Sometimes it is best just to let somebody do their own talking and so we hand you over to John Carver.

This is what the short-term/long-term, temporary/permanent Newacstle Head Coach/Manager had to say in the week leading up to the derby match.

Comments welcome below on what John Carver had to say….:

Staying at least another 5 years:

“I have five years left on my assistant manager’s eight year contract, so when this role runs out I can go back to that.

“I am 50 now and I want to be a manager, this is the right age. I will stay here unless something remarkable comes up.”

The players know what a derby means:

“There’s a lot of people out there who say that because we have got so many foreign players, we don’t understand what it (the derby) means.

“But let me tell you. There are a lot of guys in that room and I think just about all of them have been involved in at least one – if not more. They do know what it means. I think it is an easy excuse to say you don’t know what a derby game means.

Everything else forgotten:

“I would like to think that some of the stuff I have done is already on the way to making me, but in the eyes of the fans if you win a derby game, it is massive.”

“I am not saying everything else is forgotten…but it certainly helps your case.”

Team won’t lack determination:

“I was on the golf course yesterday and the number of people who wanted to stop me…it took me 6 hours to play a game of golf.

“What I can guarantee is this: any side of mine playing against Sunderland will not be faulted for lack of effort, for lack of determination.”

Motivating the players:

“Well you have obviously not been in a dressing room with me…because I am quite demanding.

“I think I am an excellent motivator.”

Temporary or permanent:

“In my eyes, I am permanent, with that contract I signed. There was nothing about short-term and there was nothing about interim.”

“I go into this game thinking I’m the manager of this club and I will remain the manager until I’m told I am not the manager anymore.”

Plenty quality and quantity in squad:

“Take all those injuries away and we have got 26 professionals. Now that is a decent sized squad.

“Long-term, that (injuries) is what has killed us, so even if we had brought in two or three players, we would have had to get rid of two or three players to keep the size of your squad together.”

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  • Conman

    Completely out of his depth.
    No Matt what anyone says, the team are on the beach. We are relatively safe. Can you see the bottom 3 teams winning 4 out of 7 games. But that papers over the cracks.
    Our better players will leave and the crud will hang in there. We need a whole new set up from top to bottom and that means around 15 players. Terrible situation to be in but that’s were we are.
    As for the supports, keep on going and FCB just laughs in your face and banks the cash and nothing will change.
    Absolutely heartbreaking situation.

  • Brownale69

    been reading the Pard books and STaylors statements of sht afore games

  • StSaud

    Il sera mieux avoir le Ant and le Dec comme chefs car at least ils know quand they’re having a rire.
    Les Dordogne Geordies sont tres depresses ce matin a cause du mackem victoire. Donnez moi un bucket car je veux puker. Et le Liverpool next match! Quel prospect du good hiding avec ces jouers sans les guts.
    O me miserum.

  • Conman

    Easy for you to say mate

  • StSaud

    Mais not avec un gobful du humble gateau.

  • Paul Patterson

    Quote 1- I’ve been told I’m the manager/head coach next season. If that changes, the new manager/head coach will have to work with me.

    Quote 2- The players understand the derby, if they care about it, that’s another story.

    Quote 3- I’m not good enough for this job.

    Quote 4- I’m in the wrong sport.

    Quote 5- The players don’t listen to me, but the tea lady always gets my tea right.

    Quote 6- See Quote 1.

    Quote 7- We have injuries and the way the club is stifled from above, we can’t sign anyone. I am also unwilling to go to the owner/secretary and ask for different approach.

    If this man is in charge next season- We WILL go down, regardless of signings.

  • tino o

    This man is on a par with jfk what a total idiot! !

  • tino o

    Ashley and bum chumley must have him there for their own entertainment can’t be for football reasons

  • RexN

    6 hours to play a round of golf? He should be up in front of the committee.