Brendan Rodgers has been a little economical with the truth ahead of the Liverpool v Newcastle match on Monday night.

Having read what he has to say, I started to think he was talking about some other team called Newcastle United…

The Liverpool boss says it is always a tough game.

Yes Brendan, it is always a tough game – for Newcastle.

Since the last and only Premier League win in 1994, United have lost 16 times at Anfield and scraped 3 draws, with zero wins in those 21 years.

Newcastle United, according to Brendan Rodgers, have also got an excellent coach…

“They’ve arguably got the most passionate man involved in terms of Newcastle United, in John Carver.

“It runs right through him, Newcastle, you can see his passion and how well he wants to do.”

Very good coach:

“He is also an excellent coach who looks like he wants to step into management and I’m sure will do everything he possibly can to get the role there.

“He knows the club inside out; he’s been there a long time, is a very good coach and will want to get back on track again having been disappointed in their last performance and result.”

Always tough against Newcastle…:

“We respect it’ll be a tough game, they always are against Newcastle, but for us being at home for the first time in a few weeks, we’ll look to keep our performance up and get the three points.”

“They’ve had a good preparation time with no game in midweek. I’m sure John has been looking at the tactical elements of the game in which they can improve.”

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  • wor monga

    It’s called respect for your opponent…and is
    commonly shown to be the case when talking about another club or personality within
    the game, Jackie…

    …seeing as you just seem to copy and paste pieces
    of their soundbites I wouldn’t expect you fully understand the reasons behind
    that though!

  • Ha, ha ha.  After his comments about John Carver, I suggest Brendan Rodgers could have a successful career ahead of him as a comedian.

  • NottsToon

    Rodgers must have laughed his tits off when they took the microphone away.

  • AndrewCowley1

    I’ve got no problem with him saying these things it’s a non story really just professional respect between coaches.whats he going to say?carvers crap?

  • toon tony

    Well Brendan if you’re not going to say it, let me. ….”Carver you’re [email protected]”…

  • Big Al 1967

    Don’t forget to tip your waitress. Brendan is performing his comedy act all week

  • PhilYare

    if it wasn’t for cole & bobby lee then watto’s lob in the cup our success rating is zero…. typical pre-match BS talk, if he thinks this is going to be anything less than the usual 3-NOWT then hes been sniffing glue