After the feeble team showing against Sunderland, Daryl Janmaat has sent a stark message to Mike Ashley and everybody else at Newcastle United.

The Dutch full-back turned emergency centre-back has said that United weren’t good enough and that if you’re not good enough then you are going get beat ‘most of the time’.

It seems an obvious thing to say but it is great that one of Newcastle’s few remaining decent players is spelling it out loud and clear.

United aren’t losing games by accident.

A record of 3 wins in the last 18 matches isn’t a blip.

NUFC have got very few quality players and any number of ones who aren’t good enough.

Hopefully players such as Janmaat will turn up the heat on Mike Ashley by repeatedly making clear between now and the summer that major investment in the team is needed to avoid disaster.

Daryl Janmaat:

“It was not good enough and the first half was really poor – we were too negative, not good enough.

“The second half was much better but it still wasn’t good enough.”

Second best:

“I wouldn’t say we didn’t give everything but what I can say is that we were not good enough and everybody saw that Sunderland were better, especially the first half.

“If you’re not good enough then you’ll lose most of the time.”


  • mick57

    Off in the summer. He has been the shining light this season. He deserves to play for a “big ” club which we will.never be under fatty and charva

  • partworntyres

    rescue plan – play EVERYONE in a new position not just half the team and….wait for it – get armstrong to have no position at all so he can best demonstrate his skill at running around. – jc genius.

  • terriertwo

    The lads talking sense and we can all see where he’s coming from. Where he’s going to in the summer has yet to be decided but good luck to him as he deserves better than playing with this lot of losers.

  • Andgeo

    I hope jsnmaat gets a move away from the toon in the summer. He is far too good to have any more of his career wasted working for fat scumbag.

  • DownUnderMag

    What I don’t get is why Carver thought that putting Janmaat, arguably our best player this season as well as in contention for being the RB of the year in the whole Premiership, into the centre of defence was a good idea?

    If the young centre halves we have are not good enough then why are they even here?  Playing Janmaat out of position then inevitably weakens TWO areas of defence rather than just the one.  Van Aanholdt was running riot down their left side which you can’t help but feel wouldn’t have been the case has Janmaat been in his natural position.

    I understand putting a young player in a pressure game isn’t the best, but there again we have evidence of the pi$$ poor job our coaching staff are doing of bringing through players into the first team…

    We were missing height and I can’t help think this could have been a good day for Satka (at 6’2″) to get involved…but he has zero experience, nice work!

  • Mister Tee

    There is a massive gap in age and experience between the “first team” players and the “reserves”, this is highlighted in no better place than central defence.
    We have Coloccini who is 34/35 now isnt he?
    Steven Taylor who is pushing 30.
    Williamson is over 30, I think.
    And then you have the rest.
    Dummett can play there but you cant help feeling the club has stumbled across his expertise in this area.
    Satka has played a few minutes for the first team.
    Curtis Good?
    Remi Streete?(obviously out on loan)
    This situation has been allowed to develop with no future planning from the “board” or management.
    Mbiwa didnt work out so he needed to be replaced but wasn’t.
    Absolute shambles.

  • DownUnderMag

    Mister Tee I just dont understand why we have bough tin the likes of Good, Satka and others and yet seem so reluctant to give them any sort of developmental progress, somehow expecting them to be superstars overnight.  MYM wasn’t given a chance in my book and as you say wasn’t replaced when he was shown the door….as was the case with Santon.  The only other centre half we have bought was loaned out without possibility of return, and even then you do still question if he is first team ready for the top flight after seemingly struggling to hold his place int he Championship (although that may be in part for him being a “loan” player and not a priority to play).
    All in all, shambles really does sum it all up!

  • Toon Magpie

    He is up there with the greatest Greek Philosophers.