Arsenal legend Ian Wright has told Newcastle fans what they need to do to get rid of Mike Ashley.

Speaking on Radio 5 Live’s 606 programme after a Newcastle fan came on the show, the player tunred pundit said that complaining about Ashley was a waste of time.

To have any effect, Wright says twenty thousand or more fans need to stay away from matches:

“What was really quite annoying with Newcastle fans is the way that yes you are a one town club, you support the club and love the club…I suppose they will say the reason we went (rather than boycotting) is because we love the club and we want to support them.

“But if they genuinely feel that strongly about Mike Ashley then don’t go.”

Why should Mike Ashley do anything?:

“Don’t keep coming on the show and saying Mike Ashley…you know do things like and stuff like that, do something.

“Why should Mike Ashley do anything when he knows you are all going to turn up because you love the club so much.”

20,000 stay away:

“If twenty thousand stay away…the fans are doing something to say we love the club so much we’d rather not watch them because we hate the fact that you (Mike Ashley) are still here.

“We’d rather not watch and support them than come and watch, that is what Newcastle fans have to do.”

This morning we reported that the NUFC Fans Forum had at last collectively demanded a response from Mike Ashley as to the future of the club.

Much as I hate to say that I agree with Ian Wright about anything, I do think that when push comes to shove, to have any affect on the club’s owner, supporters are going to have to vote with their feet.

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  • IainT0842

    I don’t like him but he’s dead right. I stayed away on Sunday and feel proud to have done so. I will be staying away indefinitely as I know others intend to. I fear to many that was a one off protest vote though.

  • essexMag

    It is hard to turn our backs on the club, history and tradition etc. It tears most of us apart to even think about not seeing them play. BUT,( here is the common sense bit)….i once had a crap meal from a restaurant. I gave them benefit of doubt and returned. Again i was served rubbish. Would i keep going to that restaurant to be served crap nearly 20 times a year?

  • gavinv1972

    there is one glaring omission from this and every other protest piece. Voting with your feet will not impact Mike Ashley, unfortunately the only impact is when it becomes financial which means 20,000 cancelled season tickets, then it becomes impacting. We all know however that ultimately this will be to the detriment of the team as he will simply sell our brightest prospects to balance the books. Those Trips to Aspers domnt pay for themselves you know

  • Andgeo

    Every supporter should be boycotting sports direct too. I find it unbelievable that supporters still shop there. You even see people walking around with sports direct bags for life, as if the fat scum doesn’t get enough free advertising! Each and everyone of them are total idiots. Boycott mike ashley!

  • Andgeo

    Spot on!!!are people so useless they can not find anything better to do on a weekend?? Why watch a second rate team, that is seriously underfunded, completely demotivated, led by a completely delusional big time charley and pay for the privilege. Fools!!! Can you not find anything better to do with your lives until fatty is gone ?? Losers!

  • Andgeo

    I worry that the TV money is so substantial and the free advertising for his tat brand is so easy for him that even if we had an empty stadium he would just roll out more Sports direct banners on the empty seats. The fat scum is completely shameless in his quest to become the richest man in the country. Action is needed to get rid of him, sitting by passively, like total morons is allowing him to take more and more of the soul out of our club. We need to get rid of him ASAP, as when he goes he will leave nothing behind. Sooner the better. All supporters need to boycott, ignorance or naivety is no excuse, we need to fight back now.

  • Paul Patterson

    He dead Wright . .

  • radgepacket

    Andgeo I also believe the season ticket money is a mere irrelevance to him, he doesn’t give a monkeys. The TV money has ensured that season-ticket money isn’t even a big deal (perhaps 30 million a season? 50k x 600 quid). He could afford to let people in for nowt if he wanted to..The blokes estimated worth in 2014 was 3.75 billion..3750 million pound..he could give the club away and not even bat an eyelid. I honestly reckon he enjoys pissing us off.

  • jimblag

    Andgeo I do, desperately wanted a ball yesterday but i couldn’t allow myself!

  • jimblag

    Andgeo second rate team can be forgiven, it’s aiming to have a second rate team that is jarring

  • nikonbodach

    As a rangers supporter  we know what the newcastle fans have to do and as much as it hurts YOU must start boycotting not only the game but also his shops ,we got our own strips and scarves made in protest  ,if you don’t do something to hurt him in his pocket it will be no change because he doesn’t give a damn about your club anymore than he cared about rangers .Good Luck as you have a lot of support in scotland

  • ilullissat

    nikonbodach Dead right mate.The Rangers fans have got guts,something that seems sadly lacking down here.The fans need to make things so uncomfortable that he doesn’t want to hang around.As I’ve said before he doesn’t like the spotlight on him.Challenge him at every opportunity

  • ilullissat

    radgepacket Andgeo Perhaps we should be bringing John Hall into the argument.He sold up to Ashley then told us what a fantastic guy he was

  • ilullissat

    Check out the meaning of the word “insanity”It is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”Sound familiar?

  • Chemical Dave

    He is right right right he is right right right!!

  • Alsteads

    I think your right fella. He bought the club to have some fun but found out he was completely shxte at running it and when it turned sour the game is now how much can I pxss these lot of and how much money can I make doing it. It would not surprise me to see him pull another stunt before we kick off next season. Your right he’d put advertising over the empty seats etc but surely at some point he has to implode and even all his sponsors, partners in crime would start pulling away. Unfortunately I think it needs a lot more from us yet before it got to that.

  • Alsteads

    Are you talking about the Newcastle players or the fans that still turn up :-)

  • ilullissat

    essexMag Yes in this new world fans are now customers and I know lots of customers who would tell a business to shove it if they got served up cheap crap,A football club should be no different

  • ilullissat

    nikonbodach Google’Sports Direct hits back at TV show claims’in the Evening Chronicle about four years ago

  • gazchampion

    radgepacket Andgeo I’ve always thought that he’s been taking the p*** since day one… Look at all the embarrassing appointments, decisions, announcements (or lack of them!), crazy transfer activity, sponsorship, etc etc etc… they have to be deliberate and nothing else!
    I don’t believe in much nowadays but when I was a kid, me nana made me believe in ‘comeuppance’, that is, “if you lie or tell tales, steal or do something wrong… you will receive a punishment that you deserve for your actions”

    Ashley is well overdue his ‘comeuppance’ and it will get him one way or another.

    One day… 


  • Toon Magpie

    He is arsenal. An arse.

  • Toon Magpie

    I am sick of hearing players commenting about our club.

  • Toon Magpie

    Ashley is insanity that’s the problem. I think if we stayed away for a season he wouldn’t care. Thats it really he does not care. You are claiming he will care, no he wouldn’t.

  • PhilYare

    Andgeo agreed, it should be top of the sacrilege list. And your dead right… everytime I see someone walking around with a giant sports direct bag I think they are a mackem or just a d**khead.

  • gazchampion

    Toon Magpie Unfortunately for us, Ashley isn’t insane he’s a very clever & shrewd businessman. But he obviously does suffer from greed, gluttony & avarice. He simply wants more profit, more bottom-line dosh and that is the problem for The Toon.
    As long as we’re ‘feeding’ him, the fat, greedy get will be happy.
    I hope the boycott gains momentum and The Toon Army can rebel to an extent where a ‘Toon Revolution’ can cut off his supply!
    Sky don’t like televising games with empty stadia, fans should not buy from NUFC & don’t go to the home games!
    It’s the  sacrifice we have to take to get rid of the greedy slug… BOYCOTT NUFC!