so upset at their board because they are an established PL club. So hopefully this piece will help you understand why we are so angry at the way our club is being run.

Why are Newcastle fans so angry? Nobody has a divine right to success and  you’re a solid mid-table team living within its means.

Football is all about hope and at Newcastle, there is no longer excitement on a match day. Under Ashley we suffered our first relegation in 20 years, and barring one successful season we have scraped a lower to mid-table finish every year.

The stringent transfer policy of buying young and relatively unknown foreign players and then selling them on may be successful financially but it has created a disjointed team full of mercenaries who use the club as a stepping stone to Champions League clubs. Mathieu Debuchy recently revealed that this had been his plan when he joined us. The lack of fight and spirit in the team is marked, typified by five successive derby defeats to a Sunderland side battling relegation. There is no excuse for a professional team to lack enthusiasm and effort.

We understand that we will never have the resources to battle for Champions League but with a huge fanbase, the third largest stadium in the league and a strong recent history of European football, it is not delusional to expect a top 8 finish more often than not.

Our finances may be a lot more secure than others in the league but we still owe Mike Ashley £129m and would like to see more of our profits from player sales reinvested in the squad. Last season we were ranked the 19th richest club in the world, only just behind Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan but that doesn’t win you football matches.

Our club’s policy towards cup games is also completely unacceptable. The last trophy Newcastle won was in 1969. Football is all about winning and for the majority of teams who can’t realistically win the league, the FA or League Cup provides an opportunity to get some silverware. Our board have made it quite clear that cups ‘are not a priority’ and our current streak of four successive FA Cup defeats is the worst run we’ve had since entering the competition in 1887.


The treatment of individuals has been appalling also. The regime in charge displayed their true colours in their treatment of Jonas Guiterrez’s cancer. Instead of empathy he was shown nothing but contempt, told to find a new club and no offer of medial help or treatment was given.

Chris Hughton was discarded against fan’s wishes in unceremonious fashion and former director Derek Lambias thought it would be a good idea to publicly criticise club legend Alan Shearer, who pointed out the board’s lies over the sale of Andy Carroll. A football club needs a human and community side to it too and all we can see at our club is greed and selfishness.

Why do you hate Mike Ashley?

His regime has sucked the soul out of the club. This great Sir Bobby Robson quote has been overused of late but it is the best summary of what football should be about :

“What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.”

Mike Ashley’s sole aim is to keep the club in the division each season so he can siphon off the profit from each year’s TV revenue.

Since arriving at the club he hasn’t given a single interview or opened any line of communication with fans to defend himself, or let his ambitions for the club be known. The fans have a right to know what is happening at their club as without them/us there would be no Newcastle United, we refuse to be treated with such contempt.

He surrounds himself with directors who feed the board’s agenda to fans and ban any newspaper prepared to challenge his regime.

His appointment of managers, directors and board members have failed time and again.

Kevin Keegan brought back some of the hope of the previous decade but resigned after head of player recruitment Tony Jiminez (whose only previous involvement in football had been as a steward)  sanctioned the disastrous signings of Xisco and Ignaio Gonzalez against his wishes.

Next up was Joe Kinnear, who’d been out of football since the early 90s and was completely out of his depth, embarrassing everyone at the club with his arrogance and incompetence.

And after Alan Shearer’s ill-fated attempt at keeping us in the Premier League, assistant Chris Hughton was appointed to keep costs down and despite masterminding a swift return to the league the dignified and popular coach was discarded for no apparent reason.

Board appointments such as Derek Lambias and Lee Charnley , neither with previous experience in football, are just as questionable characters as Ashley, both prepared to publicly misinform fans.

Renaming the stadium the Sports Direct Arena is sacrilege as far as anyone is concerned, especially as no fee was given to the club for the naming rights and even Newcastle City Council refused to accept the name change. The plastering of (free) Sports Direct advertising over the stadium has turned the ground into a giant commercial billboard and the partnership with legal loan shark

Wonga adds another toxic association to our club. Club merchandise has now been outsourced to Sports Direct so the club also misses out on millions each year.

Then there is the Mike Ashley of Sports Direct. Famed for his usage of zero hour contracts he treats his employees as just another number on the spreadsheet. He was also recently summoned to Parliament over the USC scandal and how he runs his empire in general, but refused to attend. His involvement in Rangers has also been brought under question and fan groups are opposed to him taking any more control at the club.

All in all the man cares not one bit for anything or anybody except his own wallet, has no real interest in football and refuses to be held accountable to fans or even government, despite occupying a role which is unquestionably one in the public eye.

