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  • A lex

    According to certain people, it would seem we just lost the World Cup Final.

  • Bills frollocks

    Never mind the player ratings. Here is my rating for the fans 0. Yes they all turned up. We had a good result last week and now blown it again. I just can’t believe it. Thr pundits tell us what to do, Liverpool fans tell us what to do and rangers fans show how to do it. And what do we all do, yes support the cancer. Unbelievable. We are now a laughing stock worldwide.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver’s rating minus rating (-7) see if he can make it -11 by end of season

  • Wallsendstu

    I remember the Dinnis days and he was utter crap but Carver is ten times worse. If the fat man and Penfold had any balls they would sack him now. Perhaps if they ask Wendy to borrow hers then something might get done.

  • dude 1

    Bills frollocks spot on bill you are correct in what you say I have said it before like yourself but it falls on deaf ears we only have ourselves to blame

  • terriertwo

    Another disgraceful performance with abysmal defending. Two poor teams but one wanted to win the other for most of the game were switched off. Even with the thirty five points in the bag its going to go to the last game of the season unless we can steal a win somewhere but on todays exhibition we may have to depend on other teams losing. Ashley out, Carver definitely out and the sooner the better.

  • David Grey


  • VincentNgYongWei

    Hi everyone! I am a loyal nufc fans since 1997 (age 7 that time) from Malaysia and i am feeling really sad to see nufc in this situation again. 

    While everyone was pointing Ashley to be out of this club, I think John Carver should be the one that is responsible for these 7 straight loss.
    If You observe carefully, his tactic has been very old fashion, that is put in a long hopeful ball and expecting someone to hold on to the ball or nick the ball pass the defender through to Ayoze perez. This is exactly like one of the tactic Sir Bobby Robson used for the pairing of Alan Shearer and Craig Bellamy. However Sir Bobby has more gameplan down the wings from Solano and Laurent Robert and central mid support from Kieren Dyer that has pace to outrun the defender. However John Carver has no other game plan at all causing his team player being lack of confident to carry the ball and pass the ball on the ground.

    Besides i think he is such an Ego Guy that dont know how to reflect himself as a poor manager
    As you can see besides Colback, Jonás Gutiérrez has been excellent at the midfield helping the team holding the ball. Jonas hardly put in long ball and was excellent in open up the play today however Most of the Newcastle players were really lacking in confidence to make through passes and always fell to ground so easily.  Hold on to the ball is probably not the gameplan from that John Carver. BTW, I dunno why JC will quarrel with JG previously, JG been really outstanding but i think probably Gutierrez was not agree with the stupid JC gameplan so they end up quarelling
    Another thing is that Riviere has been very good today. without him i dun think newcastle would have that possesion in first half of play and could score that first goal.  It is JC that dont know how to utilize his players. Long hopeful ball tactic is too old and ineffective especially for those player like Riviere,Perez,SIssoko and Cabella as they are quick players that can outrun the defender. JC is just wasting their talent on the field.
    Truthful and loyal NUFC supporter from Malaysia

  • Jamiekgordon

    Sack pardew
    Sack carver
    Sack Souness
    Sack Allardyce
    Sack Roeder
    Sack gullit
    Sack me
    Sack you
    Kill Ashley
    Sack him
    Sack her
    But yet you still go!!!!!!
    Surely your life is not so bad the only thing you can do is watch a rotting football club!

  • SGM

    Jamiekgordon No worse than you still contributing on here

  • SGM

    VincentNgYongWei Ive supported NUFC since 69, We were like this then (just a bit luckier), and were still like it, we had a bit of a blip with KK and Sir Bobby, but apart from that we have staggered from one disaster to the next. Get used to it, it won’t change. Being a Geordie means only one thing ……. You don’t get to choose…….

    Maybe (in my lifetime) we might get another (blip) if we do i’ll be one of the lucky ones.

  • Andgeo

    You need to have a – negative rating for mike Williamson, maybe down to -10. Would be usefull because giving him a 1 is probably too generous.

  • Andgeo

    Total fools, just love being walked all over!

  • Jamiekgordon

    How much money has Ashley earned from me writing on here? I’m glad you responded to my comment
    If you don’t enjoy it don’t go.. I went on holiday to Portugal once and it cost me a fortune but the overall holiday was terrible so next year I went somewhere different! But a lot of Newcastle fans would of booked the same holiday

  • Jamiekgordon

    Maybe, just maybe could the players have something to do with it?

  • Deltic13

    Vile human being is Owen.

  • PhilYare

    2.4 for williamson? what did he do to warrant such a high mark? put his shoes on?

  • nufcslf

    Jamiekgordon Very well put.

  • tino o

    7 for each one and carver to reflect on their consecutive losses well done boys record breakers. Keep collecting the money!

  • PeterRobson

    Jamiekgordon Actually what you said is a perfect analogy for how we fans feel about Newcastle United.

    It took me a very long time to sever my ties to the regime.
    If you were served a terrible meal in the restaurant, you would complain to the chef (boycotting) or stop eating there altogether !!!

    It´s like your first love: there will always be a place in your heart but sometimes you just have to move on with your life !!!

    I will never stop being a Newcastle United supporter, but I reached the stage where I no longer need to invest my love in them !!

  • Jamiekgordon

    True love loves you back…
    I love Newcastle, not just the club but the city and the people but I can’t keep loving the club because it’s cheating on me every weekend

  • cwtoon88

    seriously what is wrong with some of you giving mackem Jack the highest Mark he was atrocious again. Hes as much of a geordie as Don Hutchinson and about as treacherous as well as being awful on the field

    Imagine if he was foreign

  • TradgeJ

    Wow, a lot of generous fans giving Williamson anything higher than 1, he was staggering about like a headless chicken for the most part, but then so were the rest of the defenders! That third goal was SO preventable, all it needed was for someone to made a f**king challenge, they just watched as the ball was passed effortlessly into the Newcastle net! Defence needs a serious re-build in the summer, Williamson needs to be shipped off to League 1 where he belongs, Coloccini needs to retire as he’s too slow, and AT LEAST two top centraldefders need to be brought in, because Newcastle are leaking goals like a f**king colander!

  • Hughie

    Gutierrez left his man for two of the goals–directly his fault– shame he had a good game otherwise, but why on earth was he in central midfield when Abeid was on the bench? Carver and co did the same with Jack at left back against Liverpool. Crazy …and he wonders why he gets abuse? At least Gouffran has been dropped. Cabella and Perez were the worst of all on Saturday–completely lightweight..  The decisions to not sign decent players in January and to appoint Carver are the problem . Who took those decisions? –an MD who is equally clueless.