News breaking in the States, that Newcastle United are heading for a USA pre-season trip, competing in a tournament in Texas in July.

Dallas Fort Worth will feature six teams from around the world with Newcastle United joined by Lyon (France), Pachuca (Mexico), Swansea , Malaga (Spain) and Raja Casablanca (Morocco) from July 9-19.

The games will be played at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas and Toyota Stadium in Frisco.

An outline schedule has been released and the location of which games will be played at which stadium (Cotton Bowl/Toyota Stadium) will be announced at a later date.

The groups are:

Group A

Newcastle United, Lyon, Raja Casablanca

Group B

Pachuca, Malaga, Swansea City

The outline schedule is:

Saturday 11 July

Newcastle v Lyon 7:30pm ET

Sunday 12 July

Pachuca v Malaga, 7:30pm ET

Tuesday 14 July

Newcastle v Raja Casablanca 5:30pm ET

Swansea  v Malaga 7:30pm ET

Thursday 16 July

Lyon v Raja Casablanca 5:30pm ET

Swansea v Pachuca 7:30pm ET

Saturday 18 July

Group A 3rd placed team v Group B 3rd placed team, 5:30pm ET

Group B 2nd placed team v Group A 2nd placed team, 7:30pm ET

Sunday, July 19

Group A 1st placed team v Group B 1st placed team, 7:30pm ET

(The tournament format includes teams being drawn into two groups of three teams each, 3 points will be awarded to participating teams for each win and zero points for a loss, a penalty shoot-out will follow each drawn game after normal regulation play with the winner awarded 2 points and the loser 1 point.

After the group matches are played, last-placed teams in each group play for the fifth and sixth positions. S

Second-placed teams in each group play for the third and fourth positions.

First-placed teams in each group will play for the championship trophy, and therefore first and second place.)

  • brooklynaguirre

    TheOffsideRules Do you know who the promoter is? Sounds like a rip off of ICC

  • TheOffsideRules

    brooklynaguirre No idea.

  • Brownale69

    Is there Sports direct tat shops in USA?

  • A lex

    Strange how our ultra-efficient communications dept couldn’t get this announcement out as quick as the last one.

  • mrkgw

    Staggering. And here we are at present, the club in meltdown, no leadership, an inept and dull side which looks increasingly like it will be relegated. And, the club is planning its summer holiday…..

  • A lex

    Got to make proper use of the flip-flops somehow, mate!

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    @brooklynaguirre TheOffsideRules
    Your smart, Do you like |Rodents ?

  • Brown Bottle

    Texas…in July. That tells ya sumfin.