Boycott: Should I stay or should I go now?

It has been a tough week.

Another Derby defeat, in what was a very poor performance, has led to the calls for a mass protest against Spurs in our next home game.

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I have read the various articles, comments and opinions of many people regarding the issue, which seems to have divided us as fans.

Now before I start, I want Ashley out as much as the next man. He clearly couldn’t care less about us as fans but is this the right way to go?

So should we stay away, protest and let it be known we are finally at breaking point, or do we go and support the team through thick and thin, like we always do?

Staying away would generate massive press interest, no doubt, but is it the type of publicity we want? Would it really have any affect on how NUFC is run? I seriously doubt it.

Most likely it will make us look like a laughing stock to the rest of the country, and possibly deter any future investors from considering NUFC as an option.

Will it change Ashley’s view as to how the club is run? Simple answer, no.

Staying away will not bother Ashley in the slightest, in fact you could well imagine him actually enjoying it. He would probably be rubbing his fat little hands together with all the free publicity Sports Direct will get as a result. The financial impact of us not attending will be pocket change to him, and I imagine he would take great pride in being the reason we as fans have decided to boycott a game.

The tabloid press would certainly have a field day with the story though. The good old Geordie faithful one again giving the rest of the Football world a good laugh. Is it something we can handle? of course. Is it something we want? No. The only people who really benefit here are the journalists who take great delight in seeing us fail.

Would it affect the performance of the players? Possibly not given the recent atmosphere at St. James’. Maybe an empty stadium with no pressure from the fans might be a welcome relief for the team. Ok, maybe not!

I would think the travelling Spurs fans will probably not join us in protest, so the thought of them having the run of St. James’ Park is not one that fills me with joy.

Ok the atmosphere hasn’t been brilliant this season, much like the performances, but this is the time we need to rally round and show our support. We pride ourselves in being the loyalist of supporters even when things are bad, let’s prove it.

I get that staying away would send a message out, but is it really the best way?

For this to have any real effect, then everyone who has a ticket for next Sunday would need to stay away. That’s never going to happen.

Personally I will still go, after all this is my club. I supported them long before Ashley came and I will support them long after he has gone.

If you want to protest, fine, that’s your right as a fan, and I don’t disagree with your reasons for it, just the method.

Would it not be better to protest before, after, half time or full time? If you are worried about giving Ashley your hard earned money then don’t buy a pint, programme, pie or whatever else you may usually get from inside the ground.

We still need to pick up points this season, in order to be safe, creating an atmosphere in which the players can perform in is our responsibility, we can’t do that by not attending.

The fans define the club, not the boardroom, so for 90 minutes next Sunday let’s show why we are the best supporters in the country.

As a great man once said…

“What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it.

It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city.

It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.’

See you there next Sunday.

  • jahnnaman

    Yeah because going to games and “supporting the team” has done us wonders so far.

  • Paul Willis

    We would be better off displaying our anger on live tv! Staying away is a waste of time and it lets Ashley off the hook! He already has the money

  • NottsToon

    Kool Aid must be on offer at Sports Direct this week.

  • pissed off mag

    what a load of crap, let spurs fans have the run of the ground every other teams fans have taken the piss this year. dear me this is such a crap story he must be one of the mugpies or a mackem

  • Andy Gray

    I don’t agree that we’d look like a laughing stock – it surely would look like we’ve eventually got our act together and stood up for ourselves at long last – everyone was impressed by AC Milan’s recent similar stance

  • NottsToon

    This talk of being a laughing stock, what basis in fact does that have? Isn’t it just another cliche’d lie peddled by apologists? Are we not a laughing stock already for continuing to hand over money and lend support to a bloke who clearly despises us? Just asking.

  • Mick21

    You’ve answered the question in one of your first sentences 

    “Now before I start, I want Ashley out as much as the next man. He clearly couldn’t care less about us as fans but is this the right way to go?”
    The club clearly don’t care if you go to the game. If enough people realise that by not attending another inept defeat hosted by John “Listen we won 45 minutes what more do you want?” Carver and his merry men it will make a statement in the national media that can’t be ignored by them regarding the way the club is ran.

