I don’t care if Newcastle United go down – Why should I?

I’ve supported this club through thick and thin for nearly 50 years but  I have reached the point of total and utter indifference towards the current regime.

Why should I want Ashley’s club to earn a lot of money for him. That is all that staying in this league achieves.

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Every season under Ashley is the same. We start off with a few lies in the summer about imaginary lines and players we are trying to sign. We then try and get to 25 points as fast as we can before Ashley arrives by helicopter like an epidemic sweeping across a country and sells the best players halfway through the season.

No replacements are lined up as somebody has advised him we will stay up without spending anything. But this time I hope he gets it wrong.

I want to see his greedy face as the final whistle blows and he loses millions. What does it matter to me?

In the Premier league we play teams who we can’t compete with anyway. Will I miss the usual hammering at Man City, the mackem humiliations, the usual home and away defeat to Man U, the usual 4-0 defeat at Southampton or conceding possession at home to European giants like Stoke, or hoping one of the top teams don’t go mad and put 10 past us?

To me supporting NUFC doesn’t depend on the league we are in and I really enjoyed the Championship season anyway. It was exciting and somehow refreshing.

Why should we bother with the Premier League. We spend all of our games trying to hang on and not lose, rather than win. There isn’t another team in the league who plays like that.

If there is a team who deserve to be relegated, then for that reason alone it is us.

Of course though, the real prize would be the chance to rid ourselves of Mr Greedy himself. Surely ‘Mike’ would have to reconsider his ‘business model’ if we went down again.

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  • Nobbysleftfoot

    I know what you mean. If it meant getting MA out, I’d gladly go down. 

    By now, we know Ashley’s plan. Rely on 50,000 turning up, buying shirts etc and doing just enough to keep them buying season tickets while he banks the TV money and spends sod all on the team. Not to mention plastering a great stadium with ads for Sports Direct and payday loans. 

    We either carry on doing that and get 10 more years of this, or take a stand. At the end of the day we’re consumers to him, and if the product is no good, we need to make this known. The only way to change it is to stop him making money.

  • Cornflake

    I actually quite enjoyed our last Championship season, watched many of games on grainy screens, but at least seeing the team come together and actually out play the competition.  The return to the Premier League was also an exciting year for me, but the last few have been a work.  I didn’t even finish watching the Sunderland game until later on.  I recorded the last 25 minutes, and ran errands knowing that it would be a 1-0 defeat at the least.  How sad is that?  It’s the first time I’ve done that, because last time I would have thought that, I didn’t even have that technology to record a game on my tv.

  • macandmarge

    Nobbysleftfoot I used to the help run the London Supporters Club…last year was our 50th Anniversary…this is the first time i dont care whether we stay up…all i know is i dont want Ashley…we have had some crooks and rubbish running the Club(Seymour,Shepherd,Hall) but they did want the club to do well…Ashley doesnt…So sorry

  • Demented_Man

    You don’t care, I don’t care; I don’t think the players care either by the looks of things.

  • Nobbysleftfoot

    macandmarge Nobbysleftfoot It’s criminal. I even find myself envying Boro more and more since they have a decent chairman who has a feeling for the club, a good manager, and play some decent football. 

    MA even makes McKeag and Co look good.

  • paulparker1969

    I’ve never been one of the anti-Ashley / Pardew brigade but totally agree with the post. Nothing will change as long as we are on the premier league gravy train. No one follows a football club to put up with this drivel and money or the loss of revenue is the only thing that will make Ashley sit up and pay attention

  • John Rush

    Agree. Cannot see him selling up as long as we are in the Premier League & the telly money keeps coming in and he can use he club for free advertising and retailing. Even if a potential buyer came in he would want to make a handsome profit or even retain some interest in the club before he sold up. It might actually take more than one relegation or a few seasons outside the Premier League before he went but for me so what? I really couldn’t care less about the Premier League. I’m not bothered about watching the likes of Sanchez, Rooney etc. If our next local derby is v Gateshead in the Conference but it means Ashley and co leave then it would still be better then the joyless groundhog day seasons we are sleepwalking through at the present time

  • GToon

    There will be a banner unfurled at the WBA home game with a message for Ashley summing up what ive said above. Unfurled towards the end as no doubt we will get chucked out!! Thats my contribution to the Ashley out campaign. Could that game be a focus for banners?