Were you wrong to want Alan Pardew out now he’s doing a great job at Crystal Palace?

Yes Pardew is doing a great job at Palace but that doesn’t change his record in 2014 at Newcastle. In the end he became the public figure of the regime at the club and his list of excuses (ranging from blaming the Notting Hill Carnival to the crowd were too supportive) began to wear thin by the end.


He became the first manager to lose 4 successive derbies against Sunderland and was quite happy to put out reserve teams in cup competitions.

Absolutely nobody thought that putting in charge the guy who put the cones out for Pardew would be a good choice, so it’s really no surprise that John Carver has failed miserably since taking over.

I don’t think you’ll find too many Newcastle fans who now wish we’d kept him in hindsight, four years of watching dreadful football, witnessing him headbutt opposition players and insult opposition managers was quite enough.

What is this boycott about?

As fans we definitely can’t accept stagnation but it would be a whole lot easier to accept mid-table every season if it wasn’t our sole ambition. I don’t think it’s unfair to demand the club we support tries to better itself each year, we shouldn’t just sit there and be taken for fools each year.

As former American president Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing”.

After failure after failure in every aspect of the club, typified by a group of mercenaries on the pitch, finally fans have realised that the club can continue as it is no longer. Venting frustrations on social media is not going to change the way our club is run so it is time for action to be taken.

Boycotting matches is the only real way for fans to make their displeasure known, and Ashley and club sponsors will start to take notice if there are swathes of empty seats for Sunday’s live TV match against Spurs.

You can follow the author on Twitter @Luke9S

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  • NottsToon

    Simply fantastic, well done.

  • LeazesEnder

    ….Our finances may be a lot more secure than others in the league but we still owe Mike Ashley £129m’



  • kb12

    like it

  • CraigMoore

    LeazesEnder I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, so I’ll assume you’re not.

    That idea comes from the two interest free loans he gave us as we went down which amounts to £129. This was to cover running expenses, wages, existing debt to the banks etc. we were paying a substantial amount in interest to the banks per year, so Ashley paid them all off, and now we owe him the money.

    Yes, they’re “interest free”, but Ashley wants his money back when he leaves. More to the point, the loans cease to be interest free once he does go. So if he doesn’t get the money in one lump sum, our “fantastic finances” will likely take a hit.

  • IainT0842

    Good Work. It’s a shame this won’t reach a wider audience. #BoycottSpurs

  • lacey_kyle

    TeamToon howay_the_lad is that john carver guide

  • prestondave

    Well written Luke. Well done and roll on Sunday.Keep the faith and stay united.

  • No Brainer

    What a crock of twist sh*t

  • PB777

    Well written. Certainly gets to the heart of the matter. I’m boycotting. Though is never condemn anyone who doesn’t. It is a difficult thing to do. My position is that I’ll aloso cancel my ticket should: a) carver be appointed or b) we end the next transfer window with another squad that is plainly not fit for purpose. It’s a tricky call for all loyal fans but everyone has their tipping point and this is mine.

  • No Brainer

    CraigMoore LeazesEnder Listen I won’t be supporting any boycott and support a lot of what the club are doing.

    But you really have to get away from the debt thing its a complete red herring, Ashley bought the club it was some to shareholders some to debtors, that which went to debts remained as debt to the company which he drew the money from to purchase the club.

    FGS some folks are numb

  • pissed off mag

    well said

  • CraigMoore

    No Brainer CraigMoore LeazesEnder Honestly couldn’t give a shiny one whether your supporting the boycott or not, in truth. I’m glad that you’re happy with where the club is going but, like many others, I am not. Not because I expect us to be challenging for the #1 spot, or signing the likes of Messi, I don’t think anybody expects us to be dropping £70m a year in transfers, but I do expect us to remain competitive on the pitch. Players have gone without being replaced, ‘head coaches’ have came out and said that “it’s absolutely fine, we have a good squad” and we always suffer the post-Xmas slump in form – why is that, I wonder?
    For the rest of my reasons as to not supporting the regime, read the article again.

    I don’t think we’re on the same page regarding the debt; this has nothing to do with the sum he paid to take control of the club, this is money he has put in after the fact. If you look over the financial report, the club admit (and I quote) that “debt continues to remain static at £129m in the form of an interest-free loan from owner Mike Ashley.”
    So no, it’s not a red herring. It’s very real, only we no longer owe it to the bank or other lenders, we owe it to the owner and at some point that money MUST be paid back. It’s that repayment that should be of concern to everybody – regardless of where they stand on the ownership.

