Former Chairman Freddy Shepherd has told Newcastle fans that they shouldn’t boycott matches.

The man who made tens of millions from the club, says that Mike Ashley is a ‘great businessman’ and somebody who ‘knows what he is doing’….I think we’d all worked that second one out by now!

Shepherd claims that Newcastle fans will see a big change in the summer…

Most United supporters will feel it sticking in the throat when they hear somebody like Freddy Shepherd lecturing them about what they should and shouldn’t do, considering the fortunes he made from Newcastle United and the mess he made of the club with John Hall’s help – then finally selling out to somebody like Mike Ashley.

Freddy Shepherd speaking to Sky:

“I am really worried but I think a boycott is not going to be the answer, I don’t think it helps anybody.

“We need to get behind John Carver and the team, doing a boycott isn’t going to help that team – they are lacking confidence and need every supporter behind them.”

Mike Ashley knows what he is doing…:

“Mike Ashley’s a very clever guy, there is no doubt about it, he is a great businessman and so he knows what he is doing.

“I think in the summer you will see a big change in Newcastle because he will not want his assets to depreciate, so I am confident he is going to come out in the summer and spend some money, get some players in.”


  • PeterRobson

    And what exactly does Fat Freddy base his assumptions on ??

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    Ahley will protect his asset, he has cleared the club out to either sell it or more likely to give a new manager a tempting “little” kitty to start off a new team with. They took the hardnose business decision to end the season in january (again) and not spend to purely appease the fans, but you can’t do that without discontent in the entertainment industry. Its going to be a rough end to the season, I think the propaganda has started with Freddy saying everything will alright, lets wait and see

  • Deltic13

    the pair visited Spanish brothels, described the team’s star player Alan Shearer as Mary Poppins, laughed at fans for paying large sums for the club’s shirts and labelled the city’s women “dogs”.

  • LeazesEnder

    Deltic13 Eloquently put!

  • RexN

    Shepherd made tens of millions out of Ashley. He can afford to pay good money to watch a load of s**t.

  • DavidDrape

    can’t believe this freddie. 2 types of people in this world freddie – people who give and people who take. i am ashamed to say you originate form biker. don’t try telling us now what to do. you left us in this mess. are you the same person who had storage place down the naval yard but were charging nufc 6 times the going rate for storage?

  • WallaceWilson

    Well he’s certainly made my mind up

  • geordie4567

    Yeh, yeh, yeh. Whatever fatty

  • Wingpaddock

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  • Adam_B

    The problem with people saying “everything will be all right, don’t worry” is that MA did not take over NUFC yesterday. It is 8 (I think) years when we have been relegated and asset-stripped, and MA has been dragged before courts and MPs and found wanting. And people like FS seem to ignore this and pretend the world starts from here and that everything in the past is irrelevant. Well, it is not. That stuff happened. The stadium renaming, the Keegan constructive dismissal, the 5 derby defeats, losses to weaker teams in the cup. And these people have the brass net to say – oh, forget that, summer will bring in the “new caring, sharing Mike Ashley”. So maybe there are some gullible NUFC fans, but THAT gullible? Do us all a favour FS and the MA apologists and propaganda machine, leap into the Tyne and swim to Norway……

  • ilullissat

    Adam_B The fans have ALWAYS supported the team .Per Capita we are probably the best supported team in Europe considering the amount of things we haven’t won.Of course today’s events are a culmination of the way the club has been run.Be honest,apart a fantastic blip,that was the Keegan era,it hasn’t been pretty.Some might even say that we are too well supported and that can sometimes be a hindrance.

  • ilullissat

    LeazesEnder Deltic13 I’ll second that!

  • foggy

    PeterRobson  Probably after a phone call from carver.
    “please Freddie say something nice”

  • LeazesEnder

    Wingpaddock There probably wont be anything ‘illegal’ ….. just purely exploitative of people and laws….. immoral.

    I’ve already seen the expo that BBC Newcastle did on him with Mark Tulip I think it was, where the ‘70% Off labels’ are attached in the ‘factory’ at source.  Further reading concludes that his ‘success in the high street and internet markets are down to distribution, 20,000 zero hours workers and a management benefit scheme that keeps everything driven.

    I’d be very surprised if they find 5 year old kids making umbrellas for him in Kuala Lumpur. And having said that, virtually the whole or the clothing production of the high street is manufactured in the east…. have a look at some of the labels on your clothes.

    There are a group of wealthy individuals who’s influence is so great that even if they are cornered for tax avoidance they can buy their way out of prison, look at Bernie Ecclestone’s as he limbo danced beneath the legal bar!

    He’s running our club on his business plan…. its not illegal….. just plain horrible.

  • Toon Magpie

    F off fat freddy