It was claimed earlier today that four senior Newcastle players may have had enough of life under Mike Ashley at Newcastle United.

The Telegraph have reported that the agents of midfielders Moussa Sissoko and Cheick Tiote have been touting their clients around to prospective clubs as they look to finalise summer moves.

Tiote has lost a lot of credibility with Newcastle fans due to indifferent form and making more headlines off the pitch than on it. The loss of Sissoko would be no surprise but a massive blow, with the Frenchman arguably Newcastle’s one remaining top class player.

The newspaper also say that Papiss Cisse is considering his options and not been impressed by Newcastle’s lack of action over a new contract. Turning 30 before next season and with only one year left on his current deal, it would be no surprise to see Mike Ashley grabbing whatever he can for a player who has become increasingly injury plagued.

However, maybe the most surprising of the four players said to be unsettled is keeper Tim Krul. The Telegraph claiming that he was persuaded to give Newcastle one more season after last summer’s World Cup, and unsurprisingly, has been less than impressed with what he has seen happen at the club since.

With players such as Santon, Cabaye, Debuchy and Mapou leaving in the last fourteen months, an exodus of the best paid players at Newcastle looks likely to continue this summer if today’s reports are to be believed.

This season many low paid players have been involved in the first team such as Williamson, Armstrong, Abeid, Ameobi, Alnwick, Dummett, Aarons and others, a situation that will be music to Mike Ashley’s ears.

With rumours earlier this week of wholesale changes this summer, sadly any incoming players look once again to be likely to be majorly funded by some of Newcastle’s better players leaving.

  • RexN

    Hardly a surprise. Back in November, his site carried an article highlighting those 4 players, plus Santon, would not be at the club for too much longer.

  • Peter Lamb

    Not a surprise

  • scotty63

    RexN and likely to get worse – the only lights are onrushing trains – this set up is just designed to drain the soul out of fans and players alike and I wouldn’t blame any player for getting out of this cess pit – I console myself with the fact that if I don’t dance on the FCB’s grave then my lad will.

  • Bills frollocks

    Maybe they want to be properly managed and have a chance to win things.

  • Brown Bottle

    scotty63 RexN …hopefully followed by a long, hot,refreshing bout of micturation. Kills the flowers don’t it.

  • Cornflake

    No surprise here.  Dream season for Ashley and Co. is 10th place, no Europe, no cups.  Will be sad to see Krul go though….made some amazing saves in his time here.

  • DownUnderMag

    For “unhappy with the way the club is being run” read “Unhappy that a more lucrative contract isn’t on the table”.

    It’s not surprising, the four players mentioned could all earn more money at another club and have more chance of relative success.  For Krul, it also is probably necessitated out of desire to nail down the ‘keeping position for his country as much as anything else, something he isn’t going to do while leaking goals because of the dross in front of him in defence here.

    If those four do leave then it will be hard to see how we will survive next season since we all know the required players brought in will not be bought, some cheap signings may be seen in a fingers crossed gamble, but I doubt that we would be able to get anywhere near the quality in while Ashley is controlling the purse strings and other clubs know they can outbid us fairly easily.

    Perhaps Ashley will rethink his spending, or perhaps he has made enough money off the club to be willing to jump ship and sell it on for someone else to put right.  Either way, money needs spending and for Ashley to stay he needs to do so if for nothing more than to protect his own investment.  Unless his grand plan is to take us down out of the premiership, rake in the parachute payment for a few seasons and then flog us on at 70% off to whoever overseas investor is looking for a club to buy at that time.

  • No Brainer

    DownUnderMag If those four do leave then it will be hard to see how we will survive next season since we all know the required players brought in will not be bought

    in exactly the same way that Du Jong, cabella, Janmatt were not bought for this season at the same time that Ayoze, Darlow, and Lascelles were bought for the future.

  • No Brainer

    Cornflake in what way is 10th place a cup qtr final and out of the 3rd round fa cup and no europe good for ashley.

  • Paul Patterson

    Are you mad?
    Out of the cups- No strain on a weak squad, No Europe- No strain on a weak squad (Something Pardew had to explain himself to Ashley the season before last as it nearly got the club relegated.
    10th place keeps the money rolling in, without any danger of Europe.
    Dream season- Wake up man . .

  • pissed off mag

    what a bloody mess our club is in, the wonga brigade will still turn up buy shite in the club shop and will watch any old crap in that awful shirt in a stadium thats an advert for cheap rag shops, with an idiot in charge whos just said that ‘ the derby is one of the biggest games in the north east’ what other game in the north east is bigger shildon v west auckland!!!! what a flaming mess

  • Chemical Dave

    No brainer must be a log in used by two people or he’s bi polar.

  • scotty63 RexN Plenty of room to dance on treble plot .

  • magpie9

    Who the hell could blame them? How are they ever going to sign any decent player? I would love to hear Carver tell us how the club can persuade a player to come to a club on piss poor wages with the ambition only to survive run by a tight fisted greedy tyrant.

  • GToon

    Add Janmaat to the list and Perez too if an offer comes in.

  • v0ices

    No Brainer DownUnderMag along with the striker we have needed since carol left and two center backs.

  • Jimmywayhay

    What odds on relegation?