  • GeordieBri

    Not only do I not care if we go down, I actually want us to go down and to stay down for as long as it takes for Ashley to sell. There is no future for this great club under this lying sheister’s regime!

  • Albert27

    I agree. Just to spite ashley.

  • magpiefifer

    As much as it would hurt – again – I would settle for relegation if it meant the end of the Ashley misery era.
    I haven’t renewed my season ticket for the last 3 seasons and will not go to SJP until Ashley sells up – I despise what that man has done to my beloved club (been a Magpie fan for over 60 years).
    I just wish that fans would stay away and show that despicable human being (?) that he is not fit to hold the reins of our great club.

  • RitchieForster

    I wholeheartedly agree with you …. just go to the away games if you have to  … I’ve completely lost interest, not only with the football but the whole ethos of N.U.F.C. … I have had it until there is a massive change & Ashley & his cohorts are gone. I’m another one who doesn’t care if we go down.

  • magpiefifer

    RitchieForster  Well said – I wish that the majority of fans would just show Ashley he’s not wanted at NUFC by staying away from SJP and starve the money-mad Ashley of his ill-gotten gains!!!

  • GlazedGaming

    The sad thing for me is I totally agree but how many others will cave in when MA oh so generously spends 20-30m this summer?

  • Paul Patterson

    Totally agree! I’d hate to agree to a relegation, but it would be an interesting one.

    Sadly, it’s not going to happen this season . .

  • Phildene

    Totally agree with every word and every comment. It’s deplorable how he’s treat our club and us too. He’s turned what was a very successful football club into an advertising medium for his crap sd, to say we despise Ashley and his cohorts is putting it mildly and want them out asap.
    It’s just a shame the 50+k who insist on turning up every home game don’t have the bottle to stop as they’re also part of the cancer of this club.

  • Andgeo

    Totally agree with your feelings, but is there not another way we can get rid of Fatty, without hoping for relegation??

  • Andgeo

    Muppets!!! What gets me is they believe he is going to spend £60m in the summer and think he has been good to them by not putting their season tickets up in 8 years. Totally deluded!!!

  • toon tony

    I don’t even give money to the FCB through SKY. Cancelled my subscription and bought an android box.

  • tino o

    Agreed no real point of us being humiliated week after week to line his pockets honestly I would be willing to start again from the conference if it was without him in control. !

  • Russell10

    I said at the start of the year that we would finish in the bottom 5 and everyone laughed at me. I wasn’t being negative. Just saying what I thought. I have supported the team since I was 6 and am now 57. I have been loyal throughout and had a season ticket since I was 11. Not this year though. Enough is enough. John Carver is a decent bloke and coach but I hate him in this role. I will not go back until Ashley has gone. It breaks my heart but withdrawing support is the only thing that will eventually work.

  • Russell10

    Tonight we are another point nearer relegation after the Villa draw. This can really happen now. We will not get a point against Spurs or Swansea. They are far better teams than us. I believe after the next 2 games we will be 4 points from the drop zone

  • radgiegadgie

    Russell10 Well I think that would have been a reasonable call if you could have foreseen everything that has happened – Pardew leaving, a string of injuries, idiotic susepensions from Cisse etc- but some of those would have been hard to predict.

    No one knows for sure but, had those turns of fate not happened we probably would have been mid-table.

    What is clear though, is the club gambled on PL status by not replacing Pardew earlier (I don’t think anyone was surprised Carver has been a disaster regardless of circumstance) and by the transfer policy -in and out – in Janaury.

  • radgiegadgie

    Russell10 Yes I agree, this is typical Newcastle sensationalism, getting relegated from a seemingly impossible position.  I wonder what Carver’s excuses will be then?  At the end of the day, the guy is a loser.

  • Russell10

    Disagree. I just have this weird thing that I have not been more than 2 places out in the last 7 years including a prediction of 6th when we finished 5th. Again, all said I was mad. Nothing to do with predictions but I still believe Carver will get the job next season. If that is the case 20,000 will not renew initially

  • Russell10

    The problem with Carver us he’s not that bright but he us a decent bloke. Just out of his depth. Hope we get Garde but fear we wont

  • markbt08

    It would be a good excuse to sell all our decent players and be left with goffran sammy and anita

  • RyanBell2

    toon tony is it worth buying

  • toon tony

    Sure, costs less than 1 month subscription. Even get the late night “art ” channels.

