Despite never having started a Premier League game, Rolando Aarons has regularly lifted the spirits of fans, albeit briefly, as he has often looked close to a return.

However, since featuring against Liverpool on 1 November last year, the winger has had setback after setback.

John Carver revealing today that after a scan found nothing, the club are sending Rolando Aarons to yet another specialist for a third opinion, to hopefully get to the bottom of the problem.

John Carver asked at today’s press conference: ‘Is Rolando Aaarons out for the season?’

“No, he is not out for the end of the season.

“I did explain to you a couple of weeks ago, a week ago, that he’d had a real tough physical session that week and he’d got a reaction to it.”

Third opinion:

“We weren’t quite sure what it was so we scanned him – there was nothing on the scan.

“So we are going to refer him to a specialist, another specialist, for a third opinion.”

The good news was…:

“The good news was that there wasn’t anything on the scan, he hasn’t torn his hamstring again, he hasn’t torn anything.

“So we are just going to go and try to find out if there is anything else could be wrong with him.”

  • RichGibb

    Maybe he just doesn’t want to play for Carver…

    Just throwing that out there ;-)

  • alreet

    Totally. The lad is being a bit of a sicknote to not play for the mental charva nob ed.
    Fair play. Sissoko could only boot someone to not have to play. Santon and yanga got out when they could. No one actually wants to play for you john.

  • Paul Patterson

    Does anyone get the feeling the coaching and physios at Newcastle are unique to the Premier League- as in they make players look worse and can’t rehabilitate fit young lads properly.

  • dude 1

    these lot don’t know how to train the players never mind look after them this young man if you remember was rushed back against Man CITY IN THE CUP and has been injured since