Amongst those having their say after the match was Danny Mills, the ex-player turned pundit spelling out what he thinks Newcastle fans have to do if they really want to effect change at St. James’ Park.

The former Leeds and England player says that tens of thousands need to stay away if Mike Ashley is to take any notice.

Mills though wonders if long-term fans are really going to make those sacrifices with nothing guaranteed even if they stay away.

Danny Mills:

“If you have a stadium where the fans aren’t turning up, that is not good for business, not good for advertising.

“That might be the only thing that forces Mike Ashley to sell up but it has to be en masse, in their tens of thousands, if it’s to make a difference.”

Willing to miss games?:

“Are Newcastle fans willing to miss their first games in 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years?

“Do Newcastle fans wish they had treated Alan Pardew better? He was never liked at St James’ Park, sometimes though better the devil you know…be careful what you wish for.”

  • Conman

    Completely agree with Mills on this front.
    There has been noise about this weekends proposed action and it’s all over news and social media now. We have started the ball rolling on this and now need to see it thru onsunday.
    If we end up with a 48000 crowd, we may as well pack up now and accept that we like being sh!t on and used by fcb. It’s now or never. The world is watching. Do what’s right for one day.

  • paulj101

    Agree with Mills….and yes, now is the time. The world is indeed watching.

    I (reluctantly) jacked my season ticket in a couple of years ago. I could see where the club was headed. It’s a very sorry state of affairs. I never thought I’d see this level of apathy. Unlike many on here, I quite liked Pardew and thought that under the circumstances he was doing an OK job – you could have Mourinho in charge. If there’s no backing and continued selling of best players there will be only be one eventual outcome. He’s showing now what you can do when given finances, support, and a few decent players. NUFC will continue to flat line until a) Ashley realises that a successful NUFC will result in greater financial rewards for him with greater exposure for his tatty sports emporium – this would involve a lot of ambition and investment….two things dear old mikey doesn’t appear to want to commit to. B) Relegation – we maintain the same “business model” and eventually get relegated. A few seasons in the championship without access to the mega bucks of the premier league would probably convince him that the hassle of “running” (and I use that term very loosely) a football club is too much and he’ll cut and run.

  • toon tony

    Totally agree. Don’t go.Not like last year’s half hearted attempt v Cardiff. If you Do’re agreeing with everything that the FCB is doing to OUR club..ACT NOW. HTL

  • mrkgw

    Mills is right and those sitting on the fence need to take note of his words if we are to ever rid ourselves of those destroying the club.

  • Brendannottstoonarmy

    I’m a Nottingham lad who loves Newcastle United boycott the game toonarmy Stand together like ur at the game n protest u or we n

  • jimblag

    I disagree with the part about us NEVER liking Pardew, during his spell similar to the one he’s enjoying at Palace now the only negativity was our annoyance at getting rid of Hughton. It was the long, long losing streaks that turned us against him.
    Other than that, Mills is right.

  • Tony79

    He’s totally right.

    I’ll be there in leaves park.  This could be massive.  but between now and then we’ve got to get it out of social media and into the real world for it to be effective.

    Write to the local papers, speak to your mates at work, call lads you usually meet, speak to blokes in the pub.  Leaflets outside the ground for people buying tickets, call local radio.

    there’s thousands of fans who are not on social media, even though its massive on here.  get it out lads.  Lets get some pride back in ourselves.


  • newcastle7

    A total disgrace we still need points to stay up.If you care about the club please back the team this Sunday.
    No other clubs below us boycotting that’s because they care .You lot make me sick at this important time of the season.You want us to get beat and relegated.You remind me of the traitors during the second world war.Low life.

  • v0ices

    newcastle7 traitors during the second world war now? You are a funny creature.

  • toon tony

    Newcastle 7. (APBAWA ) you’re a U0001f514end.

  • Tony79

    newcastle7 I’m not sure you actually a real newcastle fan with an attitude like that.  Probably a mackem troll.

    If you are a Newcastle fan you are completely deluded mate