The latest embarrassing behaviour by John Carver and Mike Ashley has been exposed by Davide Santon.

The minutes of the NUFC Fans Forum had made clear that Ashley was desperate to get rid of the Italian full-back om January, despite it leaving the squad fatally exposed at the back, the club having also sold Mapou Yanga-M’biwa and brought nobody else in during that January window.

However, at the start of this week, John Carver responded to criticism of the club for decimating the defensive options in January, by claiming that it was Davide Santon who had been the driving force behind the transfer and that he’d demanded a place instantly back in the team after seven months out.

Santon has now defended himself and made clear he doesn’t accept that what John Carver has said is the reality of what happened.

This is what John Carver said at the start of this week:

“Let me tell you something about Davide Santon….Davide Santon had been out injured for a long time, seven months I think it was.

“He came back against Leicester in the FA Cup and wasn’t prepared to wait to earn his right to get back into the team – he thought that he could go straight back into the team.

Davide Santon’s fault:

“He drove the situation, not us – not the club, he drove it.

“After the game on the bus, he was onto his agent, saying he wanted to get out, that he wanted to go and play.”

Players who don’t want to hang around:

“I’m not saying anybody has got a divine right and I am not saying he wouldn’t have been in the team within two or three weeks.

“If you have got a player who doesn’t want to hang around and fight for you, then that is an issue for me.”

This is what Davide Santon has said today as reported by the Chronicle:

“I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the comments made recently by John Carver about my move to Inter Milan.

“I want to say that I never thought for one moment, having been out injured for eight months, that I would immediately play again as a regular at Newcastle United.”

No longer in John Carver’s plans:

“I’ve always struggled to carve out a space for myself and I know that it will be the same until the end of my career. I therefore would never refuse to fight for my place in any team.

“It was with deep regret that when I spoke with John Carver after five games on the bench in the Premier League without playing even a single minute, I realised that I was no longer in the first team plans of the coach.”

No longer felt an essential part:

“At that moment, after three and a half years as a Newcastle player, I no longer felt an essential part of the project.”

“It was then I was forced to think about my career and my future. Following this Inter Milan, the club where I was born and bred as a footballer, offered me an opportunity that I could not refuse.”

Always in my heart:

 “I spent three and a half wonderful years in Newcastle, a great club with fantastic fans who have always supported me and showed me their affection.

“That’s why I will never forget them and they’ll always be in my heart.”

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  • Paddy Corcoran

    More lies from the puppet and the puppeteer….
    Good luck to Davide

  • Andgeo

    So is he on loan or has he been sold????

  • v0ices

    Andgeo he’s been sold, was set up as a loan deal with automatic purchase if he made x number of appearances. Inter must be laughing at us for letting them have a Italian international full back for almost nowt. Still nobrainer and newcastle7 will tell you he was nowhere near the first team….

  • Demented_Man

    Manoeuvred out of the club, just like Ben Arfa.
     No prizes for guessing the motive.

  • NottsToon

    John Carver in talking sh1t shocker.

  • wor monga

    What!!..more inane comments from Carver from you…for the “Sack
    Pardew” etc, crowd to pick the bones out of …before the ‘big boycott’…well they
    might want to know that the Mackems have been well and truly Pardewed now, and
    the quickest way to empty a football ground…is not to boycott it’s just send
    Pardew up there with a team of players he can work with…

  • Chemical Dave

    Like the team he put together at west ham which went on the clubs’ worst run of results for 70 years ? Or the one he had up here which had similar results as Carver from January onwards for two seasons?

  • NottsToon

    Chemical Dave Exactly Dave.

