Of all the reasons why Newcastle may have lost the latest derby match, John Carver has come up with an original one.

The Newcastle Head Coach says that maybe his players should have hadmore time off before the Sunderland game, rather than working on the training pitch.

Carver was asked at his pre-match Liverpool press conference if he was tempted to cancel days off for the players in the aftermath of the defeat at the Stadium of Light.

Again another slightly bizarre answer, with John Carver saying yes he had cancelled their day off on Monday because he wanted the players to be ‘hurting’, but then revealed he had given them Tuesday off instead!

John Carver

“Well it’s amazing because usually when you have a result like that, sometime people criticise because you have not worked hard enough, you have had too many days off.

“Let me tell you, leading into the Sunderland game, in seven days we had one day off, we had one day off.”

Players worked too hard?:

“Now maybe the preparations were wrong because we only gave them one day off and we did too much work with them.

“So trying to find the balance…that’s why they were supposed to be off on Monday but I brought them in on Monday, I wasn’t accepting that (derby display).”


“I wanted them to be hurting and they were hurting, let me tell you.

“But they have got to have some time off because you have to get them picked up and go again…so they had Tuesday off.”

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  • Bearsize

    Ha! Absolute scandal. More time off? Give us a break charver

  • Stu Timlin

    Its Friday maybe he should stop making excuses for last week and focus this weeks game.

  • Gilzo

    But in the Chronicle he says he did not see the players Monday and went to play golf Tuesday? So what is it, they were in and he wasn’t or more crap

  • pissed off mag

    playing golf after the derby debacle i couldnt go out at all i felt that bad never mind 18 holes. what a flaming mess

  • RexN

    Carver deserves more time off – armed with a P45.

  • Tony Mark Elsender

    Well they can have ago at my 63 hour week if they want

  • Paul Patterson

    Carver, this isn’t funny.
    What next? The sky was too blue? There were too many beans on the players toast?
    He is actually starting to worry me. No rational person would keep making these comments week after week . .

  • Oliver Lam

    What is he on about? Every day is a day off for the squad, especially match day.

  • Chris Tantum


  • toon tony

    He CAN’T motivate them, he CAN’T prepare them properly, he DOESN’T know who can take corners, he CAN’T change tactics when an opposing side decides to surprise him by playing TWO up front. !!!! John watch your backside on the way out. !!!!

  • Paul Soulsby

    Well they had the 4th, 5th and 6th round weekends off and we all know why don’t we Mike ?

  • Malcolm Colledge

    Carvers a Prick.

  • Deluded

    Listen, let me tell you, *licks lips* I knew Sir Bob right?

  • partworntyres

    accept that the team is f..ked and enjoy the comedy – carver is coming out with stuff  that clement and la frenais couldn’t write. he does seem to be becoming detached from reality, but in madness true comedy lurks. best season for ages!!

  • Phil Lee

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – do me a favour – f&£k off !

  • No Brainer

    Well i think they must be off today seen Sissoko going into newcastle airport as i was leaving last night boy is his bird super fit.

  • David Craig

    And here I thought it was because the manager was incompetent.

  • Jarra MIck

    The fact is footballers shouldn’t be working on their fitness everyday it’s counter productive they need recovery time. What they should be doing every day is skill practice, tactics, free kicks, corners and what the Americans would call scrimmaging. You can tell from our woeful dead balls that they probably never practice that sort of thing. I can imagine a typical session is probably a load of stretches then a couple of laps round the field before an hour of 5 a side. Then half the team would go to see the physio as their hamstrings are all fcuked.

  • Brownale69

    Well they have this Sat off so they will be raring to go against L/Pool!

  • PeterRobson

    Just when you think “Geordie (I´m a fan too) John” can´t come out with any more drivel, he manages to surprise us all !!!

    Most people have to work long hours to earn in a year what these “footballers” earn in a week.

    Me for example: I get up at 4am to drive to work to start my shift at 6am, I have a 15 minute break to scoff a sarnie and have a cig.
    I build machines which are worth upwards of a couple of hundred thousand, which are also exported worldwide.
    My work has to be of a high standard because I can´t just hop on a bus to China to correct any mistakes I may have made, and when necessary, to meet a deadline, I´m expected to work overtime !!!

    6 day working weeks are the norm nowadays, and even though I´m well paid it´s nowhere near what a professional footballer earns !!!

    Make no mistake about it:

    TV money is only available because we buy subscriptions to the TV channels.

    Money from sponsors comes from people (fans) buying said product.

    Replica shirt sales are bought by parents who haven´t the heart to refuse their kids (yes, my boy has one).

    Gate receipts may only be a drop in the ocean but make no mistake, it is the fans, inside the ground and in the pub and on the sofa that finances the club.

    Well I work bloody hard for my money and I don´t want to hear shitty excuses from a second rate (being kind) coach about not enough days off for the players when it´s me and you paying their wages !!!

    The only way “Geordie (I worked under Sir Bobby Robson) John” will be a coach is if they take his teeth out and fit seats in his gob !!!

    Get thee hence to endless nights Carver !!!!

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    Can’t believe this guy, he’ll blame anyone and anything except for his appalling lack of ability as a coach. He’ll be blaming the Tea Lady next. lol

  • Jimmywayhay

    Walter Mitty seems credible next to Carver !

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver out