After watching the Newcastle v Swansea clash today, Charlie Nicholas says that United look as though they are on a mission to ‘self-destruct’ at the minute.

Speaking on Sky’s Soccer Saturday, the player turned pundit says that Newcastle looked ok going forward but then slaughtered the defence.

Nicholas couldn’t believe Fabricio Coloccini’s ‘decision making’ and described Mike Williamson simply as ‘wrecked’.

A relegation six pointer follows at Leicester next weekend.

Charlie Nicholas:

“Newcastle played ok going forward but they have an unbalanced look.

“Coloccini’s decision making, or lack of it… is clear for anyone to see.”


“Williamson is just wrecked and Janmaat likes to go forward but doesn’t like to defend.

“I quite like Perez, Colback and I do like the goalkeeper, but they’re on a mission to self-destruct at the moment.”


  • Alsteads

    It’s took this clown 34 games to suss that? Sky are getting their money’s worth then. How about something constructive whether it be against FCB and it’s fall out or actual analysis of the game and how players/we could play better if we done this or that. To sit there and say we are shxte just makes you another bell end so called pundit.
    Ps he must have been watching a different janmaat over last few weeks???

  • amacdee

    Congratulations to Hartlepool, 12 points adrift of safety before Ronnie Moore arrived. Now that’s what I call crisis management !

  • Harry Todd

    Yes defence not at it’s best need two new center backs but would keep Steve Taylor as got bottle.

  • ratboy1

    Hate to say this but last time we got relegated we had proven premier league quality players (viduka, Owen, jb, Nolan, a younger Colo/ spiderman, duff) not doing it – now we have bargain basement (Anita, gouff, Taylor, Willi, riviere) players not doing it. Unless de jong pulls up a few trees we are doomed.

  • PhilYare

    an accurate and fair comment. I thought Bramble and Boumsong were bad but these 2 clowns are the worst I’ve ever seen. You can count about 5 mistakes by williamson in a single brief piece of footage. James Tavernier (even championship standard) was surely a far better prospect than playing this useless gonk.

    coloccini looked good in the championship… in the premiership he can look all over the place

  • Mister Tee

    @Harry Todd
    We’ve needed 2 new centre backs for about 2 seasons now.
    Williamson was never good enough for the Premier League. He has had some good games but he is simply just not good enough.
    Steven Taylor has never managed to get through a season without missing a chunk of it with a injury. Plus he has not fulfilled the potential shown in his early years.
    Coloccini wanted out 2 years ago and has never been the same player since 2011/12, in my opinion he is simply going through the motions. He is not a great captain, his head drops too easy and his senses can leave him at the drop of a hat.
    We signed an up and coming French international but the manager at the time didnt really like to play him in his preferred position and, to be fair in the brief times he played, he didnt really look up to the Premier League. So we cut our losses but didnt replace him.
    Why is it that you can see we need new players at CB and I can see we need new players at CB but the club seem to think we can get by with the same CB we had when we were promoted?
    Answers on a postcard please……

  • DownUnderMag

    I’ve said it before, Colo does not play well with Williamson.  but that is all we are left with thanks to selling anyone and everything that wasn’t nailed down.  With so many players out of contract or deemed not good enough as well as those I expect a number of offers for, it really does worry most fans what the club will do for next season….at this rate imploding seems the most likely outcome.

  • Toon Magpie

    Something we all know Williamson and Colo don’t play well. Williamson is by far the liability.

  • Toon Magpie

    Doesn’t matter what you have if you have a rudderless manager.

  • mrkgw

    Calamitous – it really is.