  • LeazesEnder

    CraigMoore LeazesEnder We don’t owe him a penny… you are sayiong we should buy the club for him…. he’s bought it….all of it….including the stadium…..


  • gazchampion

    Spot on there Luke… how many non-Geordies are there ‘out there’ who simply don’t understand our situation?  
    Some can sympathise with us etc etc but they don’t get what it means to us. it is more than just results on the field, it’s more than a poor underperforming team with a puppet manager… we are seeing our home town club slowly dying. We MUST do something, anything, EVERYTHING we can to show this fat money-greedy leech that NUFC is not just his cash cow. 
    Oh, hang on it is and will remain so until he leaves Toon for good! 

  • CraigMoore

    LeazesEnder You have heard of the royal “we”, yes? In this instance, “we” refers to Newcastle United Football Club. I’m not suggesting the fans buy the club at all, you’re conflating the issue.

    Yes, he bought all of it and then he gave us two interest free loans which tots up to £129 million. Now, the club even acknowledges this as “debt” on the finance sheet, and if you’ve learned anything in life, I hope it’s that debt MUST be repaid one way or another. If reports in the recent past have been correct (http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/exclusive-mike-ashley-ready-to-sell-newcastle–for-267m-8673777.html) then it’s likely he wants the loan on top of the asking price for the club.

    I honestly don’t know a simpler way to explain it: The club is the recipient of a gift loan from Mike Ashley, that loan needs to be repaid therefore it is debt, as a result the club is in £129 million worth of debt to a one Michael James Wallace Ashley.

    One more time now: the financial report declares it as debt owed to Mike Ashley.

    How is this difficult to understand?

  • gazchampion

    Ashley has brought embarrassment after embarrassment to the club, the fans, our heroes, our City,… he has banned local journalists and Supporters Club members from attending club news briefings. 
    On Monday this week , framed photographs of our heroes and other club memorabilia were found slung in a rubbish skip outside SJP amongst garden refuse & grass cuttings, etc. 
    Need I go on? …’cos I could, the Keegan debacle, Shearer, relegation, Kinnear, Pardew, SD Arena, Wonga??? It’s as if he’s doing it deliberately, just for the ****ing fun of it… ‘cos he can!
    He is just taking the p*** , NUFC is his plaything!

    The boycott is not about not supporting the team. It isn’t about getting behind the lads following a string of poor results, or season after season of under-performance or even string of poor managers. Dare I say it, NOT EVEN 5 consecutive losses against the mackems! 

    The Toon Army must make a stand against this knobhead of an owner for the very survival of our club!
    We know, 53,000+ loyal Geordie fans will turn up at St. James’ to see good football, that’s guaranteed!
    This IS about club survival and we must make our presence felt and our opinions heard,
    I hope this is just the beginning!

  • LeazesEnder

    CraigMoore LeazesEnder The Stadium…. will he sell the club and keep the bloody stadium?  NO….

    …. thats how this concocted figure disappears in the end, its nonsense!

  • CMRowley

    CraigMoore LeazesEnder It seems it’s very difficult to understand Craig as you don’t seem to understand it.

  • robmyers67

    I have sat over the last couple of years going to the game following the team that I love with my son. I read with intent the forums blogs and anything else relating to Newcastle without passing any comments or getting involved. I’m basically a normal guy who works hard to keep his family happy.

    Social media is a great tool for those who use it and can make their lives and situations bigger than what they are. This is something I feel these campaigns against Cashley actually are, trying to bebigger

  • Dirty Mag

    CraigMoore No Brainer LeazesEnder You neglected to mention the pre Christmas slump in form

  • NottsToon

    robmyers67 Yeh, because internet bloggers clearly do more damage to the club than Ashley. They’re not at all honest and angry responses from genuine fans who have had enough are they?

    How did you feel seeing the pictures of Keegan, SBR, Speed. Shearer and many other heroes thrown in a skip the other day?

  • LeazesEnder

    CraigMoore LeazesEnder Look Craig I’m not going to let this deteriorate into rudeness, this was artificially created, you can see what he’s doing at Rangers, he’s paid off mortgage agreements on players which had interest he added it to the bill for the stadium which was payable upon the sale of the club to John Hall.  The players were sold on however the monies didn’t come off the total, the stadium (the bulk of the figure) is an asset which will be sold with the club.

