What a difference 6 months makes.

As our gallant leader Mr John Carver points to weaknesses in the squad, maybe he should review his influence both as Assistant Manager (oh yes, forgot he was responsible for something before January) and as Manager now.

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The back four desperately needs options, we have no centre-backs, we need a left-back, we have no back up in the reserves – Mbiwa, Santon and Streete (ok he’s injured) anyone?

In midfield we lack options, especially some creativity. We have no real options out wide. Ben Arfa (and to a point Marveaux)?!

Up front we’ve lacked physical presence, someone for Ayoze or even Armstrong to play off. Maybe a guy who can hold the ball up, have a presence in the air and could even score the odd goal? Oh yeah Vuckic at Rangers.

While all of these players (apart from possibly Santon) have failed to be top rate, they are all better than what we currently have (Williamson, Taylor, Obertan, Gouffran, Riviere).

Surely Carver has to realise that allowing these players to go and not be replaced is in part his fault?

Man up John, take responsibility and focus on the games ahead rather than blaming everyone outside the club.

Some of us are having to pay to go and watch this shambles at Leicester on Saturday, try to make it worth it!

At least I’m not at West Brom –  North Shields at Wembley gives me the chance to watch some proper football for a change!

  • wor monga

    It’s the easiest thing in the world to knock Carver, and the
    team…but to suggest he had any influence about who could go or stay at the club…is
    taking it a bit too far, don’t you think…maybe you’d be happier just supporting
    the Robins, and leave it at that?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga If he had or has no influence, then why did he publicly state (and agree) we didn’t need any signings in January – and that he is being included in the upcoming Summer plans?
    How far are people prepared to go to pass the buck on JC? Sorry, but it’s hard to feel sorry for a man so adept at making an [email protected] of himself every time he opens his (contradictory) mouth, or indeed with every game played.
    He’s responsible in his own ways. He’s part of the problem, not just a victim of it.

  • PhilYare

    Sickandtiredstill wor monga absolutely. anyone who is prepared to do ashleys dirty work is not the type of person we need/want to lead us

  • Andgeo

    If he had any morals or real guts he would not be working for fatty! Money talks…

  • GP2

    I agree more with the point of why am I paying to see this rubbish to be honest. If things stay as they are I may well be off to non-league next season for some light refreshment.

    If JC has had no influence on how the team was managed then how is he in any way qualified to manage them? As any part of the coaching team you would have a voice on the shape of the squad and an input into what is needed. I accept that his influence on new signings would be nil, but on the shape of the squad and existing players if he is leading the coaching every day then if not he should have gone for not doing his job.

    Also, the focus of what I’m saying is NUFC and not the individuals. We have just lost 7 games, so there is something wrong with the squad which could and should have easily been addressed. Keeping a few squad players may have only papered over the gaps but it would have certainly got us a few more points.

  • stepaylor

    Im not against Carver i think he is doing his best. But sadly that will not be enough. We have no leaders, no depth of quality, no ambition from the ownership, no passion now from the fans.

    People venting their anger at Carver is wrong. Ashley and his boring guy at the club Penfold are the people who need a slap.

    We need a club that talks to the fans, accepts their involvement and makes decisions in the best interests of the teams quality within a framework we can financially afford.

    Football clubs should be non profit, community and fan run entities. NOT BUSINESS’s the government need to intervene here.

  • DownUnderMag

    I don’t think many fans have truly forgotten (or forgave) the incident against Southampton when he launched an all out verbal attack on some away supporters.  Since getting the hot seat full time he has not yet apologised for this either.  I suspect if he had then he would be getting a little more sympathy than he is right now.

    however, having said that, I agree with the sentiment that he had the opportunity to do something about the playing squad in January rather than sit back and take it up the arse from the owner in order to look after himself and make sure he got the job.  Well, you make your bed and you lie in it…..and he made his bed in January so he has no right in complaining now about the size or quality of the squad when he refused to say anything when something COULD have been done about it!

  • DownUnderMag

    stepaylor it’s not so much fan involvement…fans shouldn’t really be involved at a day-to-day running of a football club. BUT they SHOULD be taken into consideration, communicated with and given credit for being an important part of any football club (not just ours).  It’s the contempt fans are shown that really is bang out of order and shows just how far removed from the reality of football Ashley really is!