  • wqewqerwqer

    This reads like a written form article from Philomena Cunk’s Moments of Wonder.

  • IainT0842

    Awful article and this is the sort of mentality people need to snap out of and believe that change IS possible and that we can make a difference.

    “I want Ashley out as much as the next man”

    You clearly don’t. You are prepared to sit there apathetic whilst Ashley and his cronies laugh at you. People with that train of thought are part of the problem, not the solution.

    If Ashley doesn’t budge then so be it, some of us will be able to hold our heads high knowing we had a go. People like yourself will just sit around bemoaning everything whilst being prepared to do absolutely nothing about it.

  • Brian Standen

    What I find funny on here is the people who make the most critical comments about articles are the ones who are seemingly unwilling or unable to produce their own contributions!

  • Maximus Moose

    Do you work for Ashley ??

  • kb12

    This is not yours or our club like we’ve been told many times its ashleys club he bought it he can do what he wants with it, I say boycott ashleys club

  • Maximus Moose

    kb12 Nailed it !

  • Demented_Man

    Oh my word.  I get so tired of articles like this.  When is the ‘support the team, not the regime’ attitude going to die?
    One of the reasons why Ashley has lasted 8 years.

  • Roddy1012

    As I wrote in a previous article, fans will do what they wish whatever is suggested to them.  However, I do feel this could have some legs.  I am still undecided as whether to attend or not.  What I suggest is if you do attend the game then greet the team coming onto the pitch with total silence.  That would also send a message.

  • LeazesEnder

    You are a complete Pr*ck Lumsden!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Were the Mackem’s a laughing stock? Got rid of Poyet and got them Advocaat. People walking out and having a go before hand, it was reported as frustration and justified. Yet many of our sheep sit there, tut tut, and do and say nothing.
    Was the last Ashley out protest a waste of time? He tried to sell three times afterwards and for as little as 80 million.
    Sorry like, but as fair as I try to think of being, this whole nonsense of doing nothing and expecting things to change is just that. Nonsense.
    As often said, a sign of madness is repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Take your seat, do nothing, and nothing will ever change.

  • PB777

    I probably will boycott but there seem to be a lot of abusive people sitting bravely behind keyboards. No need. The author is just expressing an opinion. A lot of folk who are telling me not to go are people who have never gone anyway.

  • Gillo81

    What I find ridiculous is that people come on here and call a guy a pri*k and throw around other insults for having an opinion.
    If you don’t agree with it fine, but he is entitled to it. You say there are no facts for the boycott making us a laughing stock, but at the same time there are no facts to prove staying away will remove ashley or that he will care.
    In which case, how can you vilify a guys opinion without 100% knowing he is wrong? So much for Newcastle UNITED. I am almost certain that every man , woman and child who enters SJP would have ashley gone tomorrow if they could but does that mean this is the route to go down? Does it gaurentee success?
    The simple answer is no, it doesn’t. I’m all for a boycott and commend those that do it in the hope that it makes a difference, but at the same time I respect the views of those that don’t do it. Mike Ashley will leave NUFC when Mike Ashley thinks the time is right and if there is money to be milked he will stay.
    Clubs have swapped chairmen before and been no better off. Safc have went through 5 managers in 4 years under Ellis short and been near the bottom of thee league for each of those seasons despite investment. Yes, they have beaten us buy is that the benchmark?
    Fulham FC replaced Al Fayed and are in the brink of league 1 and back to back relegations.
    I am by no means supporting Ashley but I am simy highlighting that protests are peoples choice and the results are not guaranteed and are certainly not guarenteed to be positive.
    Going down is not the answer. We have seen that at first hand. I don’t know what the answer is but criticizing fellow fans for their opinions is NOT it.

  • Ian Gibson

    I agree totally steven,worth a try.cant sustain a boycott cos of season tickets(people wont miss alot of games they paid for) but not too much to ask to miss 1 n see what comes of it.liverpool werent a laughing stock when they protested to get rid of their owners n neither are we.its for the good of the club in the long run

  • Chris McGarry

    You go to the game, sit there miserable as sin, kiss Ashley’s backside, watch Spurs destroy a division two side at best and go home happy because you ‘support’ the team. You want this every week? Your choice. I’d say it was you who is the laughing stock. Or you could join those who care, those who are trying to put an end to this by forcing some kind of change!