    Its only a debt in an accountant’s mind…. a useful mirage….

    ….if you’re asset stripping!

  • Ratty82

    £34million declared profit – plus money club would raise if paid for the tacky advertising all over the stadium and the merchandising now done by SD – call it £40million profit -and yet Mike Williamson has played 25 games for us this season alongside a load of different full backs. If we had invested in the squad over the past 2 years and replaced Pardew earlier with a better manager the atmosphere could be different and Ashley could have kept taking the piss.
    Enough is enough – he doesn’t deserve our money and the players don’t deserve our support given the lack of respect and commitment they have shown for months. Some fans will stay away some will go – each to their own – either way we need to try and make it clear we have had enough.

  • newcastle7

    We are world champions at boycotting and protesting hating managers,owners players there is no one 
    who can touch us.The fans from Leeds,Coventry,Portsmouth and Cardiff should really come up here to see how it’s done.What I pity is the next manger,owner if we can ever find one or the below par center half.
    What really summed it up for me this season was when I was walking to the game at Selhurst Park and an old lady stopped me and said I hope you are not one of those morons.

  • robmyers67

    NottsToon robmyers67 sorry mate my post got posted before I could finish what I had to say an that was although these post and blogs appear to be bigger than what they are the sentiment is felt throughout most of the those who support the toon. Some will act more than others some will agree and do nothing. 
    All I was going to say was do people go the game to watch a well run business.? Entertainers being replaced by accountants. 

    And I will for the first time say no to my seat on Sunday.

    I’m saying 

    No to Carver and his patronising Geordie passion thinking that’s all you need. If he had the passion he would no he wasn’t the man for the job and walk. 
    No to the 30 million sitting in a bank not being invested on the pitch where it matters.
    No to this meandering through the Pl not giving a hoot about winning anything.

    Those who go on Sunday go without me calling them getting overly angry all calling them slagS I’m not that kind of a guy. I’m not trolling or blogging anything I’m just passing this one post out there and interesting to see how a simple error can be instantly picked up on when passions run high. So calm your skin Notts Toon  we are in this together.

  • NottsToon

    robmyers67 NottsToon Fair play, apologies for the criticism.

  • robmyers67

    NottsToon robmyers67 no worries take care bonny lad!

  • NottsToon

    newcastle7 I trust you replied yes.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 Thats a hell of a walk 300 miles, you could have got a bus you moron!

  • bill black

    newcastle7  Have those teams gone 69 years without winning a cup. Have they got 52000 fans each week. When Coventrys home games where moved to Northampton over 90 per cent of the fans boycotted the club and got the home game back to Coventry. I like to debate the club with fans that think different to me but I think your point is just silly

  • Hughie

    Agree with most of that  Luke although nothing you write has not already been said 50,000 times, except that this club should be regularly top 5 or 6. What I don’t agree with is the TIMING of the boycott. If there are “swathes of empty seats” all it will do is give the players a further excuse to continue not to perform. We need to support them on Sunday–inadequate as most of them are–to  guarantee PL safety–it’s not there yet. I expect that somewhere in the next three or four games we will pick up the odd point which will guarantee us staying up–should be clear by then in terms of other teams. Then, at the meaningless West Ham match, a massive all out boycott eh?

  • Demented_Man

    newcastle7 If only we were ‘world champions at boycotting’!  I suspect things would be very different at NUFC now.

    By the way, why don’t you change your name to newcastle17?  It would tie in with Newcastle’s league aspirations every season.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    Hughie They are highly over paid professionals who are paid to play football whether they play in front of 5, 50, 500, 5000 or 50.000 people, if they are looking for excuses not to perform then they should be ashamed of themselves, the fact that there is a risk of relegation shows that supporting the team is having very little effect.

  • Hughie

    2someitsonlyagame Hughie Agreed ,but Carver in true Pardew style will look for any excuse. It is obvious to me that the morale of this team is at rock bottom for all the reasons in the article but particularly owing to the awful coaching and daft team selections and substitutes, which is why they aren’t performing –along with a lack of ability of course. Wait until they are safe then act–that is my point.

  • NottsToon

    Hughie 2someitsonlyagame The timing is perfect, and what would PL safety bring anyway? Another raft of sub standard signings, losing anyone with any ability and more assured revenue for the owner. Relegation may not be such a bad thing, it would cost the owner money and may hasten his exit.

    I’ve said it time and time again, I would rather see Newcastle as a football club in the conference than an advertising board/ cash cow in the PL.

