Somebody was busy this morning as they got into the spirit of #boycottspurs five days early.

Thanks to Ben N for sending the image below.

This temporary artwork is/was at King Edwards Bay in Tynemouth.


We’ll fight them on the beaches…

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  • BillytheFish

    People need to be allowed to make their own minds up and act accordingly.

    I gave up going to home games 2 years ago, and will not consider going back until Wonga is off the shirt, and I might just stay away permanently as the away support is much better (not so much moaning)

  • magpiefifer

    If the unceremonious,contemptuous dumping of the framed club photographs in a skip by this poisonous regime doesn’t add shedloads to the number boycotting the Spurs game Ashley has won!

  • NotFatFreddy
  • newcastle7

    Pathetic article  get to the game on Sunday and support the team we need the pounds.For those in Leazes Park the pond is not deep enough.Such a shame.

  • hate the mackems

    newcastle7 Why bother going to the game, the team wont turn up so why should we. You do what you think is right while myself & others will do what we think is right. No slagging each off.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7  Is 7 your IQ

  • DZA187

    newcastle7 Sorry but I am boycotting, you sound like a sellout who wears wonga in the stands!

  • magpie9

    That looks like the pitch where Carver should be coaching, Sunday morning on the beach football running a hangover off waiting for the pub to open