Emmanuel Riviere believes that Newcastle United were simply unlucky against Swansea, the player saying that the team played well but made mistakes.

The striker also maintains that he is good enough to score goals in the Premier League despite failing to score a single one so far in his debut season in  England, with only four games remaining.

Riviere believes he and his teammates did everything they could to win:

“We are very disappointed because we played well, we worked hard and wanted to win, but sometimes that doesn’t happen and this time we were unlucky.

“We did everything, we ran and we fought, but we were not able to get the win and so we are very disappointed.”

I am good enough:

“I think we deserved something but we made mistakes, when you make mistakes you cannot win.

“I want to be the man who helps the team win and that means goals, that is what I have to do between now and the end of the season. This season has been difficult for me but I know I am good enough to score goals in the Premier League.”

It must be even more worrying that the players seemingly believe they are playing well, considering just how poor they have been, yesterday just another in the latest in a long line.

It is staggering that Emmanuel Riviere really thinks what he says above.

To me it points to what is being said behind closed doors by John Carver and others to the players.

The standard of football has been really poor this season and with only 3 wins in the last 21 matches, it is actually getting worse when you look at these last two home defeats.

Swansea were a team with little to play for and with key injuries, particularly up front, playing away from home.

If United play like they did yesterday away at Leicester next weekend, I think we all know what the result will be.

Apart from seemingly John Carver, Emmanuel Riviere and possibly the rest of the team.

  • shaneer

    if he was given the right service he might score goals , i think any forward would struggle in our team

  • David Grey

    No you didn’t

  • Andgeo

    If he was playing for arsenal he’d be banging them in, but there he would be getting half a dozen good chances per game. We need to go back to the 442 or 433 that has worked in the past and have a go at teams. We managed to peg arsenal back for 45 mins by throwing caution to the wind!

  • SGM

    I agree, we were unlucky, unlucky that Gutierrez and Carver kissed and made up, he has to hold his hands up, he was complicit in all three goals, 
    1) Out muscled
    2) Failed to track-back and mark
    3) See Shearers comments on M.O.T.D.

  • stepaylor

    I think he is somewhat right and do believe he would be a better fit in a different team that is more successful. Similar to luuk DE Jong last year. Forwards will always struggle in a poor side lacking leadership and quality

  • FC Newcastle

    Not as complicit as krul was.
    Sticking 2 fingers up and telling supporters to f off is not professional enough either.

  • snodgrass2

    Andgeo No he wouldn’t he’s too slow for Arsenal