  • codgodzz999

    Would it not be logical for someone to compose a list of self made billionaires from Forbes. Try get contact Info like an email address send it into ashleyout.com and let them send emails persuading them to take over. Ashley is far from the only billionaire in the world an were pritty much doing nothing to seek a new owner.

  • Chemical Dave

    @Newcastle7, if Ashley isn’t to blame for the state of the present squad and Fraudew wasn’t to blame foe last seasons results post January, who is ? Take your time soft length, appreciate you’re struggling with the answer.

  • Jail for Ashley

    There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a boycott will affect the players. In fact 99.9% of the pride less and abysmal performances we have seen over the last four years have been in front of full houses and we have actually pulled rabbits out of the hat when faced with fan unrest against Liverpool and Chelsea. We need this boycott not to hurt Ashleys pocket but to show the footballing world we are sick to death of our zombie like status and that we are willing to unite to do something about it.
    Ashley Out.

  • newcastle7

    Chemical Dave The Cabye sale was a big blow but he went on strike so had to get rid.Again injuries suspensions had a big impact.Most games this season had a full team out including the excellent De Jong and best striker Cisse.
    That.s been the problem last and this season.
    When Ashley spends forty million in the summer we will be up and running.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    newcastle7 Ah another post of drivel from the SD employee. You are so full of shite.

  • Chemical Dave

    If he went “on strike” and they had to get rid, who is to blame for not buying a replacement if he went on strike in august ? If cisse has been unfit to play all season, who is to blame for not buying a striker ? We could’ve got luuk de jong back of course. £40m ? You’re a complete tool bonnylad.

  • Geordie Zebra

    Tremendous article. Fully agree with the sentiment and content. HWTL.

  • ilullissat

    Just think.Ashley could have been a saviour of the club.He could have been up there with Keegan and Sir Bobby.So if he doesn’t want that now he never will.He is in it for greedy selfish reasons and only the fans can stop it

  • ilullissat

    newcastle7 let’s guess,Ashleys lovechild?

  • ilullissat

    let’s guess,Ashleys lovechild?

  • HateAshleysBendyToys

    newcastle7 You are King of the morons

  • GToon

    LeazesEnder newcastle7 Hahahah!!!!!! Woke the kids up laughing at that!!!!

  • snodgrass2

    Jail for Ashley Prior to the Pardew/Hull game Matt Le Tissier was supporting us during his Soccer Saturday appearance. He said he was at Southampton when there was vast unrest against the board and they had several matches where the crowd chanted booed and held banners. He said it made no difference to the players attitude whatsoever and made even less to the board. However when fans began to stay away the boards outlook changed dramatically. When crowds dropped by 8,000 (remember their ground was a small one) they won and the board capitulated.  Our boycot may not have instant success but its growing strength will have an effect. Will Sky cameras cover an empty ground? Not good TV is it. No TV coverage means no-one sees his advertising. Be positive we can win this. UNITED.

  • snodgrass2

    Please stop mentioning the 5 derby deafeats. There is much more to the situation than those specific results. Constant reference makes us sound petty mean and jealous.

  • Andgeo

    So you are a palace fan??? Moron!!!

  • Andgeo

    We could pay that off in a couple of years you idiot. With the income stream the club has it could easy cover that debt. Put another way, if we could get rid of the fat pie eating scum, we could use the merchandising money that he is stealing from the club, the TV revenue he is stealing or generate some income from the advertising space he uses for free, for the benefit if NUFC and not His tat shops. And with him removed hopefully the frequency and number of terrible and costly decisions in running our club will be reduced.

  • prestondave

    What, and you think the results are acceptable ? Get a grip son

  • prestondave

    Yeah, and she just happened to pick on you. Plucking bellend

  • NottsToon

    Boycott explained in one image.

  • NottsToon

    You must know that De Jong is “excellent” from all the football you’ve seen him play this season eh? Or are you just talking sh*t as usual?

