Revealed today that Lee Charnley has written to the NUFC Fans Forum members offering an earlier date than the scheduled meeting to discuss their concerns.

The Newcastle United Managing Director’s letter was sent out before the latest pathetic defeat to Swansea and is reproduced below.

Charnley’s letter is in response to the Fans Forum unanimously agreeing the need for answers to various questions and which was communicated to the club via an open letter (see below) earlier in the week.

The crux surely of the matter is when the supporters said that ‘We would very much prefer this statement to come from Mike Ashley himself’.

To me, Lee Charnley’s offer of yet more flannel from the club is a waste of time and Mike Ashley has to attend any meeting with the Fans Forum for it to have any value whatsoever.

I really hope the Fans Forum members collectively reply and say they are happy to meet the club but ONLY if Mike Ashley is committed to attend.

The Newcastle United owner found time to meet the new Rangers board this week and surely meeting Newcastle United fan representatives for the first time in EIGHT YEARS isn’t too much to ask.

Whilst it appears he has given the last two home games a miss, any potential claims that Mike Ashley doesn’t have time (a bit like meeting MPs…) must surely be dismissed as it’s not unreasonable to expect that the owner can’t attend at least one of the two remaining home matches and can surely spare time to meet the Fans Forum when he is on Tyneside, unless of course there is no serious intention of taking notice of fan concerns…

Lee Charnley letter to NUFC Fans Forum members

“In order to discuss the issues you raise, I intend to bring forward the date of our next Fans Forum meeting which was originally scheduled for the end of the season.

“I am sure Forum members past and present will agree that the Club has been open and transparent during all interactions, including meetings and correspondence, and this next meeting will be no different.

“In my opinion, the introduction of the Forum has been productive for all the parties involved and, as we move forward, the Forum will continue to be one of our preferred forms of fan communication and engagement.

“With five games now remaining of the season – including three at St. James’ Park, I would ask you, indeed all supporters, to get fully behind John Carver and the players as they look to finish the season as strongly as possible.

“When St. James’ Park is loud and supportive of the team on the pitch, it does make a huge difference.”

“We accept mistakes have been made and understand you raise these issues because you want the best for your football club.

“Please be assured we want the same – we want to give you a football club you can be proud of and a team you feel passionate to support.”

NUFC Fans Forum open letter to the club 21 April

“Whilst we fully appreciate the club’s view on fan communication, we feel that the time has come to show our fans respect and make some kind of ‘statement of intent’ outlining your proposals to overturn the negativity surrounding NUFC.

“We would very much prefer this statement to come from Mike Ashley himself, owner of NUFC.

“This statement should include:

A) The club’s view on the boycott of thousands of fans at the weekend. What plans do the owners and operators of NUFC have to correct the current plight that we find ourselves in?

B) The reason why Jonas Gutierrez was left out of the squad. Despite Jonas stating that he was not injured, it was clear that Jonas was one of very few players that could be described as giving his all at the recent derby loss. Was the omission connected, in any way, to a comment he made on social media?

C) As the players appear to be playing without any leadership and discipline (Sissoko/Collocini/Cisse bans) what is the plan going forward in relation to the head coach role? At our recent meeting, Lee Charnley stated that: ‘We asked John to look after the team for the remainder of the season and told him to make sure that we had a decision to make’. There appears to be several sources stating that they believe that John Carver will be head coach next season. Can you confirm that those ‘rumours’ are 100% inaccurate?

“We are in total agreement that we feel that it is appropriate to ask for an urgent response. Any suggestion that we should wait until our final meeting of the year would be met with our overwhelming disapproval.”

  • Boultby1989

    NUFCTheMag TaylorandBesty MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom Got more chance of seeing a flying giraffe

  • Angels North

    How do you join the fan forum?

  • Number9uk

    Boultby1989 NUFCTheMag TaylorandBesty AshleyOutdotcom More chance of Michael Jackson completing his 50 dates @ the O2 than MA attending.