  • DownUnderMag

    Sadly, I don’t think relegation will affect him that much anyway.  It will simply give him the excuse he needs to want money paying back from the mystery loan hanging above our heads, excuses to carry on and sell the best players and not replace them and the parachute payments will keep him going as he bleeds the club dry until finally, when he has his pound of flesh and the club is danger of folding he will jettison it to some naive overseas investor and dump all the rebuilding work onto someone else.  This is the trouble, there is no silver lining, Ashley wins no matter what and the fans suffer so matter what.  Oh how I long for a day when the fans are actually thought of as more than just consumers and the club actually looks to try and win a cup or qualify for Europe again!

  • No Brainer

    Who was sold this january?
    In reality you’re are talking about 3 players in 4 years 
    one which was the greatest sale hiest in history, 
    the second where the player came for free and had a sell on clause (a deal which looks fantastic when held against Gomis’s ‘free transfer’ deal at Swansea) 
    And the third where the player went on strike for the 2nd time but whose sale still resulted in kinnear losing his job as that’s against the club policy of no first teamer sold without a replacement already in.

  • No Brainer

    radgiegadgie Russell10 He is and the club should act for a new manager/coach now

  • geordieladdo

    No Brainer Who was sold this january? Santon ! Not sayin ghe was the BEST player but lets face it we could sure have done with him over the past few weeks / weeks to come…
    ‘against club policy of no first teamer sold with a replacement already in” – are you mental? Carroll, Cabaye, Ba, Mbiwa,Santon – where are the replacements for these guys?
    Carroll – i accept it was a great deal but nobody was in to replace him
    Ba – accept decent deal but nobody was in to replace him and still hasn’t been to my recollection
    Mbiwa – have you not noticed we have had to play people well out of position to cover for an injury and a suspension?
    Santon – oh how we could have used him in the Sunderland game and actually played Colback in his proper position

  • No Brainer

    toon tony I think his understanding of how the impact of what you have done is partly what ashley is considering,  any chairman that isn’t fearful that SKY are going to go belly up or not be able to hold up this new deal other clubs are spending on is a fool.
    Since i got an android box, and dozens of others have to based on my savings of £65 per month its not going to be long until sky start losing money.
    Those who are prepared with money in the bank will be ok those who aren’t will demise you can count tottenham Liverpool West ham Stoke and many others

  • No Brainer

    geordieladdo No Brainer Santon the third choice left back who 90% of toon fans wanted to hang after his performance against sunderland last season.
    Carroll it was after this sale that the one in one policy was announced.
    Cabaye as i said the guy was sacked for not following this policy. (du Jong his replacement)
    Ba, Cisse was his understudy/secondary partner.
    Mbiwa not in the running for a first team place
    Santon – Haidara bought as a left back and had taken his place bought in advance.
    The suspensions and injuries we have had this year are a joke but not the fault of the owner. Dummet, Taylor, Haidara, Colo outt for the last match, When you consider thats a full back four what you are suggesting is that NUFC should have more than three teams.

    And yes i am mental

    As for Sunday, yes i agree it would have been good to have him on Sunday  but it would have been even better to have had Jonas at left back and Colback in midfield.
    And that is Ashley’s fault for not putting even a temporary coach in place

  • Relegation didn’t get rid of Ashley last time so what makes people think it will this time?

    I’m sorry but as bad as things are I can’t see any reasoning to back up that relegation would be a good thing at all.

  • No Brainer

    Russell10 Okay whats next season going to give I’v given up this year i only have to bet on four places to ensure a win.

    Thanks Russ

  • partworntyres

    revolutionary idea – the club has always 22 fit players. if a left back gets injured he is replaced by a left back. striker by a striker etc. – the more you think about nufc the more you realise how f..k.d up the club is.

  • Beardos Hips

    I know it seems unbearable but the ONLY way we will force this man out of club is by not going to matches. It is really simple, only fatty knows that most of the fans won’t do this. You are blinded by the rational that it is our club and our city – it’s not anymore, we have been invaded and we are under a new, fascist rule. Stop being oppressed and fight back!!!!

