It has now been revealed that Facundo Ferreyra turned down the chance to play for the reserves last week.

Back training now for three weeks, Ferreyra was asked to turn out but said he ‘wasn’t ready’.

This is what john Carver had to say when asked about the elusive striker:

“We asked him to play in a reserve game on Tuesday night at St. James’ Park against Middlesbrough, and he wasn’t ready for that, so ‘no’.

“I felt he was ready for it but you have to trust the player – I asked the player and he said he wasn’t ready for it.”

Asking the same question:

“There’s a game next week against Derby, and I’ll ask the same question to see if he’s ready for it.

“I think he’s been back with us now for three weeks, he has had a back problem and an injection in his disc.”

Newcastle United is the only place where the pantomime season lasts 12 months.

The pointless signing of Facundo Ferreyra kind of sums up Newcastle United these days.

A signing that makes no sense, bringing somebody on loan who Alan Pardew said was in no shape to play any time soon after his arrival.

The player clearly has no interest in playing for Newcastle and before they signed back in as club approved, the Chronicle ran an exclusive saying that the rest of the United players couldn’t believe how bad Ferreyra was in training.

The fact the striker was brought in reportedly on the recommendation of Facundo Ferreyra’s mate and Club Captain Fabricio Coloccini, is just about the cherry on the cake.



  • dude 1

    Nowt new here then

  • Bearsize

    Ah yes does ashley spend 15m on a striker and risk europe or spend 1.5 to make it look like he wants europe. Cheers for the squad filler mike. Colo must be sucking the teet really hard now. Speaking of colo, has he been seen since his first suspended game when he was in dugout? It was mentioned by charver that colo would be at all the games and wouldn’t be heading home for a hol?

  • alan345

    never mind asking if he feels up for playing, just tell him to leave the shirt on the peg (it won’t need washing) and shut the door on the way out. Jeez show some true respect for the shirt JC.

  • Mal44

    When I tell the boss that I’m not ready to come in on Monday I’m sure he’ll be fine with that and he’ll just leave it until the following Monday then ask me again. Different world.

  • Steve1221

    If you were recovering from a back injury and felt work would aggravate it then I’m sure you’d get away with it

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Steve1221 In order to have a back injjury it would first have to be proved he has a spine.

  • partworntyres

    keep your tracksuit on pet – you might get kicked on the pitch!

  • Jamie Ingham


  • Mal44

    Steve1221  We are talking about someone who has been with us all season and managed 3 appearances for the reserves. His back injury must have been caused by picking up his hefty wages packet. Still, we all have our opinions and if you’re happy fine. My view is he’s taken us for a ride.

  • pissed off mag

    he was off two weeks with a broken flask the lazy git

  • AndyMac1

    I did say earlier this season there has to be a rabbit off with this bloke otherwise why wasnt he shipped out in January alongside Santon, that other greedy, feckless waster ;-)

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver out

  • PhilYare

    fatty will probs offer him a 8 year contract