Each and every opinion poll tells you that an overwhelming number of fans think Newcastle United under Mike Ashley is something they’d like to see end.

If you don’t rate opinion polls, phone a friend.

I/we can’t tell you to boycott or not, only you can make that decision.

If you stay away, or indeed if 50,000 of us stay away, will it see the Ashley regime crumble in front of our eyes? Unlikely.

With fringe benefits of millions of pounds of free advertising for his retail empire and now profits every season, the owner clearly won’t be in any hurry to get rid of his golden goose.

I’ll not be there on Sunday and I hope many of you will also make your own personal statement by missing the match. If you go to the match then that’s also fine, not that you needed my permission  either way.

The point is of course that everybody has got their very own line in the sand.

In modern (Mike Ashley) history it maybe was the Keegan debacle that made you say no more, or Dennis Wise’s appointment, or relegation, or JFK getting the job (either time), nit trying in the cups, or renaming St. James’ Park, or selling Andy Carroll, not building on fifth, not buying a single player last season, selling Cabaye…and so on.

Maybe you have now reached your own line in the sand or maybe you are going to wait and see which way the sand blows on Sunday.

I just hope Sunday goes off as a unifying day for Newcastle fans and without friction, whether you boycott or not. Hopefully a reaffirming of our supporters as one United entity.

As I say, I do hope many of you will give it a miss and lay down a marker for Mike Ashley. All of us need to remember though that this isn’t our only date with destiny, there will be many others that follow unless there is major change at Newcastle United.

It isn’t all or nothing on Sunday, it is just the start of hopefully a more collective voice and one that will take this Spurs boycott as a starting point, whether or not they take part on the day

Mike Ashley has been at the club a long long eight years and one day he won’t be here, this boycott is a symbolic protest and obviously the bigger the numbers then the bigger the symbol.

All campaigns need a beginning and there will be plenty time I’m guessing for all of us to join in, if something is worth fighting for then sacrifices may have to be made, to make Mike Ashley take notice it is going to take more than a one-off protest.

United we stand – divided we fall.

  • Andgeo

    Ironically the best way to support the team is to boycott tomorrow’s game. PLEASE DONT GO! Surely there must be something better to do tomorrow afternoon?

  • Demented_Man

    Yes – tomorrow is not the be all and end all.  If 10,000 stay away I will be utterly delighted.  If not, I will know it’s just the beginning of the fightback.

  • NottsToon

    Tomorrow’s protest and boycott will be a success. I have no doubt that the voices of dissent against it will mock whatever number decide to stay outside the ground as futile, but every single fan choosing to stand against what has happened here cannot be described as that, because they have chosen to show their displeasure with the running of this great institution in the most powerful way that they can….by refusing to comply.

  • ToonBarmy

    we have to get rid of Ashley, no matter what the cost. He is a cancer that needs cutting out!
    It needs to be a sustained movement against the disgraceful plight he has taken us to, give us our club back and, along with it, some pride again.
    This is our final and only option, nothing else will work.
    Forget worrying about what the press says or thinks, ordinary fans understand and sympathise with what we have endured for years!
    ASHLEY OUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Can you imagine an empty stadium tomorrow ? His free advertizing will still be flashing around the ground but just because it’s free doesn’t make it good advertizing . Hundred’s of thousands maybe a million plus will watch on live T V around the world and next week when they pass one of Ashley’s shops the message will still be there …trouble ..bad product …steer clear !. Advertizing is powerful don’t underestimate just how powerful .
    Then there’s the letter from Sky asking what the hell’s going on , sort it out or else !