  • Mister Tee

    wor monga  Why Carver feels the need to comment on any transfer dealings is beyond me.
    He has absolutely no say in who goes and who stays surely?
    If he did have a say in letting Santon go then he is more clueless than I thought considering he was complaining about only having 13 fit players just before we played Arsenal.
    As far as I can tell Santon was injured at the start of the season and was fit to be included on the bench in the 3-2 win against Everton, in Pardews last game. He then sat on the bench for the next game against Burnley, in which we lost Steven Taylor to injury. Instead of calling for Santon (and moving Dummett across to CB, a position everyone acknowledges he had been excelling in) he brought on Mike Williamson and we drew 3-3 against one of the teams at the bottom of the table.
    The next game was Leicester in the FA Cup and Santon stayed on the bench for the full 90mins as we lost against one of the teams at the bottom of the table.
    Next we played Chelsea and we were beaten 2-0 and Santon stayed on the bench for the full 90mins. No thought to giving a player a run out to build up match fitness?
    Next we played Southampton and Haidara was brought into the defence instead of Santon. We lost 2-1 and Santon stayed on the bench for the full 90mins. No thought to giving him a run out to build any fitness levels up? No thought of bringing him into a defence that had shipped 10 goals in 5 games?
    And then we played Hull away, we won 3-0 and I think most fans were surprised at the ease of which we won. Santon was on the bench for the full 90mins. Any thought to giving him a run out to build up fitness levels? Any thought of easing him in against a well beaten Hull side? Not really. Carver made 2 late substitutions when the game was dead and buried: Cisse for Perez and Abeid for Ameobi.
    I would have thought Santon might’ve grumbled about not getting ANY action in any of those six games he was on the bench for. Wouldn’t you?
    So we loan him out to Inter and his lass kicks off. Santon immediately plays for Inter and within a couple of months is called up to the Italian squad for the first time in years.
    We, already short on numbers in defence manage to pick up injuries to Dummett and Haidara and then Coloccini gets suspended.
    To tempt fate in this way is something I feel should have been avoided and it shows short sightedness from the management. The defence was creaking and had already ruled out Steven Taylor for the season. 
    Why let any more players go out?
    The Club say that they let Santon go because he only had a year left on his contract once the season finished  and they accepted a deal they felt wouldn’t be there in the summer.
    Carver spouts the above rubbish off that doesn’t really do himself any favours and makes him sound like the lower league manager he probably is and the club go into freefall in the league.
    I can’t accept that Santon couldn’t have been at least brought on in any of the games I’ve mentioned. There was times the defence was struggling and there was one game where he could have been brought on with no pressure.
    Woeful mishandling of a squad that might come to cost us.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver out.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver out

  • AndyMac1

    So either we believe an R’s licking toadie who’ll do anything to keep his job or an ex player with nothing to lose other than angering the fans of Inter when he writes “That’s
    why I will never forget them and they’ll always be in my heart” ?

    My money is on Pinocchio.

  • AndyMac1

    v0ices I’m pretty sure he’d been near the first team now ;-)

  • No Brainer

    Five games after just five games three of which where the christmas week after just getting back on thectrainingvgriund the blojes drluded cisse was dtuck on thr brnch when match fit and lets remember how muc bhe loved nufc when he was on our pitch- not very I venture

  • Mister Tee

    @No Brainer
    In english please bonnylad

  • NottsToon

    Sausage fingers.

  • DownUnderMag

    No Brainer mental note to self…don’t post on forums after a night out on the lash :)

  • DownUnderMag

    AndyMac1 There’s always two sides to every story, and in all likelihood Santon did indeed expect to be more central to the clubs ambitions and after being given the verbal “heave-ho” by Carver decided his future lay elsewhere.  You can’t blame the player though, the club should have been more keen to keep it’s senior players, but instead could not wait to use this as an excuse to get some extra cash in and lighten the wage bill even further, no matter what it did to the rest of the season as long as we remained up. 

    The only thing this proves is that Carver is so far up Ashleys back passage to try and keep hold of his job that it is sickening.

  • GToon

    I think most of us on this forum would expect pitch time with this current lot and the lack of players. Look at Santon now. A few games in and he’s flying and in the Italian squad but of course Carver is right and the club had to take the money rather than keep a good player. Ashley OUT!

  • GToon

    Mister Tee wor monga Especially the Hull game. Carver is a clown.