  • ilullissat

    newcastle7 was the old lady not Carvers “maintenance man in the lift”That is they don’t exist

  • Hughie

    Chemical Dave another brainless interjection son. If we go down, you will be held partly responsible buffoon

  • WorkingManUK

    This is the first season I have bought a season ticket, after being to many matches in previous seasons buying adhoc tickets.  I am gutted by the lack of will seen by the players week in and week out, and mostly down to them not knowing what the future holds, with contracts about to run out, poor empathy with Jonas, and those just using the club as a stepping stone, lack of leadership it goes on and on…
    However, despite having every bit of understanding and support for the boycott, I am still going to the game, I will be chanting “get out of club..”, I will bring a poster, but despite what is going on, on and off the pitch, I will still support our team, no matter how the players maybe feeling or whether they care or not, they are our players, they do wear the shirt, even if they don’t deserve it, they are still NUFC.  I love our club, and I hope and pray every game we will win, even if it’s a fools hope.
    I hate Mike Ashley and everything he stands for, but he is our club owner, and until we as fans and supporters, get together, put our hands in our pockets and come up with about £500m buy Ashley out and have some money left over to do what we want to see happen, how can we ever make a difference.  I don’t believe standing outside, and empty stands is going to help us.  Agreed it’s going to hurt Ashleys pocket (only very slightly considering he worth about £5billion with all his external interests), but it’s going to hurt the club more, by taking away money that could be used in the future to invest in the club.  What happens next, we get a new owner or fan owned club, but got no TV and no sponsorship, because the corporations will not want to come to St James, how then will we pay for better players, better management, more seats, more investment in the local youth and academy.
    I wish the boycott al the best, and I hope Ashley does the right thing in the summer, but hope is we have right now.

  • Chemical Dave

    What was the bit you objected to Hughie ?

  • Adam_B

    WorkingManUK  I know that you and a number of Newcastle fans are planning to avoid the boycott, and I respect your decision, but I ask you please to reconsider.

    This is a much bigger issue than just a short term one. It is about sending a message to those who ARE able to effect a change at Newcastle, to the long term benefit of fans like you and me that want nothing more than a club they can be proud of and (really) challenging for success, neither of which is conceivable under the tenure of the current owner. Shouting ‘get out of our club’ and holding up a poster may make you feel better, but it is not going to have any effect on Ashley, I know it and you know it. And really, as several have said on this forum, despite what Carver says in the club’s transparent PR stunt, having 50,000 vs 25,000 in the crowd should not really make the team play a lot better.

    Aside from a wealthy, mystery benefactor suddenly materializing, there is only really one thing that will get rid of Ashley’s abuse of power as owner of our great football club. It comes from publicity and awareness leading to real pressure. External (i.e. not just angry supporters of our club) people in the media, the sporting authorities and businesses associated with football (in general and in NUFC in particular) need to understand (as they don’t really currently) that Newcastle is being run as a ‘zombie team’, whose only goal is to have NUFC finish between 7th and 17th, not qualify for Europe, not
    win cups and the implication seems to be clear that team performance and
    success are not part of the owner’s plan for the club.

    Quite simply, Ashley’s restricted aspirations for our club need to be publicised because the anti-footballing, anti-sporting, self-aggrandising agenda is something which is not tolerable to the sport of football. The football authorities should be considering an investigation leading to threats, fines or exclusions (on the basis of the team distorting competitions and not trying to succeed) and this will only happen if there is more awareness of the situation, awareness which will be greatly facilitated by the boycott and the further activities to inevitably follow after Spurs. A tiny, indifferent boycott tomorrow could wreck our chance of change completely – it must be avoided.

    The FA, UEFA and the Premier League have been alerted by Newcastle United supporters as to what is going on, but have all chosen to do nothing, to say that there is nothing amiss and there is no issue (wrongdoing according to their regulatory criteria) which would prompt their intervention. This is why the Spurs boycott is important, and not just for NUFC, but for football and by extension, global sport. The outside (of Tyneside) world is only very slowly (and also in a very limited way) aware of what MA is about. If 10,000 Newcastle fans boycott the Spurs match, it will be noticed. People will start talking. Questions will be asked. The truth of what is happening at NUFC will become known to more people. This should lead, as the campaign continues) to the ‘Ashley model’ being properly questioned and the footballing authorities eventually (!) stepping in if nothing is done by Ashley to start behaving responsibly.

  • gazchampion

    Adam_B WorkingManUK Let’s make the boycott the beginning of the rebellion… I hope the Toon Army is ‘big enough’ to retaliate against fatboy & his regime who are slowly killing everything that is NUFC!

    Everything he has done and is doing to the club has been an embarrassment & it has to be stopped!
    Those who continue, as paying customers, to line his pockets then you are SUPPORTING what HE is doing to NUFC. 

    Howay, let’s be honest – It’s not as though the team are playing for their lives… most of them are journeymen, already eyeing up a move anyhoo! How many of them can you see as iconic heroes in the future? 

    WE MUST BE UNITED AND BOYCOTT …and why not for the rest of the season?