Despite the ongoing shambles since he took the job after Alan Pardew’s departure, John Carver is in line to get the job long-term according to Steve Howey.

The former England and Newcastle striker turned defender, says that with Mike Ashley refusing to fund a proper manager and a transfer budget to compete, he can’t see any other option than the NUFC owner sticking with John Carver.

This is despite only 2 wins in 15 matches and 6 defeats in a row under the Newcastle Head Coach.

Carver certainly appears to be do everything he can to please Ashley, having taken over from Pardew as head apologist for everything that’s going on at St. James’ Park.

However, despite the massive negatives he outlined when speaking on Talksport, Howey hopes against all known evidence, that John Carver can turn it around still…

Steve Howey:

“The fans, and myself included, don’t think Newcastle are going to get a big name manager in.

“For a big name manager to come in he is going to make demands and want money, he is going to want money for himself and for players.”

Feeling sorry for John Carver:

“I think Mike Ashley will stick with John Carver and I feel really sorry for him (Carver) because he’s had injuries and suspensions, along with players not being on form.

“It’s been a really difficult time for him, I just hope he can turn it around.”


  • howaymebonnylads

    If Carver had anything about him he would refuse to be manager

  • DZA187

    howaymebonnylads agreed

  • SimonR83

    mikebro30816865 NUFCTheMag would it surprise us?

  • mikebro30816865

    SimonR83 NUFCTheMag Nothing would surprise me anymore #BoycottSwansea

  • Peter Nealon

    According to reports this morning McClaren is a done deal

  • mrkgw

    How, after five defeats in a row, can he be rewarded with the job? Bloke is a buffoon and should be sacked on evidence of results alone. Im near done with this chronic, gutless drivel served up week after week. Ashley has killed our club.

  • Demented_Man

    I’ve said Carver would get the job since Pardew left.  From the regime’s perspective, he’s a safe pair of hands, however incapable he seems to us.

  • PeterS84

    If  Ashley is as good a business man as he claims to be then there is no way he can give Carver the job on a long term basis. if one of his  managers at a SD store has the same record as carver then he would sack him without a 2nd thought. 6 defeats in a row and only QPR have a worse record than ours in 2015, We are in massive danger of getting relegated again.

    Carver needs to go and if he is as big a fan of NUFC as he claims he will walk away from the club.

  • Darren Cranston

    “I just hope he can turn it around”….what a laugh..2 wins in 15, i can’t see us getting a draw let alone a win out of our remaining fixtures.

  • GORDO1674

    In so far as Carver is concerned, I have no idea how much this buffoon is earning, but he sure ain’t gonna walk away from it is he. That sums up the world of professional football or the Magic Circle as I call it. Coz those who ain’t been part of it ,never get a chance to sample it. Those already lucky enough to be in it always seem to wheedle another money soaked position somewhere else once the dust has settled. Carver is no different. Even though he has no top level football background, he will convince some other chairman that his hands were tied at Newcastle, that he was under instructions as to how to pick his team, squad etc etc etc.. Drivel all of it but some club will believe it and he will be the next messiah of that club!
    Until his tactics and total lack of football nous is exposed again. Sacked ……but contract paid up!!
    But in that time how much is he , and all the other third rate players, coaches, and hangers on making from our once glorious game.
    Money unfortunately has ruined our game.
    The legends that played in every team within the first division of the 70’s must be sick as parrots they were born too soon, as their monetary rewards, although significantly better than the working man, were never quite enough to enjoy the lifestyle an average young squad player at a provincial club now enjoys.Disgraceful really.

  • fromtheheed

    Very disappointed with the 40k that went to SJP, we had the chance to show the world what football means to Geordies. Congratulations to all the rest. Read some article about a fan who was going to go to the match but because his father slipped a disc he stayed at home, surely someone up there is trying to tell you something (Sir Bobby).
    Talk of Ashley bankrolling 10 million for Austin, then what? The wolly with the brolly, sooner stick with Carver, if he’d just for once stand up against Ashley.
    One thing, if we go down we won’t bounce straight back up. There again McClarens had some experience in the Championship, so maybe Ashley knows more about football than I do.

  • BillytheFish

    John Carver will get the job you can be sure of that, but only because he is the cheapest option.

    This summer will be the usual full of empty promises and then how getting players back from injury and loan is like new signings, I wouldn’t sign for this lot and I have the badge tattooed on me!

    Last 5 games should all be winnable for NUFC, so let’s see……….

  • GORDO1674

    Last five games should all be winnable for NUFC.,,!!
    What medication are you taking?
    At the present any team will be glad to be playing Carvers squad of no hopers.Its points in the bag for them.
    I cannot see us scoring never mind picking up wins. It’s that desperate.
    Where the hell is that Spaceship?

  • Toon Magpie

    A know we are not getting a big named manager in but at least an experienced one would be better.