  • Porciestreet

    Listen Lumsden, I don’t suppose that any of the fans that want to take this action actually believes that the outcome will bring anything but disdain from “The Fat One”.The wole idea is to bring attention to our plight as fans under the cosh of this louse.  It will be a talking point for the rest of the season amongst the pundits and sports show hosts around the world which is exactly what fatty does not want.
    All this rhetoric about what it will do to the teams moral etc, etc, is a load of hogwash.They are already severely damaged goods as was evidenced in the first half at home to the 4r5e and the least said the better about last Sunday, the worst performance in Black and White I have witnessed in 55 years as a supporter,  Abysmal.If they had been on top of their game, it would be understandable.
    Ilove the idea the someone mentioned that to pay the “17th Min”tribute before leaving the ground would put the fans of our club in a highly respectable light whilst seriously making the point required.
    I would urge all concearned to take some form of action. This is Your club, not fatty’s. We are being clearly raped in plain view of the whole nation and we don’t seem to be caring.

    ASHLEY OUT…………………………..

  • Wingpaddock

    I find it quite amusing that some  folk who clearly do not want to vacate their seat/join in a protest put forward a plethora of reasons for not doing so, but don’t “evenly” consider why they should join in. Whilst everyone is entitled to their opinions it seems some search afar for reasons to justify their already made up decision. Sometimes more excuses than the Pardew -Random -Excuse -Generator.
    Don’t want to leave your seat -well get some of the protest materials and do your bit in making us a respectable club again.

  • NottsToon

    Gillo81 The point of fact being that this has never been tried with any degree of success, and therefore the success cannot be measured. Sitting and doing nothing but moaning has been tried for 8 years now, how is that working out for every man, woman and child entering SJP?

    We know 100% that he is wrong as his inaction, and the inaction of other has contributed to this situation and has undoubtedly left NUFC a laughing stock, The irony of these people who chirp on about protests being embarrassing whilst continuing to hand over their money to this charlatan is almost too much to bear.

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    spot on chris

  • Dominic Cottle

    There’s meant to be a protest outside at the same time

  • geord88

    You’re as bad as Carver, bringing Sir Bobby’s good name into this. I’m sure he, like Keegan, wouldn’t approve of the way this club is currently being run!

  • Chemical Dave

    The one thing that baffles me is people like the author of this piece talking like they know how Ashley thinks or how he’ll respond? Look into your crystal ball Ross and let me.know the winner of the.masters and the national.

  • Chemical Dave

    Furthermore, why do people care what people around the country think ? Its weak and pathetic.

  • Marklp

    I will be boycotting not because I think he will go, I think we have Ashley for a fair while yet, but because I think he’s wrong on how he runs the club and if this brings the discussion to the fore and we can get a change of direction then it will be a good thing.  I don’t buy into all the things said on here, some of them are either daft or venomous.  My issue is the club just keep making the wrong choices and are way to slow to react to situations the fans and media had seen months earlier.  I’m sick of having no hope and I am probably not the only one who thought Sunday was going to be damage limitation.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Gillo81 Simple fact is, when has doing nothing ever effected any change, anywhere, in anything?
    Even Gandhi managed to bring about change by nothing more than peaceful protest. He got rid of the largest Empire on the planet at the time and yes, it was us the Brits!
    Opinions are to be respected, but what about individual conscience? Are the people who are against the protest happy enough to keep experiencing this, season in and out? If so, why? There simply cannot be a ‘team, not the regime’ approach unless the regime itself is brought to account some way. 
    In my opinion, there has never been and will never be a better opportunity than now and through until the end of the season. Ashley’s model plainly does not work. If it does not work now it will fail even more as players become even more expensive due to inflationary prices because of the new Sky money.
    Ashley will not spend his own money (invest, in many peoples mind) as has been proven. He is too afraid to risk losing his investment again. Something has to give. If he wont spend what is needed and is too afraid of the drop, then it would seem logical he may well be looking for an out. 
    Giving him fresh impetus to sell up is the only chance that I feel this Club can or will be competitive again.

