First it was the tea lady and now John Carver has had a go at the matchday stewards at Newcastle United, saying that some of them just sat there watching the game whilst he claims he was getting over the top abuse from Newcastle fans on Saturday.

The tea lady was named by Carver as amongst those at the club who had to share responsibilty for the Sunderland defeat earlier this month.

The Newcastle Head Coach had been accused by some fans in the immediate aftermath of the Swansea game, of swearing at supporters and offering to fight some of them.

However, now Carver is going on the front foot and claiming he is the victim who deserves more protection from the club.

This surely isn’t a new problem (security around the managers/coaches area) and you’d clearly expect any club to have a policy/strategy of how they look after the areas around the dugouts – especially when you have matches such as against Sunderland and others.

It all smacks very much of when Mike Ashley claimed he couldn’t come to matches because of supposed threats against his family, only for Northumbria Police at the time to confirm that they’d received no such complaints from the Newcastle owner.

If the fans giving John Carver grief had stepped over a line then they would have deserved to be be thrown out but the fact that they weren’t, then suggests that this wasn’t the case.

As for John Carver’s behaviour, I’m guessing we will all have our own belief as to whether or not he crossed that line or not.

John Carver:

“Let’s put it this way, it has not been easy. I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

“Sometimes it’s quite difficult to stand in that technical area and be abused the way I was abused without any protection.”

First the tea lady now the stewards…:

“We have stewards there and some of them just watch the game.

“That’s the reason I moved back, I’m not going to stand out there and be abused during the game – the club has to do something about it.”

First time:

“That’s the first time I have had that – just totally getting abused throughout the whole of the second half and I’m not accepting that. I don’t think it is right and no one should put up with that.”

“One of the lads said to me: ‘Are you threatening me?’ I said no, come and see me afterwards and I’ll explain to you.”


“He obviously thought that I was (threatening) but there was no way in the world I was doing that.

“I did that once before (at Southampton) and I said then I’d not get involved in something like that again and I ain’t.”

  • Davy Jenkins

    Carver. honestly son do you want this job that much where you’re jeopardising being able to live in this area for the rest of your life. you are becoming a despised figure. remember once Ashley fcks off youll be on your own. time to pick sides kidda before you burn your bridges up here forever.

  • Andgeo

    The club doing something about it is wishfull thinking! They will do nothing as usual, or blame supporters! The right thing would be to give cardew his p45 but we all know it takes at least 12 months got that one to arrive in the post!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Yet the same stewards were taking protest messages off kids. Seems some of them had been briefed on their matchday responsibilities!
    As for JC, this latest garbage is just embarassing. We all meed protecting from him!

  • Wallsendstu

    Good job nothing fazes him, otherwise he might get a tad upset. Lost the resect of the fans, the players and he has definately LOST THE PLOT. Head coach next season and he will not have to worry about the abuse as no one will be there.

  • Stevie Cunningham

    Exactly what I’ve said davey. He could hold his head high if he showed some backbone but he’s just jumped on the ashley puppet wagon

  • A lex

    “I’M not going to stand out there…….” or “I can take the flak…”
    Which is it , John?

  • LeazesEnder

    Sickandtiredstill  Theft by the club of small ‘red cards’….., they have overreached their rights….

    Fans should refuse…. there is no Law and No legality in their actions….. take any stewards number who makes the demand, and ask their name.

    This is OUR club….

  • Meditative Mag

    Those making this personal abuse should step back and take a good look at themselves. Criticism of professional  skills is one thing but personal abuse another. It is not easy to warm to Mr Carver. He is clearly out of his depth and a deeply poor manager. Having said that shouting horrible personal insults at a man because someone appointed him to a job he’s not fitted to discharge is deeply unpleasant and says more about the insulter than it does about the manager.  Instead of attending games and shouting abuse at the man these people should stop giving the owner their cash and shaming their parents. You know the situation at NUFC. You know who the manager is. You know the team. If you do hurl horrible insults at Mr Carver after handing your money to Mr Ashley to get into the ground….you are a fool.

  • chesterlad

    Off his box

  • LeazesEnder Sickandtiredstill Are there any lawyers who read The Mag website? If so, could they advise on how to take action against stewards that infringe on spporter’s civil liberties?

  • NotFatFreddy

    After this great run of results his ambitious managerial career is over before it ever begins at any other football club, but alas he probably has a coaching job for life at NUFC.  Now that he is criticising the tea lady, the stewards,  and the fans…the coach driver is the only position to fall back on as he can’t be Mike’s tea-boy or be one of the stewards, and if he keeps it up he won’t even be welcome as a fan!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Get a grip. The only person talking of abuse and insults is Carver himself. The stewards did nothing – the same people who wereremoving protest cards from kids.
    Carver can dish it out so he should rxpect to take some. What next – we cant shout at a referee or players?
    What kind of football matches do you attend?

  • KevinBrown11

    Carver should thank himself lucky it wasn’t the whole stadium that was having a go at him, he should ask his loved one pardew on that one, he’s totally out of touch one minute he says fans have the right to have a go at him, then when some do he gets a pet lip on, he’s pathetic and no Geordie in my eyes.

  • pissed off mag

    poor stewarts watching that shite

  • ToonShamrock

    Although we like to think of it as our club, it is in fact Mike Ashley’s club. We are just paying customers, who keep coming back for more no matter what dross he serves up. Being Ashley’s club and Ashley’s ground, he can decide what customers are and are not allowed to bring to the event. Technically there is no law to make a person hand cards over, but they can ask you to leave if you do not give them up. It would be nice if more supporters showed some backbone and took their placards outside what the game is on – showing the whole world they will not stand for it and even protesting outside his SD stores more often. Unfortunately, Asey has no choice but to spend this summer. 40 to 50 million would be my guess after sales. Because of this, a lot of fans will think Ashley has turned a new leaf. Little will they know that spending won’t be ambition, but necessity and more of the same mid table dross will follow for a few more years and the fans will keep filling the stadium…

  • Alex Wilkinson

    Let’s see! Which stewards were playing central defence?

  • Alex Wilkinson

    The man is out of his depth and drowning !!!

  • Meditative Mag Fans shouting personal abuse at Carver should be removed the same goes for violent conduct,racism  or threatening behaviour . That the stewards didn’t intervene tells a story , Carver would’ve been swinging punches left right and centre if they tried to remove him.

  • PhilYare

    anita to be drafted in as a bodyguard

  • Ikeys Brother

    Only Chuck Norris can save him now

  • Mark Brooker

    Carver your getting abuse because your incompetent and totally clueless if you can’t handle it BOG OFF…