  • tino o

    The fat coward will not be there he will send one of his oil rags!

  • Wingpaddock

    Angels Reality – in effect you don’t. The club advertise for Forum
    members. Some are on different fixed term tenures and when their time is
    up the club advertise it. I do believe that you have to be a season
    ticket hoder. The club then decide who it is. No evidence of support or
    backing from fellow fans is requested. If you want to contact a FF
    member you cannot do it directly – emails are processed through Lee
    Marshall first -so not private in any sense – the club get to know what
    the content of your email is before the FF member. Not satisfctory at
    The reasoning for this – per the club is that they have a
    duty of care to the FF members so that  they are not inundated with
    emails. I would have thought anyone becoming an FF member may
    realistically expect quite a few emails from fans. I do have an
    interest in matters of Health and Safety /Duty of Care and can tell you
    the clubs stance about duty of care is a load of hooey – they want to
    find out what is being said.


    NUFCTheMag TaylorandBesty MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom more chance of elvis smoking a joint with Marley outside the metro

  • bill black

    After Monday nights programme on Mike Ashley and Sports Direct I think they may be more forthcoming as they are under attack. Those who think we should leave him alone should think would he have had meeting before the end of the season if we all brown nosed him

  • MilitantGeordie

    You’ve got more chance of Jackie Milburn turning up for the Leicester match and banging in a hat trick than Michael Bar Steward Money hoover Ashley attending Fans Forum. Even the MP’s can’t get him to move his fat arse to a hearing, he just sends his stooges to take the heat while he takes the cash!

  • No Brainer

    Seriously, the day after we see the players who know they are destined not to be here next year give performances which lead directly to the goals which gave swansea the win yesterday. (Jonas, R Taylor,Williamson) You call for the club to get on the same bandwagon with the coach/fill in manager. If there’s a single ounce of understanding of management its not to undermine under pressure staff who you need to perform.. When you consider this is all being done under the microscope of national public attention, it becomes even more incredulous that you suggest it.
    Everyone knows that JC hasn’t been a success but the nature of this protest is such that it can only serve to further detriment the performance of the football staff from U18 to club manager.

    That there is absolutely no credence given to the impact of the injury and suspension at nufc this season. Yesterday was a perfect example of what could have been, Siem De Jong’s introduction give nufc a different dimension adding intelligence and to the team which paid dividends.

    If only our two left backs were not injured and we had bought a CB then we would be in a significantly different position. I keep hearing of this small squad but the team has the fourth most used players this season.
    With a potential starting line up of 
    Janmatt,Willo, Colo, Anita
    Colback Abeid, Sissoko,,Cabella
    De Jong and Riverie/Perez

    its likely to be a significantly improved performance next week, then of course Dummett and Cisse are back the following week.

    But of course its all Ashley’s fault.

  • partworntyres

    dear supporters
    i fackin ‘ate you all, you are c.nts and b.rstards. my aim as owner is to humiliate you as you are northern scum. i wish to embarrass the city and club you love because i can,. so fack orf you sub human low life forms.
    love shirley.

  • truemagpie

    what about Carver, he said ““If anybody wants to talk me about it, I will talk to them about it.”
    i’m sure many of us wanna talk to him, man to man. comon Carver

  • MilitantGeordie

    No Brainer Correct it is all Ashley’s fault.. If we had spent some money on bringing in some much needed quality we wouldn’t be totally decimated when the inevitable injuries come around. Instead we have to start reserve level players for the Premierleague, put academy kids on the bench and quickly get knocked out of the cups because our squad can’t cope with the extra games.
    Take a look at that team you posted, it’s horrendous! If you’re happy with that team you’re out of your mind!  What happens when 3 or 4 of them ‘ superstars’ get injured? we end up with academy kids sitting on the bench! 

