Twenty four hours after another day of action, the Ashley Out campaign have released a statement post-Swansea.

Officially the lowest crowd of the season at 46,884 (though there was clearly far less than that in St. James’ Park) saw a well observed 34th minute protest with the ‘red card’ shown to Mike Ashley….even though ironically he ended up boycotting once again, just as he did for Spurs last week.

The action on Saturday also involved Sports Direct stores, read more below…

25-04 Swansea (h) protest review statement


Once again would like to thank all fans who took part in yesterday’s protests, whether by boycotting the Swansea match, taking part in #StandUpToAshley by showing him the red card in the 34th minute or by protesting at Sports Direct stores.

It was never truly our intention to protest at all Sports Direct stores listed in our protest announcement. This was a tactic to inconvenience Mike Ashley by forcing him to arrange for extra security measures at all named stores and, evidently, it was successful based on sightings of additional security staff at several of the named shops.

Although we would not have stood in the way of protests at other stores, our intention was to have a demonstration outside the Northumberland Street store only.

Those that braved the adverse weather conditions succeeded by increasing press coverage of the Ashley Out movement and by showing Mike Ashley that our protests will not be limited to matches in what was only the start of our #AshleyEmbargo campaign, targeting all Mike Ashley’s business interests.

The #StandUpToAshley protest also gained extensive press coverage and once again demonstrated to Mike Ashley and the watching world that we will not sit on our hands while he destroys our club.

Tens of thousands of fans joined this protest to show their dissatisfaction in the 34th minute of the game by showing Ashley the red card, voicing their frustrations or by simply standing up in defiance.

Our plans to distribute the red cards were not advertised in advance to prevent the club from arranging the additional security that has been put in place at the stadium for previous protests.

It is clear that those within Ashley’s regime will not tolerate any criticism, even from the fans who have supported the club long before their arrival and who will support it long after their departure.

There were eyewitness accounts of stewards removing cards from fans in the ground and attempts to prevent fans from taking them into the stadium. This is despite the fact that the material was both factual and inoffensive and there being absolutely no legal basis to confiscate these protest materials.

Notwithstanding the club’s totalitarian approach, the aim of further highlighting the club’s distinct lack of ambition was achieved. Even with £34m in the bank, the club refused to invest in a competent manager and to strengthen a squad low on numbers and quality to make it fit for purpose.

This adds even more weight to the argument that its sole objective is now to exist as a Sports Direct billboard.

Furthermore, during the game a remarkable incident took place when John Carver reportedly saw fit to abuse a “fellow fan” once again for questioning his players’ passion. This type of indiscipline and contempt for the club’s supporters has unfortunately been all too common from those representing the club since Ashley’s takeover.

Finally it was very heartening to see a large number of empty seats once again, as more and more fans make a clear statement that their support cannot be taken for granted by an owner who doesn’t appear to have the slightest interest in the club’s on-field performance. The ‘official’ attendance given by the club (46,884) was the lowest of the season, although as with the Spurs game the actual number of those who attended was clearly lower.

Again, we reiterate that this is just the start. Our plans for future protests will be released in due course, including full details of the #AshleyEmbargo, and we hope that fans will continue to support the campaign by uniting together to achieve one common goal. United we stand, divided we fall.

Ashley Out!

To keep in touch with the campaign website go to and follow on Twitter @AshleyOutdotcom


  • mrkgw

    Keep up the campaign – they will get the message eventually.

  • Kev82

    Seriously guys, do you just expect Ashley to pack his bags and leave because we want him to? There is the small matter that we would need a buyer and last time of checking I don’t think we have any knocking on Ashley’s door. I support the boycotting but it should be aimed at trying to force Ashley to change his ways rather than wasting time trying to force him out when it’s his business, he’s hardly going to give it away.

  • DownUnderMag

    Kev82 it’s not about expecting Ashley to pack his bags and leave to the first buyer, it is about fans saying “enough is enough”.

    Limping through to the end of the season, with crossed fingers that other clubs don’t put enough wins together to relegate us, is farcical when they announce such high levels of profits and refused to buy in the needed players or get in the right manager in January. 

    The biggest quote from the above post I think is “fit for purpose”.  Ashley is jeopardising the future of the club by the way things are being run for short term profit, risking premiership survival as well as hurting recruitment of future generations of fans. Something has to change and sitting on your backsides waiting for a miracle to just appear out of thin air is naive to say the least.  Time has come to make our feelings vocal and hopefully put some public pressure on the owner to get his finger out and start running this club as a FOOTBALL club rather than a high street store.

  • Harry Todd

    Yes you did well we were one nil up and well in control then the thirty fourth minute protest while not great led to anti Ashley chants which affected the team and gave a massive boost to Swansea.Wonder what your plans are for the West Brom game to get us relegated cannot wait.

  • StevePassmoor

    Yeah, it gave Swansea such a boost that it took 13 minutes for them to break through our porous defence.
    We were never ‘in control’ of the game and it was only thanks to a defensive blunder that we took the lead, could you ever see us scoring otherwise?
    36 goals in 34 games is garbage and failing to score in 12 of those 34 games is even more telling.
    As for plans to get us relegated, I think the players have managed to get themselves into that position of their own accord. We supported them unswerving until the Spurs game and our support didn’t seem to ever spur them on much, did it? See the above stats if you need to be reminded.

  • fromtheheed

    The only statement of intent is for Ashley to announce that Klopp will be our next manager and he will be bankrolled with a 150 million war chest. That blow to my head must have been worse than I thought, tongue in cheek.

  • Chemical Dave

    Can’t wait for your next username either scumbag.

  • Chemical Dave

    Would love yo think he’ll change his ways kev but I think there’s more chance of me going to the moon.

  • Kev82

    I agree with everything you are saying, but even the name of the campaign is Ashley OUT. We can’t force him to sell up especially if there is no buyer.

  • LeazesEnder

    Harry Todd Stupid little man!

  • pissed off mag

    Harry Todd  stupid stupid man you so are dear god cant you see whats going on harry

  • pissed off mag

    Chemical Dave  more chance of us going to scumderland dave

  • toon tony

    Harry Todd, Newcastle 7, APBAWA

  • Gaffa201

    Still loving the we didnt invest the £34m in the squad when £30m was spent the month following those accounts banter. I hate Ashley but the AshleyOut crew need to get some new chat cos they are just making things up. Have people forgot that those summer signings were make and the real problem is the transfer policy has failed by purchasing utter crap not a lack of cash investment.

  • Peter Moustachley

    I was going to pull some quotes but it’s all here in a nice neat little black and white article on Ashley

  • Peter Moustachley

    I am so smart, S M R T, I mean S M A R T !!