Spurs fans were obviously happy to walk away with the 3-1 win and all three points on Sunday but news of the Newcastle United shambles under Mike Ashley and John Carver has travelled far and wide.

Tottenham were in the middle of a mini slump with one win in four and man of the moment Harry Kane hadn’t scored for a month.

However, just like Everton, Sunderland and others before them, playing Newcastle can be an instant remedy these days.

Writing about their visit to Tyneside, the Spurs fans website ‘The Tottenham Way’, summed up as follows:

I’ll start by saying that while any away win in the Premier League is to be applauded, and it’d be unfair to undermine a solid performance and 3 points by belittling the quality of the opponents, a victory (though) against Jon Carver’s Newcastle means very little.

Very little indeed.

Sunderland beat Carver’s team 1-0 before being spanked 4-1 at home by Palace.

Given the choice, every manager in the league would choose to play Newcastle next.

They are a team – and a club – devoid of unity, passion, commitment, energy and quality.

You can only beat what’s in front of you, and Spurs played well at St. James’, but it’s hard to draw meaningful conclusions from a match against such demoralised opposition.

So now we even have average clubs coming to St. James’ Park and after beating Newcastle the supporters don’t get that excited because of the joke NUFC have become.

Sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective, no matter how much the truth hurts.

  • Toon69

    I’ve supported the Toon for nearly 30 years & watching the game from home yesterday was almost as depressing as being there, if there’s no investment this summer, what is the point in us being a team in the EPL, as we have no hope of beating anyone, no hope of getting a new manager/coach & no hope of attracting any decent players as it stands, there’s just no hope!

  • philrenner09

    Need rid of Ashley & Carver quickly or it could be the drop ! Carver is totally out of his depth, not even a decent number 2 never mind head coach/manager

  • Andgeo

    Complete embarrassment from top to bottom. The fat scum has to go!

  • mactoon

    Unfortunately neither will or can happen this season. With so few games to go he should get a short term manager in to get the points needed then re evaluate during the close season.

  • I’ll be honest I don’t care what Spurs fans think…

  • pissed off mag

    philrenner09  he kwew bobby robson you know

  • Chemical Dave

    You’ll be honest and say you don’t care what Newcastle fans think either? Because having read your simpering comments over the years, the same comments about nufc from the spurs site could’ve quite easily have been written about you.

  • Chemical Dave not at all, definitely care what the Newcastle fans think. Once again though just seems a desparation on here to write an article about absolutely anything.

    We have bigger problems and things to worry about than the opinions of fans of jumped up clubs like Spurs and I just don’t understand why people even acknowledge these kind of comments.

  • Bills frollocks

    Mike Ashley. Never made a mistake in his life. However, his parents made one massive mistake.

  • BillytheFish

    World Class Fans, World Class facilities,World Class City, Championship Club…