    But yes you are right… It’s Ashley’s fault

  • Chemical Dave

    Militant Geordie just destroying thick bstard no brainers point here ^^^^

  • Terryf

  • Mister Tee

    @No Brainer
    “If there’s a single ounce of understanding of management its not to undermine under pressure staff who you need to perform..”
    Is that not exactly what Mike Ashley has done ever since he has been here?
    Undermined Allardyce?
    Listened to fans whilst he was drunk on the terrace and decided he would sack him when, lets be honest, Allardyce would have been his dream manager?
    Undermined Keegan?
    Bought players he didnt want? Lied to him? Brought people in he didnt want to work with? Tried to disgrace him in court but the court ruled in Keegans favour?
    Undermined Shearer?
    Didnt speak to him after the end of the relegation season when Shearer had drawn up a plan off his own back for the following year?
    Undermined Hughton?
    Sacking him after he had got the club promoted and gave the reason as being the club wanting more experience but then appointing Alan Pardew who had just been sacked by a club 2 divisions lower?
    Undermined Pardew?
    Failure to invest in players after the club had just qualified for Europe which brought extra pressure on an already small squad? Failure to communicate to fans, leaving it to Pardew to spout nonsense and drivel about stuff he had no control over? Brought in Joe Kinnear to oversee transfers when Pardew had just had a traumatic season nearly ending in relegation? Failure to invest on players when we needed them, deciding to keep money in the bank for God knows what reason?
    So yes, it is Ashleys fault.

  • ilullissat

    The ONLY ONLY way to change things at the club is to boycott the club and the shops.You can see that already it is having the desired effect.Keep it up

  • ilullissat

    A MUG,MUGS.MUGS.Thats what the fans would be if they let themselves be strung along by these clowns

  • Brown Bottle

    @NUFC_GRB NUFCTheMag TaylorandBesty MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom 
    more chance of Sports Direct welcoming union representation

  • Brown Bottle

    EC headline….”.Fans Forum Micturates Into Strong Winds “

  • Harry Todd

    MilitantGeordie No Brainer Will tell you a good first eleven. 
    Krul,Jammett,Steve Taylor,Colo,Hadaria,Sissoko,Tiotte,Collback,De Jong,Cisse,Perez, with the likes of Arrons on the bench would give any team a run for their money.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    No Brainer You are so far up Ashleys arse I bet you can see Carvers feet.  Tool

  • partworntyres

    Brown Bottle send a sh.t tornado please. – jim lahey

  • I was at the Leicester cup game and Carver had no idea.  Fast forward to Swansea and still no idea.  Anita was a nightmare at LB and when on a yellow card should have been substituted. How naïve is Carver.  We needed to add physical weight to the team and he brought on Armstrong. Guoffran and Oberton are not the best but at least can throw their weight around. Even Sammi.  Certainly not Armstrong in those circumstances. The guys individually were OK but the system and format suicidal.  Carver was hardly in his technical box 2nd half.  He asks for protection from fans but does not deserve it.  He must go. Have been supporting since Simpson was in goal with Keith and McMichael as full backs (& Bobby  Mitchell in the team)  and will be at Leicester on Saturday despite us having the worst manger in the whole time I have supported the team.

  • Chemical Dave

    No they wouldn’t, stick to cancer diagnosis yer thick [email protected]

  • Jail for Ashley

    Somebody posted this link, it’s a complaints body set up by the FA, enough e mails and they might just start an investigation into our throwing cup games and the shoddy way we’re being run.

  • Jail for Ashley

    No brainer,
    I’m glad to see you finally recognize it all being Ashleys fault at last.

  • Andgeo

    Just watched the fat mans documentary about his manipulation of consumers and abuse of employment legislation. Must admit the biggest surprise for me was that he doesn’t have A massive tat shop advert para sprawled across the roof of his million square foot headquarters!!!

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Parliament couldn’t get him to turn up so not much chance of a fans forum show

  • Tony79

    Jail for Ashley Great idea mate.  Share that far and wide on all comment boards and social media