John Carver was disciplined by the club for swearing at Newcastle fans down in Southampton earlier this season and allegedly offering to fight them.

Last night saw similar claims made by United supporters during the latest embarrassing performance by the Newcastle Head coach and his players.

As his team crumbled, it was clear from TV pictures that words were being exchanged between John Carver and a number of angry supporters.

The Telegraph reported that Newcastle supporter Allen O’Connell claimed John Carver pointed down the tunnel and mouthed ‘Outside, outside’, which the fan took to mean an offer to have a fight after the game.

Whilst the newspaper added that another United fan, Karen Choake, says that she heard Carver shout ‘Sit down you f****** C***’ to one supporter when he was getting stick from fans around the dugout in the Milburn Stand.

John Carver:

“Yes, I am getting stick from the crowd and I can take all that.

“I will take that on the chin and I will explain to people why I do things, I do not have a problem with that.

“If anybody wants to talk me about it, I will talk to them about it, but I won’t give up and I will fight to the end.”

Newcastle United have denied that there was any wrongdoing or that the Newcastle Head coach was aggressive in any way, with Carver claiming he had indicated to a fan to meet him afterwards so he could explain his tactical thinking…

John Carver has been the predictable disaster in the top job that most of us thought he would be.

Not only has it been a shambles on the pitch but off it, he has been even more embarrassing than Alan Pardew in terms of his willingness to say anythinbg that diverts criticism away from Mike Ashley.

I do though have a small amount of sympathy for him as he is totally out of his depth and should never have been put in this position.

You may think (quite rightfully in many ways) that Carver has made his bed and so must take the consequences but I could well see Mike Ashley potentially seizing this opportunity, if what the fans say is true and the club acts on them.

The Newcastle owner could make John Carver a scapegoat for this shambolic season, and possibly use his behaviour at both Southampton and yesterday (if shown to be proved) at St. James’ Park, to get out of the longer term security that the Head Coach has with his assistant manager contract which has a number of years to run.

He is a Newcastle supporter and passionate about the club but he has done his deal with the devil and may find out just how unwise that was in the days and weeks to come.

(When it came to the team’s display, Alan Shearer has slaughted their lack of commitment which you can read HERE.

Whilst Newcastle fans also spotted Moussa Sissoko and Massadio Haidara deserting their teammates by sneaking out of the ground as the United trailed to Swansea.)

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  • Chemical Dave

    His ineptitude and general moronic behaviour is a perfect distraction for FCB, no wonder he promoted him.

  • Paul Cruddas

    Maybe he could channel his aggression towards the belle*nds in the dressing room and get some sort of reaction and effort from them.

  • Andgeo

    Shambles! I’m embarrassed to be a Newcastle supporter, and I certainly do not support Fat Ashley or this bumbling fool. cardew is being made the scape goat, given enough rope…

  • LeazesEnder


  • Mark Brooker

    Pity the team are not up for the fight.

  • toon tony

    Never mind Mayweather v Paccio. ..get this fight on Sky. …now that’s one ticket I’d buy. !!!!

  • terriertwo

    I heard in the pub last night that Carver and Nicola Sturgeon are going to elope to Transylavania.

  • Demented_Man

    I hope people have put in a complaint about Carver’s behaviour to the FA,

    The low-life guttersnipe should not be allowed to get away with this.  Ordinary fans would be banned from the ground.

  • Keegan Quitter

    Oh dear, did the nasty man swear at you?

  • Chemical Dave

    A new poster, welcome mate, who do you support?

  • PeterRobson

    As a person, Carver has every right to react to criticism or intimidation, However, when he puts on his coaches hat and steps into the dugout the fans have every right to vent their displeasure at his tactical ability, it´s all part and parcel of the job !!!

    If he can´t take the stick he should get an easier job (bouncer at Mothercare perhaps).

    The problem lies not just with his tactical/selection decisions, moreover the simple fact that he hides behind every excuse he can think of.

    It´s alright us making fun of him and posting funny pictures (guilty as charged miludd), but I think he would have at least had us on his side if he´d simply come out at the start and said: “look, I know I´m not your (the fan´s) first choice but I´ll give it my best shot, it´s the best I can do” !!!

    Instead, we´ve been fed a steady diet of inane plattitudes about who he worked with, and that he´s a fan and a Geordie, but worse than that are the lies and excuses !!!

    We all know we don´t have a God given right to win, but ask any Newcastle United fan and they´ll tell you (apart from the deluded regulars) we love a team that tries, and that is not what we have !!!

  • ilullissat

    Chemical Dave It’ll be Ashley or one of his cronies

  • Demented_Man

    Carver sent away a lady in tears, after she tried vainly to stop his aggressive behaviour.

    The scumbag should be suspended.

  • Belfast Ali

    Well said Trotsky!

  • Angels North

    I’d like to speak to him about his “tactics” How do we organise an appointment?

  • GeordieCraig

    I was sat about 10 seats from the young lad standing up in the picture, he must have been up and down 30 times abusing the bench and staff throughout the match, no exaggeration.  He didn’t have one good thing to say even during the first 15-20mins when we were playing well (on recent form).  He should have been ejected from the ground long before JC had to turn and say something, whatever JC did or did not say would be well justified for this little moron.

  • shadsdad

    John, do yourself and the club a favour and fall on your sword. Lets get someone, anyone!, in for the last 4 games.

  • Chemical Dave

    Good for the young lad, seems to know more about football than lickspittle carver.

  • cwtoon88

    Carver is a grown man albeit a  moronic one. You wouldnt give a thug and a moron sympathy in the street so why do it when hes killing the club.He always has a choice