Late on Sunday night the Ashley Out campaign organisers released the statement below.

Following the boycott of the Spurs match, the fans were keen to counter the propaganda from Mike Ashley and Newcastle United.


Today the supporters of Newcastle United came together to send a message to Mike Ashley; sell up and leave.

The #BoycottSpurs protest was a success but do not forget that this is just the start of what will be a long and sustained campaign to reclaim our club.

Today Newcastle United announced the official attendance as 47,427 – Northumbria Police have also confirmed that this was the official figure provided to them by the club. In reality, we all know that this figure is grossly over exaggerated. There is simply no way that 47,427 supporters were inside St. James’ Park earlier this afternoon.

Need we remind you that the board and directors of the current regime at Newcastle United are proven liars?

‘The Club admitted to the Tribunal that it repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and fans of Newcastle United.’



We are united, this is only the start. We will not rest until Mike Ashley is no longer the owner of Newcastle United.

We want our football club back.

  • 47,427 would mean the ground was 90.5% full.  The club have been a bit too optimistic with their lies on this occasion.  Judging by the photos, the rumoured true attendance of 31,000 seems about accurate.
    It’s disappointing though, how many national journalists have been taken in by the lies without even bothering to question the figures.  All the lazy and gullible reporters need to open their eyes and start doing their jobs properly.
    Finally, if I worked for HMRC, I’d compare the photos of the empty seats with the officially reported figures, and then I’d be questioning if the NUFC accounts were prepared in a similar fashion … ?

  • LeazesEnder

    NUFC Tips Spot on….

    In line with Arsenal who give ‘ticket sales’ as attendance figures, I said they would do this a week ago…. 

    …. Newcastle United don’t disappoint (sic)

  • Bishbosh11

    It’s common practice to include season ticket sales on attendance figures. It’s not a true reflection of the actual attendance. I didn’t go, but to those who did, how many do you think were there? Was Level 7 closed?

  • Roddy1012

    For all those supporters that stayed away, I am so proud of you all.

  • ilullissat

    NUFC Tips No matter how big you are,if enough people are against you, you will be beaten

  • ilullissat

    Carver I wonder what your ‘man in the life’has to say about that result.and I bet the tea lady is in for it

  • partworntyres

    not a bad result yesterday – spurs are from london you know like our superb owner. – j carver.

  • newcastle7

    Well I know at least two hundred season ticket holders and they all went did my own poll last week.
    The crowd was always going to be 47,000 to 48,000 for a live T.V game late on a Sunday afternoon.
    After five defeats including one at Sunderland it was an excellent crows and higher than Everton last season.

  • Mister Tee

    @newcastle7 How do Newcastle United benefit from having Mike Ashley as their owner?
    How does Mike Ashley benefit from owning Newcastle United?

  • ilullissat

    newcastle7 Learn to spell matey,What is your Sodexo payroll number. anyway Wonga are £35 million in the red as of today so hopefully will be vanishing from a Toon top near you

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 The silent support who got up and walked out before the end? Excellent? Man, Simon, are you Keith Bishops apprentice?
    Face the facts you simpleton. Ashley has destroyed the Club.

  • mrkgw

    If the attendance was 47k, what a shame that we have so many sheep following our club. If anyone ever needed a wake up call that Ashley, Charnley and Carver are killing the side then it was yesterday. But no, mediocrity will always do for some and they pathetically put up with anything that this despised owner puts in front of them. Credit however, to those that did take a stand and for showing some backbone. You are the real Newcastle United. To the others, You can have no complaint.

  • Toonbadger

    mrkgw  “mediocrity” is not the word for it now, It has plummeted to UTTER S HITE

  • mrkgw


  • scotstoon

    No way was that crowd 47,000. For Swansea it should be 7,000. It is clear that most of the players are nowhere near good enough, and none of them are listening to Carver. If he has told them to play long high balls, he needs strung up by his. Tottenham were physically bigger, faster ans only played in 3rd gear. If you want to go to the match and “support” the current regime fine, but there was NO support yesterday it was like a morgue. I voted with my feet a long time ago, and i have supported Newcastle for over 50 years. I have seen some rubbish where the black and white shirt but never so many gutless performances. Gouffran should NEVER play for us again.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 Was this them in the gallowgate?

  • toon tony

    200 friends. ….Other than Ashley, who were the other 199.

  • Jamiekgordon

    WHAT ABOUT A LOCK IN PROTEST, 50.000 refuse to leave surely that would get more media coverage plus the stewards would get paid overtime and the police
    “WE WANT ASHLEY OUT “…….into the early hours! Bring a sleeping bag and packed lunch
    Email [email protected]

  • mentalman

    Let’s put a bit of perspective on this, the club released attendance figures including every season ticket which has been sold for this season. EVERY team in all of the British leagues do this so NUFC haven’t done anything underhanded by doing it.
    We will never get true figures on attendances unless someone stands at each entrance and counts them as they go in

  • nev fur

    Anyone paying their money is entitled to complain and doesn’t need the permission of you or anyone else to do it. The fans as a whole all have their own opinions and are entitled to complain or protest in their own way. The worst thing in the world for the campaign though is for the fans to start calling each other, arguing and fighting amongst themselves as this immediately surrenders the moral high ground currently held by the fans and focuses the press on the infighting and away from the issue. We can all be united in one cause without all acting to do the same things or agreeing always on the best way to achieve our ultimate aim to get Ashley either out or showing ambition for the team.

  • Ashley is a Bawbag

    Congratulation to all that stayed away,you’re got to keep it up lads hit the fat man in the pocket.

  • Polarboy

    mentalman Apparently they can be gotten from the police under the freedom of information act. The police of course have to count the actual number of people who enter the ground for health and safety reasons.

  • pissed off mag

    47 thousand my arse what a load of porkies

  • mrkgw

    Nev – i’m not suggesting that supporters can’t complain. Quite to the contrary. I’m getting at those that attended the game. What better opportunity to unite and show solidarity by staying away yesterday and yet, thousands went to the game. And so, there is a split from the off. Yes, supporters have a choice but I strongly believe that those entering St James yesterday bad a bad one. Typical sheep syndrome. Loyalty to the cause? No, none whatsover – instead they played right into Ashleys hands.

  • Chemical Dave

    You know 200 season ticket holders but didn’t know the club can’t extend the east stand ? Haha, what a daft fraud.

  • Porciestreet

    I reckon that looking at the amount of empties, there were at least a third of missing fans which puts it at around35,000 . A good non turn out by those abstaining and lets hope it’s just the start of a much larger campaign. HWTF..Fatty oot…!

  • Porciestreet

    Owld Bill would likely have a field day, but I like ya style…

  • Porciestreet

    You are even dumber than you normally are if you think there was that many at the game. there were at least 1 third of empty seats so that is at the most 35,000 ..
    The campaigners did a brilliant job and there.s more to come. 
    HWTF……Ashley out…ASAP.

  • Porciestreet

    ilullissat  NUFC Tips 
    Amen to that…………………….!HWTF…………Fatty OOT…ASAP.

  • mentalman

    I thought the club gave the police the number

  • mentalman

    I was saying during the match that it was a shame the fans couldn’t all sit together and leave big blocks of empty seats rather than odd seats here and there.