At his Thursday press conference ahead of Swansea on Saturday, John Carver has confirmed that two players will return to the matchday squad.

Jonas Gutierrez will be considered for selection after he and Carver kissed and made up following a training ground argument that saw the player thrown out of the 18 who were chosen for Spurs.

Whilst the Newcastle Head Coach also stated that Siem de Jong would be involved after impressing against Villa for the reserves this week.

Carver has also declared that now is the time to deliver and that ‘actions speak louder than words’.

After 6 defeats in a row and 12 goals conceded and only 2 scored, let’s hope the Head Coach isn’t just giving us more words…

John Carver:

“The time for talking is over and we have to go out on the pitch and deliver. Actions speak louder than words.”

“We need a win. It is so important for everyone and may just lift that bit of gloom that’s over the city at the moment.”

“Siem de Jong will be in the squad and be involved. Some of his play in the under-21s at Aston Villa was excellent.”


  • Pulse33

    It’s like a new signing.

  • PeterRobson
  • Corkyjohn

    Several wins won’t lift the gloom which isn’t gonna happen anyway. If you & Ashley walked I’m sure the reaction on Northumberland Street would be similar to a Brazilian carnival!!!

  • Deluded

    What you should’ve wrote was “Carver’s desperation knows no bounds so he’s including someone who’s lost half a stone of muscle”

  • alreet

    And your wanting the job full time. Good lad. Just keep dishing out the same old excuses match after match and again before each match.
    Wen was the last time we won john…. can u remember. Was it against hull or villa about 2 months ago.
    The players are up for it they dont need telling?????? Erm maybe they do…… u donkey!!!
    Pardew offspring. One win wont do much just give a little extra to survive.

  • Stuart Go Lightly Wilson

    What about the other nine?????????

  • Andgeo

    Can’t wait to see how he messes up the team selection on Saturday.

  • Andgeo

    Williamson, gouffran and obertan have to be dropped once and for all. In light of the fact that NUFC only have one playable centre half we could do a lot worse than a centre half pairing of coloccini and janmaat. Abeid has to have a game in CM alongside colback, and just stick Armstrong in there from the start alongside Perez and go for it!!

  • Jarra MIck

    He’ll go out all guns blazing for a draw.

  • alreet Now now , that’s no way to speak to our new permament manager !

  • Brown Bottle

    Corkyjohn ….like Thatchers Funeral pt.2

  • Alsteads

    We need more than just one win you fxxking plum. John just stop easel for one minute before you speak. WTF have you been telling these lazy txxts for the last couple of month? Its not even 6 o’clock and you’ve got me fxxking wound up already with your pathetic drivel. 
    Ill be cheering the lads on (whether they deserve it is another thing) but John just do one

  • alreet

    Whoa. Bit of blue for the dads there.
    Lets just hope he can get another win before the end of the season.

  • shadsdad

    Might stand a chance if we realise the 1st half is part of the game as well.Of course we may only have 45mins of fuel in the tank.