  • No Brainer

    Beardos Hips He would just spend the fifty mil the club has on players and we’ll all just go back suppose that would get what folks want though.

  • magpiefifer

    Russell10  Agree totally Russell10,but not enough fans will give up going to SJP to make a difference!! I just wish more of us would stay away and try and get rid of the poison,

  • v0ices

    No Brainer toon tony more rubbish from Ashley PR, now he’s taking all the money to prepare for the sky money dissapearing? Pity he’s just making it dissapear then instead of paying off the tax favourable imaginary debt to himself. Its his club and his debt just lie the profits he takes are his. Just like the losses the club incurs from giving revenue streams to SD are his choice. Right now he has his cake and is shoving it in his fat face thanks to some people.

  • v0ices

    No Brainer geordieladdo sorry funniest set of jokes I have read in years even you must have been laughing as you typed those.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    Roberts Grey Pants If Newcastle were still playing in the Championship, do you think Ashley would still be here?

  • JoeWriteson

    Lardboy will NEVER leave as long as there 50,000 bums on seats wearing
    his Wonga sponsored tat, live with it … or do something about it.
    Go to the games but stand outside or in Leazes Park, shoulder to shoulder the
    way it used to be, standing together, singing together … one Team, one City,
    one Club … Newcastle UNITED!

  • scotty63

    Russell10 100-1 with skybet – I’m on as it’s possible.

  • wakey

    I couldn’t agree more. If relegation is what it takes to get shot of him then i’m all for it.
    Also, there’s something very appeasing about him and his cronies losing money. That’s all they care about after all.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    v0ices No Brainer toon tony  The mans a loon, mate. Doesn’t matter what Ashley does, he finds a way of trying to spin it.
    Money spent because of the Ashley inspired relegation was then added as a Club debt. This chump then tries to tell everyone how great financially Ashley has been for the Club.

  • Beardos Hips

    JoeWriteson You are right Joe

  • v0ices

    Sickandtiredstill v0ices No Brainer toon tony let’s not forget all the compensation payments from Ashley’s merry go round of managers that also kicked the so called debt up.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer toon tony  same bloke also made these posts – 

    * “Confidence – I know that club is looking to improve the offering it delivers to its customers its facilities  for player development will very soon be the equal of the very best in all of Europe, its collection of exciting youngsters is improving and will create either players good enough to take us higher in the league and or income to purchase other players.” 

    * “The club and its owner has stated that money the club makes will never be taken out of the club from operations (after relegation the owner stated he would lend the club 18m and it had to be paid back). It seems to date he has kept to his word, we have now a significant pot.” 

    That was actually 29 million, and 11 million of it is still in the figure of Club ‘debt!

    28.5 million other reasons from the latest accounts to clearly suggest that was an equal load of tosh!

    * “The club has the support of many fans and is in a better state squad wise than it has been for a while.”” Oh dear!

    * “Is it not Mike Ashley’s recognition of this which has led him to take this steady prudent approach. Many pundits laud Everton for their club management but they play so close to the wind. A few injuries and they would have to go into serious debt to purchase new players and there is always serious risk that this does not work. As we witnessed in Jan 2013 that is not the case with NUFC.
    If a club has significant reserves and a successful youth policy there are only bright days ahead.” 

    Bright glorious days indeed thanks to Mr. Ashley.

  • v0ices

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer toon tony its OK fpp will come to our rescue how can the likes of Liverpool and arsenal hope to compete with us then after all they have to operate with unrestricted revenue streams and tens of millions extra European monies. They can never compete with our sports direct strangled income.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    1957  It is the EPL riches that will keep Ashley at the club, he is not going to turn his back on easy money.

  • JoeWriteson

    The fact that Lardboy’s press monkeys can spout this sh!t on forums and chats and expect us to believe that the posts are from ‘fans’ is just another example of how stupid they think we are … sadly in some cases they are right!

  • v0ices

    2someitsonlyagame 1957 he will sell the club at a loss if he has too rather than keep a money losing asset. He’s already taken a fortune out of the club just a few assets left.

  • disgruntled mag

    New manager comes in. The promise of new players. All starts well. Gradually things decline. Manager gets sacked or resigns. Caretaker manager takes over until replacement is found. Rinse and repeat. Its why I can’t be bothered any more, predictable misery