Albert Einstein famously said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So by that definition, to go to the spurs game and not do anything, i.e. go and watch the game, have a beer, and go home, but expect us to be a team worth fighting for, is insane.

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To continue to prop up a failing regime, by condoning what they do, which if you believe it or not, is exactly what the world sees those people who go to game, and sit quietly, and go home are doing, is by Einstein’s words, insane (and he was a cleverer guy than I!).

And my second point, is that the people who then declare open warfare on those who are protesting in any format, by foo-fooing their efforts, and saying it won’t achieve anything, are by definition, deluded.

Definition: Delude: [dih-lood] to mock or frustrate the hopes or aims of.

So as much as it pains me to say it, the insane, and the deluded, are pulling my club apart, turning neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend, supporter against supporter

Please stop!

If you know someone who is protesting, and you are not, that’s fine, discuss it yes, but allow them to do it their own way.

Similarly, if you know someone who isn’t protesting, and you are, please by all means discuss it, but RESPECT EACH OTHER’S VIEWS!

I would love to have a club I am proud of, but at the minute, the regime is not the only thing I am NOT proud of, respect each other, we are all NUFC fans.

For the record, I will not be attending the NUFC v Spurs game. Perhaps it is I who is delusional (having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinion) and that missing the game will not achieve anything.

One thing is certain, doing nothing changes nothing!

  • Demented_Man

    I’m afraid I cannot accept anyone going to the Spurs game deserves to be respected.

    As a former trade union rep, he or she is a SCAB!

  • wor monga

    “So as much as it pains me to say it, the
    insane, and the deluded, are pulling my club apart, turning neighbour against
    neighbour, friend against friend, supporter against supporter” –

    — whereabouts is
    this ‘club’ of yours…then Tony (Mark)?…sounds like it might be in Syria or Iraq
    or even Sunderland after Saturday!!

  • LeazesEnder

    Well said Tony.

  • Brian Standen

    Ridiculous thing to say! And also as a former trade Union rep we are talking about football not people livelihoods!

  • LeazesEnder

    Brian Standen Yes but it is only Mongo were talking about here… he doesn’t count!

  • Brian Standen

    I was replying to demented man! Every fan has the right to do what he or she wants to do, and being called a scab is unacceptable,

  • Fozzyworld

    Not if it damages the honest efforts of those trying to improve things for all. Sorry.

  • NottsToon

    Fozzyworld The ground these days is full of the spineless and passionless. Moaning about their lot with the current owner, but too gutless or lazy to do anything about it. Too deluded to accept that their very presence justifies his actions in his eyes, and the eyes of football in general.

  • Fozzyworld

    Hi Notts Toon, I understand the sentiments and found myself thinking similar thoughts. I have supported the Toon for over 50 years but am currently not a season ticket holder. I have tried to put myself in the position of someone who probably spent ages and fortunes getting one. It must be torture to be asked to stay away. That said you can’t get around the fact that short of several lottery wins the only thing us peasants can do to change things is to attempt to bring media attention to the disgrace that is the abuse of a once great regional resource. What this man is doing to NUFC is symptomatic of the rotten state of our society, where a rich avaricious oligarc can just buy a public institution, remove it from the influence of generations of local people and use it for their own ends. Add to that an element of torment the Geordies because they sang at me and you can see how he thinks. Empty stands and commentators talking about it on live TV just might attract the attention of the wider media and start to damage SD.

  • LeazesEnder

    Brian Standen Except for Mongo!

  • wor monga

    NottsToon    Your talking like that Deluded Shop Steward
    up there Notts if you think the ‘eyes of football in general’ are bothered
    about the Toon…they’re not man…where football’s concerned every club has it’s
    own problems…it’s just ours are more public, and make theirs seem a lot easier
    to live with!!

  • NottsToon

    Absolute garbage, football is hugely popular in this country and Newcastle are (amazingly) still regarded as a big club. Of course people care about our issues, that’s why Sky Sports News spend so much time talking about it.

  • No Brainer

    I agree you are entitled to protest you are also entitled to believe that nufc would be better off with another owner.
    Given that clubs can only increase the quality of the playing squad organically or by purchasing ready made players.
    As the ability to do that is constrained by fair play rules, I wonder how it is that other than bringing in any manager that was available in January, what else is it that you would do?
    Riverie not been a success this year but being ahead of his strike paners last year how could that of been predicted? 

    Would the answer be spend any and everything we can.

  • AndyMac1

    thing is certain, doing nothing changes nothing!”
    Please understand that if you’re part of the 50k. What do you expect to happen if you sit on your hands and do nothing ? Europe, Champions league, Trophies ? Yup you’re insane !!!!!

  • No Brainer

    AndyMac1 I expect that if we buy the cb and striker we need and have less injuries next season then we will do very well 6 or 7th place.
    Should we have a shed load of injuries again where we are using academy goal keepers then i expect us to be fighting like we are now. Which would be a shame.

  • Cathey_Thomas

    I know this is beside the point, but as regards your headline, Einstein never said that. People are always putting BS into his mouth, like the claim that if all the bees disappeared from the face oft he earth, mankind would have less than 4 years left. He never said that, either. You might say that insanity is crediting quotes to Einstein over and over again when he never said them….

    Read more:

  • DownUnderMag

    Insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…

    Hell is but the absence of hope….
    Can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink….
    Can’t have your cake and eat it too….
    Hell hath no fury like a football club owner spurned…..
    Take your pick of annecdotes, they all apply.

  • Toon Magpie

    We are all insane, got to be supporting this club.

  • Tony_Slater

    Why such hostility between fans? Surely agree to disagree, and be UNITED against those hurting our club,
    Your Club, My Club, OUR CLUB, we will still be Toon supporters long after the current regime have cashed in and moved on, 

    Two things i would like to address, 

    Firstly, wor monga, have you been to town on matchday?  and just read some comments on here to see what I mean about setting people against each other, not in a mortal kombat sense, I mean causing discord.

    Secondly, the whole scab thing, No, just No, perhaps in a work situation this is acceptable, in a supporting role, a passion, a recreational pastime, then it is not acceptable at any time to call another supporter of your club, a scab.
    Having grown up in a pit village through the miners strike i can tell you anyone who called me a scab face to face would IMMEDIATELY rue that decision, not a nice word, and not in context.
    Play Nice Boys and Girls!