Jonas Gutierrez has made clear how unhappy he was at the disgraceful treatment he received from Mike Ashley and Newcastle United.

It now a foregone conlcusion that the midfielder will leave when his contract is up in the summer.

This despite Jonas looking like one of United’s better players when he got the chance to start against Sunderland and Swansea.

Only at a club like Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United could they ruin all chance of keeping a good relationship with somebody who could be a great ambassador for the football club now and in the future.

Jonas Gutierrez is one of the few positives things that anybody talks about in association with NUFC.

Despite the nonsense he has had to put up with at St. James’ Park, including John Carver dropping him from the squad against Spurs.

There is a happy ending in sight for the Newcastle player, he has used his Twitter account to declare he is getting married next year to Argentine model Alejandra Maglietti.


“We get married next year with @alemaglietti  nos casemos el año que Viene. I love you. Te Amo amor”

Good luck to both of them and let’s hope there will be a future role at the football club for Jonas Gutierrez once we have got rid of Mike Ashley.

  • PeterRobson

    Chuffed to bits for Jonas !!!

    Even the way he´s been treated by the club hasn´t dampened his appetite for life !!!

    I still get goosebumps just thinking about how he used his own dire circumstances with cancer to raise awareness and help other people going through similar illness !!!

    Jonas, I´m proud to say you´re one of us: A Geordie !!!

  • Paul Patterson

    Nice story. I wish the lad and his fiancé well.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Good luck to them, a man with that much dignity has no place at Mike Ashley’s circus of a club

  • No Brainer

    Good luck to both of them and let’s hope there will be a future role at the football club for Jonas Gutierrez once we have got rid of Mike Ashley. – 

    Doing what exactly? this is a good guy who has shown decent fight like many others, in a cancer situation, it is not heroic to fight and over come cancer.

    He is not a good enough footballer any more to play for NUFC he was to weak to stand his ground for the first goal and to lazy or slow,(he had ran faster through at other times in the game) for the second goal letting his man run away from him with ease.

    Asta la Vista Jonas best wishes, good luck, adios

  • No Brainer

    PeterRobson By treated what do you mean, what is it that is terrible for Jonas?

  • Tony79

    Good luck Jonas.

    you’ll always be welcome here for what you have done for ur club.  You’ve played with passion and heart, that is all we ask

  • PeterRobson

    No Brainer PeterRobson I´m not going to dignify your question with proper response, just read back any articles about Jonas and the way the club has treated him and judge for yourself !!!

  • v0ices

    No Brainer i must say that these attempts to annoy people are rather childish and pathetic just because no one wants to join your ashley love in.

  • JohnyH

    All the best Jonas
    In times when players from other countries have not always shown loyalty to their clubs, you have always done so.
    You will always be welcome in Newcastle.
    Good luck wherever your future takes you.

  • Andy Gray

    No Brainer PeterRobson most appropriate tag-name ever!!

  • FC Newcastle

    All the best for future to both of them. FCN