The breaking news this morning is that Newcastle United shirt sponsor Wonga have lost £37m in their latest financial results.

The legal loan shark was expected to reveal losses but the £37m is higher than that forecasted.

Most Newcastle fans see having Wonga emblazoned across the shirts as yet another blight on the club thanks to Mike Ashley’s ownership.

The sponsor being attached to our great club bringing shame to the badge.

With Wonga in such a bad state financially and with the screw being tightened by regulators, hopefully sometime soon the name will be removed from Newcastle United shirts for good.

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  • BillytheFish

    Could’t happen to a more deserving company.
    I could feel sorry for the staff after all they just work there, but they knew they were applying for a job at a Loan Shark who prey on the vulnerable.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say……

  • dude 1

    people have heard some disturbing news this morning from a very reliable source and i hope its not true but according to my man who was at a talk in across in Cumbria this week with Alan shearer he over heard a conversation which said that John Carver is our next manager 
    when i heard this I at first took it with a pinch of salt but yesterday read that Steve Howie said John Carver should be given a chance lest hope the information is wrong but you know the fat man he loves to kick us when we are down

  • IainT0842

    £37 million!? They must have borrowed £100 two years ago.

  • Paul Patterson

    Let’s hope they go bust . .

  • Demented_Man

    Ashley should offer them a pay-day loan at the usual rate of interest.

  • PeterParker2

    Shame. They’ve already been supplanted as sponsors though by this mystery organisation…

  • Alsteads

    John “did I mention I’m a Geordie” carver couldn’t even look at the sky camera when getting interviewed after the match. If it’s true then I hope we go down this season so we don’t prolong things with fatty longer than we have too. Anything that might get rid of him a season earlier I’m up for!!
    I’ve a 3 year dream and unfortunately it’s relegation with 2 seasons of tossing it off while he does one. People bang on about watch what you wish for you could end up a Leeds. Fxxking never! Or a wolves??? WTF they seem to be on the up but seriously Wolves? How about we’ll be Newcastle United still pulling in great attendances no matter what league we are playing in and then FCB fooks off and no matter what division we are in the feel good factor and relief would be so intense we would steam what ever league we would be in and be onward and upward!!??
    Just a thought

  • NottsToon

    Wonga has posted an annual loss of £37.3m after accidentally borrowing a fiver from itself!

  • gazchampion

    Alsteads I’m tempted to agree with you mate! It’s the ultimate sacrifice but I think we have to consider ANYTHING to get the slimy fat lying **** out of Toon!