  • geord88

    Andy Gray The club wouldn’t be able to use their go to phrase “…a minority of fans…” either. They shrug off all criticism on a weekly basis, a big protest like this would mean they would have to respond.

  • Wallsendstu

    Reading the comments on here Ashley is the only one winning. He has divided the fan base which he revels in. Supporters at each others throats are not at his. People have different opinions and should not be vilified for it. My personal opinion is I would like to at least see it tried before saying if it will or won’t work. Nothing else is happening and Carvers words today reiterate the feeling of the board when he said ‘people will do what they want but I know the majority will turn up’. Exactly what Ashley feels so why should he worry.

  • Gillo81

    I don’t disagree with the protest. I don’t think i suggested that I do. My point was more that people will agree with it and others won’t and eac will have their own logic. How does that make one less of a fan than the other and one entitle to abuse the other.
    I hope the protest achieves its goal and I hope we can then all see a brighter future ahead. I’m sceptical as to that being the outcome but agree that doing nothing will certainly see no changes made.
    I must admit though, that with ashley or without him, I want NUFC to be a premier league club so I am still focused on the team achieving that status officially in addition to the protests. To many people seem to have forgotten that we have a game on Monday and the fear of the bottom 3 closing the gap before any protests can be made.
    If NUFC enter the Spurs game 6 or 7 points clear of the relegation zone do you think people will stay away or go to roar the team to survival?

  • stevennufc

    keep going sheep!……support the regime….not the team!…….deffinition of insanity…..using the same ingredients and expecting a different result!!!……..pathetic really!

  • geordieladdo

    The fans define the club, not the boardroom, so for 90 minutes next Sunday let’s show why we are the best supporters in the country.
    That’s what you WANT to beleive Ross – thats what Ashley WANTS you to beleive.
    Until you wake up to it all like people all over are slowly starting to do then you will continue to think you make a difference with the current regime. It seems you need them more than they need you…. you just dont know it yet!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    geordieladdo Exactly. For every supporter out there who is saying they will go because they support the team but not the regime – then do something about it and join in. Make your differences heard in the ground.
    You can support the team but still have a go at Ashley.

  • RexN

    Some fair points in the article, with a few “buts”.

    Having a near capacity crowd for the last few seasons has allowed Ashley to make profit and under-invest. Those who go line his pocket and wittingly or unwittingly, provide endorsement for his lack of effort.

    As far as the crowd getting behind the team and making a difference, 2 wins in 13 suggests that it has little or no affect and that the state of the club has a bigger influence. 

    Back in the days of the miners’ strike, there was a word used to describe the behaviour of those who crossed the picket lines. Ultimately, it was the “scabs” that allowed the Thatcher government to lay waste to those mining areas.

    It’s your choice if you go. It’s your choice if you want to be complicit in supporting Ashley’s devastation of our club.

  • A lex


  • Conman

    Every one person who stays away is a nail in his coffin. If everyone thinks like you, well enjoy it. You deserve it and you are very welcome to x amount of years that the fcb will stick it up you. Absolutely pathetic worrying what others may think. So what. Be a man and stand up to this toss pot.
    I went to North shields again last night. Great night. Good honest teams giving their all and a great crowd of almost 1500. All for £6. A bargain. Do yourself and indirectly us all a favour and man up. I weep sometimes.

  • NottsToon

    Gillo81 I answered points within your post directly and never suggested that you were against it. Sorry, but I don’t see any correlation between your first post and your response, you appear to now be arguing against a suggestion which wasn’t made.

    I will reiterate…

    You said that no one can say that he is 100% wrong, I pointed out that actually we can given 8 years of evidence.

    You said that your belief is that every man, woman and child entering SJP wants Ashley out. I questioned how their inaction was working out for them so far.

    Back on track now I think.

