The club has revealed that £29.8m was spent on Newcastle signings since June last year.

The 2013/14 Newcastle United accounts have now been filed at Companies House and as well as what happened last season, there are also some additional notes on what happened with the buying and selling of players since the 30 June 2014 cut-off point.

£29.8m was spent on 6 players, which appear to be De Jong, Riviere, Cabella, Janmaat, Darlow, Lascelles (Colback and Perez signed in June)

Siem de Jong was announced on 1 July 2014 but would surely be one of the six as nobody else was signed apart from the above, other than the loan of Facundo Ferreyra (for pursposes unknown…).

The financial report also says that £12.6m was collected from player sales after 30 June 2014, which would mainly have come from Mathieu Debuchy and topped up by Amalfitano and Tavernier going for small amounts.

With Debuchy widely reported as being sold for an amount in excess of £10m, it would appear neither Mapou Yanga-M’biwa and Davide Santon are not included in this sales income.

  • TomWatson1


  • Andy_Swizz66

    NUFCTheMag so we’re does that set of accounts feature the £32m Cabaye/debuchy sale.

  • TheMachine1981

    NUFCTheMag suppose they think that’s a good thing or something.

  • Gaffa201

    @Andy_Swizz66 NUFCTheMag Cabaye is in the accounts to 30th June 2014, Debuchy will be in the year to 30th June 2015 account

  • newcastle7

    So there you have it the usual suspects from the Mag were wrong again as I said they would be.
    Ashley never spends any money on players so shoot him.Get rid of Padrew who has taken Palace out of the 
    relegation zone to third in the current form table since January.Lets blow the ground up on Sunday and have a party with the ducks in Leazes Park.The people on this site make me laugh but not as much as Tony Scott in Benidorm.You promised me crowds of less than forty thousand,you promised me an explanation of the rise in costs of £28m. You all live in a fantasy world telling lie after lie because you hate the club.Ashley spent thirty million no cost rise.Enjoy your day with the ducks and please remember to take some bread.

  • Toonbadger

    Undisclosed fees will come into that with Fat Ash tweaking those for the books

  • Demented_Man

    newcastle7 It’s you, mate, who needs to get out of your fantasy world.  Pardew left of his own accord to go to a better club, with a better chairman, and more freedom in the transfer market.  He was not ‘driven’ out of the club, which becomes crystal clear on reading the interview he gave for the Daily Mail.  Still, you Ashley plants persist in your wild allegations, while simultaneously, and illogically, claiming that fans have no power.
    As for the supposed rise in costs, it’s for the club to explain that.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Net spend? Of course not. Club is still in profit on player trading under Ashley. 
    And, Comical Ali, that number was AFTER this accounts period. 
    Ask yourself why we spent 15 million more on the playing/management/coaching side of things when he sold / released 6 players and only brought in one (Kemen) and two loanees.

  • Steve Passmoor

    Ahhh, the Cabaye and Debuchy money!!

  • newcastle7

    Demented_Man newcastle7 No not driven out the club but the hatred the fans had for a good manager with their leaflet campaign made it an easy decision as you did not want him.Nor will you the current caretaker manager or the one after that.
    You lot have hated every manager since the seventies.

  • jimblag

    newcastle7 Demented_Man Keegan, Robson, Roeder, Shearer, Hughton and even Pardew before the long, long losing streaks were all supported by the fans.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Demented_Man Didn’t you say you protested against McKeag?

    As a self alleged super supporter, you must have hated KK and SBR, did you? They were paid for by the same Hall/Shepherds that you now slag off in defence of Ashley.

    Your head ain’t screwed on right, lad.

  • kb12

    its all just bluff and counter bluff, mash made 1/2 billion profit!!

  • Gaffa201

    Sickandtiredstill newcastle7 It appears that Sissoko et al who were all bought in Jan 13 are being paid extremely well as they were paid for the full 12 months to June 2014 and that Remy and De Jong cos us about £6m for a season.  

    With player amortisation up £7m the club has decided to write of the value of several players (one certainly being Ben Arfa and 5 at rangers on loan would be others at a guess) who are deemed surplus to requirement.

    Add it a extra £2m to SD for purchases unknown and you have the missing money.

    We’re not better off under the fat lad we still have garbage on the pitch collecting big wages whilst the profits accrue on the extra sky money and the players that actually turn out to be decent

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Gaffa201 Sickandtiredstill newcastle7 Err, the accounts are from July 1st 2013 to June 30th 2014. 

    Players signed in Jan ’13 are accounted for in the 12/13 accounts. 

    Ben Arfa being ‘written off’ this season would account for only his amortised value, not his full signing amount. 

    SD numbers (different to those in MASH accounts) will be for retail stock (shirts etc) Unfortunately we still have no idea what that actualy, brought the club in return, if anything.

    All in all, multiple sets of accounts, differing numbers, all as transparent as the man himself.

  • Skint Billionaire

    Is it just me or has everyone missed the glaringly obvious.

    How can the 6 players mentioned be in the accounts for the cut off to 30th June 2014 when they were all signed in the summer transfer window which only opens on 1st July 2014. Cabaye was sold in Jan 2014 so why is that money not in the accounts which had a cut off of 30th June 2014.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist but some cooking of the books me thinks

  • MackEdwards

    newcastle7 Demented_Man He is not a good manager, simples. Look at his record man it is rubbish. He seems to start out well at the clubs he has been at but the second season when his lack of a plan B becomes apparent, then he is found to be sorely lacking. Apart from the season where we finished fifth(even then the football was poor), the football we have produced under Pards has been woeful at best. Carver is obviously rubbish so don’t make any comparisons, but we have had some good players on our books over the last 5/6 seasons – the results though have not been anywhere near in proportion.

  • DownUnderMag

    The players brought in, with the exceptions of Janmaat and possibly Colback, have been cheap “hit n hope” signings for much better outgoing players, or an untested high cost signing in Cabella.  Janmaat was a proven player and was an adequate replacement for the outgoing Debuchy who wanted to leave. But the fact is the likes of Riviere, Perez, Cabella etc should have been additions to the squad to strengthen the depth rather than replacements.  I am quite sure that those players struggling would also have slotted in better had they entered a settled side rather than expected to be superstars from the first whistle…that just put extra pressure on the likes of Cabella to perform.

  • nufcslf

    newcastle7 Enjoy yet another loss on the weekend you absolute bell end.