  • Adam_B


    There are a number of reasons why this initiative is very, very important,
    both for the sake and future of Newcastle United and, as it also happens, for the
    sake of the sport of football.
    It really cannot be right for the sport of football (or possibly for any
    sport) that individuals and companies are allowed (and this is an important
    word here) to purchase a sporting team to further their own personal financial
    agenda to the detriment of all else. Things like fans’ aspirations, regional culture
    and community responsibilities are important, very important, but if they are
    relegated to the extent that they are not part of the owners’ plans, then this is
    clearly an abuse of power that the respective sporting authorities, in my opinion, should not permit.
    So, Newcastle United has the misfortune to have ended up with an owner who
    has made it clear (I have heard he has said this to a senior person in the game
    and it comes as no surprise to me at all based on what has been happening at
    NUFC these last years), that his ambitions are to have NUFC finish between 7th
    and 17th, not qualify for Europe, not win cups and the implication
    seems to be clear that team performance
    and success are not part of his plan for the club. One can speculate what his
    plans in fact are for the club, but I just want to focus here on the supporting
    aspects, because that is what seems most important here. We have a well-known,
    high profile sporting institution, regulated by sporting authorities, whose
    owner is not operating the institution in line with what that sporting
    institution should be doing.
    In such a circumstance, one would have thought that the regulators of said
    sport would be looking into the matter, if necessary fining or excluding such
    an institution as it would seem, to me anyway, that if one or more clubs are in
    effect “not trying” to succeed sporting-wise, then not only what is their point
    from a sporting context, but also, is it fair to have them competing in
    competitions against other clubs in competitions that may therefore be
    compromised? The Leicester cup match, and previous ones against Brighton are
    obvious examples, but there are many more where the Ashley malaise has prompted
    questions about whether the club has been fulfilling its obligations to do its
    best in certain competitions, cup and league, given the restrictions the owner
    is placing on it.
    The FA, UEFA and the Premier League have been alerted by Newcastle
    United supporters as to what is going on, but have all chosen to do nothing, to
    say that there is nothing amiss and there is no issue (wrongdoing according to
    their regulatory criteria) which would prompt their intervention. I personally am
    staggered by this. Imagine there were 3, 5 or 10 Ashley-type owners of clubs in
    a competition, all just going through the motions, none of the clubs trying to
    succeed in said competitions, effectively distorting those competitions and giving
    an easy ride for other clubs drawn against them. Would the FA, UEFA and
    the Premier League intervene then? If not why not and if yes, then why don’t
    they intervene now?
    What is happening at Newcastle United is an outrage; we as fans know it but the
    outside world, and sadly that includes the sport’s regulators, just don’t
    appear to get it. This is why the Spurs boycott is important, and not just for
    NUFC, but for football and by extension, global sport.
    As I have said earlier, the great news is that the outside world is very,
    very, very (very!) slowly beginning to understand what MA is about and
    his limited ‘ambitions’ for NUFC of PL survival and personally (/for his
    clothing business) cashing in from the free advertising and TV deals to the
    exclusion of all else. Last week the Guardian newspaper printed this,
    which many of you will have seen and which I think bears out the point. http://www.theguardian.com/football/picture/2015/apr/07/david-squires-on-mike-ashleys-reign-at-newcastle
    Also, we are beginning to hear senior figures in football (though alas not the
    regulators themselves yet) mumble (gently and currently to no effect) that this
    sort of thing is bad for the game. So, this is really why the http://www.ashleyout.com/ campaign is so important.
    It can and hopefully will help to get the message out, tell the truth, expose
    the lies and help people outside Tyneside (and sadly many inside Tyneside) to realise
    exactly what is happening and how it is completely against the interests of the
    great game of football. That it is completely unacceptable in our sport and
    needs to be eradicated before this poison does (even) more damage to NUFC and
    also to prevent it from spreading to other clubs.
    If 10,000 Newcastle fans boycott the Spurs match, it will be noticed. People
    will start talking. Questions will be asked. The truth of what is happening at
    NUFC will become known to more people. Folk will start to realise this is not
    just a bunch of football fans upset at their club’s lack of success, it is not
    just some crazy, fickle Geordies thinking that the club is a BIG club and upset
    they are not playing in the Champions League, this is not just thick, stupid,
    northern provincial fans of a wee club venting their unreasonable anger at
    their financial saviour. It is not, but these lies, these impressions are held
    by many, many people, the media, senior sportsmen and even politicians, so it
    is hardly surprising that the FA, UEFA and the PL are not interested.
    What we have at NUFC is nothing less than a travesty of football club
    ownership gone bad. The regulators are not acting, so quite simply, if they are
    not protecting the sport and the sporting ideology which is fundamental to the game,
    it has to be up to us – given the absence of any regulatory framework – to rid
    our great club of this cancer and bring about the change we so badly need.
    A half empty St James’ Park is one way of hastening this change, it is a start.
    Mike Ashley is unlikely to suddenly start behaving responsibly and so he must
    be compelled to do so or be effectively hounded out of the sport of football
    where there is simply no place for his style of ownership. As the campaign
    grows, and it can only do so if the supporters of NUFC support the campaign, the
    likelihood of this happening will only increase.
    This is why I wholeheartedly support http://www.ashleyout.com/. Well done lads and the very best of
    luck. I urge all fans of the sport of football, and of NUFC particularly, to get
    behind this campaign. The more empty seats on Sunday, the greater the chance
    that our club will be saved, and the sooner, the better!

  • IntravenusMP

    Andgeo and what are you going to do? watch in on TV which is by far the biggest income element of NUFC.

  • PhilYare

    its ironic that the most positive feeling we’ve had in years is about this event, the people who have proactively lead this boycott deserve huge credit for their efforts 

    lets hope it sends a message and promotes fan-power!

  • Demented_Man

    IntravenusMP Andgeo Nah, I’m gonna watch I’m a celebrity accountant.  Get me outta here!

  • NottsToon

    Care to make just one post about football at any time?

  • Demented_Man

    IntravenusMP Andgeo Can’t get enough of those balance sheet blues, baby’!

    Sock it to me, those amortised player transfer fees, yeah!

  • I doubt fcb will care one bit, I wont be there and the way I feel I dont want to go back! Feel like throwing season ticket in the bin. Stopped direct debit and as many have stated wont return until he goes, long time maybe/probably but he has killed the fans atmosphere and I cant see any change.

  • NottsToon

    bronnydog Good on you mate, he might not care today but he will do when more take the stand that you have, and it won’t be long.