  • Allhopegone

    The question that needs answering is how many season tickets have been renewed for next year. If most ticket holders have renewed, which is likely, Ashley will see this as an endorsement for how he runs the club and I can’t see him worrying about a few thousand boycotting the Spurs game knowing that he is going to get full houses next season.

    In all honesty, what did the Cardiff protest achieve. I fear that this will go the same way. Its OK the keyboard warriors, who never attend matches anyway, voting to boycott but do sufficient ticket holders feel the same way.

    The only way to protest effectively is not to renew season tickets but as we know from the past 8 years under this lot, its not going to happen.

  • NottsToon

    Allhopegone Yeh, you’re right. We should all just accept our fate and file blindly into the slaughter chamber….sorry SJP, or become Chelsea fans. Sorry, did you have a point or did you just show up to sh1t on those who are actually taking action rather than happy clapping mediocrity and worse?

  • Gillo81

    NottsToon  Fair enough.  I agree that something needs to be done and this may just be the answer.  Lets hope so.  

    However, I fear that it will not be unified enough to create a stir at board level and that is what my second post was highlighting.

    Everyone (i assume) wants a change from the top through to the gaffer and the playing staff and a new top man can make that happen.  However, I also think people want nufc in the premier league and if it comes to backing the team in a dogfight or putting pressure on the team by not being there or making the atmosphere hostile, I think people will choose the former which is there choice and unfortunately would be to the detriment of the big picture.

    Perhaps the action is right, but the timing may need some adjustment in order to get more public support.  Just a thought.

  • NottsToon

    Gillo81 NottsToon Everyone fears that it might not be enough, it probably won’t, but that is not the point here.

    The point is simply that action is better than apathy, if all that is achieved is giving the supporters a sense of empowerment then that is great and it will be enough for it to happen again, and again until the impact is felt, until a reaction is made.

    The choice is to do something or to do nothing, that should never, ever be a choice for supporters of this football club.

  • Allhopegone

    NottsToon Allhopegone The point I am trying to make is what will be achieved from a few thousand boycotting one match if 50,000 plus is more or less guaranteed at every game next season. My personal protest was to give up my season ticket last year as I am fed up with what is going on. Incidentally what did the Cardiff protest achieve.

  • LeazesEnder

    wqewqerwqer Yes …. its probably a wind-up, a first time poster

    I’m a Philomena devotee ha

  • LeazesEnder

    Gillo81 Ach… he a wind-up merchant…. it saves time!

  • PhilYare

    just to quote – ‘So should we stay away, protest and let it be known we are finally at breaking point, or do we go and support the team through thick and thin, like we always do?’

    its a bit like pardew and carvers tactics isn’t it? lets do what hasn’t worked 50 million times before

    weve proved we are the best fans yet we get little credit for it, so we have nowt to lose, lets do something different and send a message that we are not going to watch us be raped by this man

  • PhilYare

    Allhopegone NottsToon I think that was more successful than you think

  • Allhopegone

    PhilYare Allhopegone NottsToon How?

  • PeterRobson

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

  • Sickandtiredstill
  • NottsToon

    Allhopegone PhilYare NottsToon Continued apathy or action, what’s our choice?

    Defeatist attitude or taking a stand?

    Keep doing what has brought us here or change it?

    How simple do I have to make it before you understand it?

  • Allhopegone

    NottsToon Allhopegone PhilYare You could start by explaining what the Cardiff protest achieved. Since then we have lost one bad manager for a worse one and have a more depleted squad.
    Why not aim your criticisms and protests at those who continue to line his pockets with season ticket money which endorses the way he runs the club are you one of them.

  • LeazesEnder

    PeterRobson Lee Ryders tootsies are getting warm

  • NottsToon

    Alternatively, you could explain what doing nothing for the last 8 years has achieved.

  • hettonmag

    IainT0842  Well said  Iain,  I walked  back to work behind  the banner  after a year on strike it didn’t  achieve anything  they still closed the  pit,  but by god we gave it a go.

  • Allhopegone

    NottsToon How simple do I have to make the question “what did the Cardiff protest achieve”. Surely you must be able to think of something! If that protest achieved a worse manager and a weaker squad, what do you expect the Spurs boycott to achieve?
    Nothing has been achieved over the past 8 years and nothing will until people (like you?) stop lining Ashley’s pockets by buying tickets and almost filling the ground every match.
    I take it you haven’t responded to the points I have put to you as you don’t have any answers.

  • NottsToon

    You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed are you lad? I haven’t set foot in SJP for 5 years by choice.
    Please explain to me how you arrived at the conclusion that the Cardiff protest is in any way linked to managerial changes and player sales? Not much on cause and effect are you son?

  • NottsToon

    You could also point out where I made ANY claims about achievements of the Cardiff protest. Good luck with that kid.

  • Chemical Dave

    What did you expect it to achieve, Ashley sell up the next day ? Cone on man, protests will have to be sustained and determined.

  • Demented_Man

    LeazesEnder PeterRobson So are John Anderson’s, although even he seems utterly pi $$ ed off now with the regime.

  • Demented_Man

    Allhopegone NottsToon It’s funny how the defeatists always say that protest achieves nothing, yet claim that Pardew was ‘hounded’ out of the club by the fans.

  • newcastle7

    A great article who should be banned from this site as you talk sense.During the first world war people got shot for going A.W.O.L. whatever happened to our great country.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 Were you shot in the head?

  • Allhopegone

    NottsToon Alternatively you can point out where I said you did.

  • LeazesEnder

    Demented_Man LeazesEnder PeterRobson No all expenses paid European away days?

  • Allhopegone

    NottsToon “We should all just accept our fate and file blindly into the slaughterhouse” didn’t include you then. Happy for the paying punters to do your protesting for you.
    I do not think the Cardiff protest achieved anything. That is my point. I don’t understand what you expect the Spurs boycott to achieve and you don’t appear to have any ideas either.

  • NottsToon

    Well, as you keep asking me about something I never mentioned it seemed a fair assumption, or are you now back pedalling?

  • LeazesEnder

    Demented_Man Allhopegone NottsToon They are confused individual, ….

    …more to be scolded than pitied!

  • NottsToon

    F**king hell, are you really arguing the semantics of the English language not your argument has been shot to sh1t?
    Again, action over apathy any day of the week, you carry on being a defeatist.

  • Allhopegone

    NottsToon As long as its not you taking the action eh?

  • snodgrass2

    Regarding the boycot the question is not – why should i stay away – but rather why should I go?
    What do you actually get from a visit to our once great ground? Is it hard fought competition between two teams – sadly not if our current team is involved. Is it to enjoy the tactics  and skill of our team – sadly not apparent with this bunch. Is it the heart and never say die attitude – sadly never apparent with this lot? Is it the atmosphere – what atmosphere? Is it the cameraderie – sadly only evident outside the ground -silence within. Is it the raucous singing – sadly not allowed at our club. Is it the 3 points to shoot us up the table – sadly its getting harder to remember 3 points? Is it the promise of the Cup competitions – sadly not in Ashley’s lifetime. Is it merely the joy of beating the old local enemy – sadlet not on the horizon at the moment. So what do you see on the pitch that makes you want to repeat the act? I ask again –  honestly, why do you go???

  • Demented_Man

    LeazesEnder Demented_Man PeterRobson Even those don’t compensate for suffering 90 mins of Newcastle.  I won’t even take the free tickets offered at work.  It’s that bad.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Demented_Man Allhopegone NottsToon Great point.

    And it’s probably the people who will never do anything, just sit there and take everything, afraid of change, who are advocates of doing nothing.

  • keeganRescueUs

    I don’t think we would be a laughing stock, there have been some good Anti-Ashley articles in the national press and even Paul merson stuck the boot in to Ashley on sky sports the other week so there is momentum in the feeling against the regime. I really have no idea what the solution is at the moment, I have racked me brains thinking of geordie millionaires and unless I’ve missed someone, none have the money to see off fatty. A conglomerate of rich geordies perhaps, shearer, ant and Dec? Sting, Graham ellie? Brian Johnson? A hit man on Ashley seems the best bet at the moment!!!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Allhopegone NottsToon Plainly you don’t seem to realise there will be protests outside the ground also. Anyone can take part even if you decide to go into the match. Would be good if those same people actually voiced dissent against Ashley, as well as support for the team. You can do both you know.
    Simple fact is there were people arguing to do nothing and for no change when Hall bought the Club. 

    Some people prefer to accept the benefits of change without contributing to it. Others are simply terrified of it. Some will therefore resist.
    As has been said before, the plain and simple truth is if Ashley actually reversed his actions and tried to make this Club all he promised, and in the way he promised, the majority would be behind him, not against him. The austerity measures though have become the normal operating procedure and business model. Plainly, a multi Billionaire who got rich on dealing with tat and screwing people over cannot change his spots.
    What’s coming out of Rangers is most likely what he has done here, only we won’t learn any of it until he’s gone. That’s what being a sole owner gets you.

  • NottsToon

    You’re on a roll tonight kid, gave up my season ticket and will be protesting. Shall I see you there?

  • mags69

    what chance have we got when we  have fans writing articles like this how many more fans think like this,
    I wonder, listening to the atmosphere these days  seems to be too  many there lies the problem no real passion left in the majority who go to matches these days

  • PhilYare

    NottsToon Allhopegone PhilYare I’m not going mate. Change it defo. Understand what?

  • toontom68

    The fans define the club not the boardroom????? Really????
    In what way have the fans defined ANYTHING that has happened at Newcastle in the last 5 years?
    No mate,sorry that is utter cobblers.
    An easy out cos you dont want to boycott.
    If you are happy with the way the club is being run then fine but say that. Dont come up with this sh*te!!
    The tragic thing is that there are probably another 30-40,000 of people like you who keep NUFC trundling along as it is….only you havent realised it is no longer NUFC…it is Sports Direct FC.
    I actually think that the only way these people will see it for what it is will be for Ashley to rename the club after his tat shop once and for all.
    NUFC is dead…cant you smell it?

  • grahame49

    On Thursday I seen a film with my 17 year old daughter, the duff in it there was less bitchyness and name calling then I have read in the comment sections. Great this internet lark for name calling etc with out consequences.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    grahame49 The consequences (name calling aside) are obvious. Do nothing and remain the same – or do something and at least try to force a change. Ashley ain’t going to do it by himself unless relegation again becomes a real issue. 
    If anyone really supports and believes in Ashley, then they deserve all this Club is suffering from. If you ain’t happy with him and still want to go to the match, then support the team when needed, but stand up and dissent against the regime when you can.
    You can do both!

  • Ashley is a Bawbag

    Hit the fat man in the pocket stay away for the rest of the season.

  • Toonster

    toontom68  Absolutely spot on.  The fans define nothing at SJP any more they just help Mike Ashley to promote his tatty brand.  I can’t believe how misused Sir Bobby’s quote is now.  It’s ironic actually and very saddening.  Sir Bobby’s description of a football club ran out of legs the day MIke Ashley bought Newcastle United.  I’m sure he’s turning in his grave seeing what has been done to the club that he loved so much.  If he was alive today he would have said…

    “What is a club in any case? The buildings, the stakeholders and the filthy sponsors who pay to represent it. It’s outrageous television contracts, get-out clauses and over-hyped, over paid players . It’s being able to hear a pin drop, the antipathy, the frustration and the feeling of complete alienation, the loss of pride. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at row after row of Sports Direct signs, sensing the frustration and division amongst the supporters and thinking I’d rather be having a kick about in the park or riding my bike”

    If only the grown ups that keep trundling along felt the same way.

  • magpiefifer

    We are not a laughing stock – more and more people are finding out just what Ashley is,through his activities with Rangers,SD etc.Apart from the financial results for his beloved SD all the publicity is anti-Ashley – and so it should be!!
    If enough fans stay away from SJP,Ashley will know that we have had enough of his nonsense.

  • BillytheFish

    I keep away because of the Wonga thing and will not be back until there is an ethical sponsor. But that was my decision and I hope people who protest or not are allowed to, and be respected for their decision.

  • DavidDrape

    don’t forget to bring your flip flops to the park