The final plans for #BoycottSpurs on Sunday have been confirmed by the Ashley Out campaign organisers.

Late on Thursday night the information below was announced, detailing what the schedule is for the Spurs matchday.

Updated #BoycottSpurs protest announcement

Ten days ago, only one day after we launched, we publicly backed the #BoycottSpurs concept first floated on Twitter by @NUFC_Stats and quickly endorsed by many, for a one-match boycott of the Tottenham Hotspur game due to be televised by Sky Sports from St. James’ Park on Sunday 19th April at 4pm.

In our initial announcement we promised we would endeavour to provide materials, manpower and publicity to ensure the protest becomes a success, and we are well on course to deliver on that promise. Today we can announce our finalised plans, after liaising with Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council.

From one hour before kick off we will have volunteers at the ready to hand out 20,000 A4 leaflets explaining the details of the protest, and which can also be used to send Mike Ashley a clear message, whether inside St. James’ Park or outside, that the fans of Newcastle United have had enough.

We would like to invite you to join us for a visual and audible pre-boycott/game protest behind the Gallowgate, opposite to the club shop, starting 30 minutes before kick-off, at 3:30pm (not in Leazes Park as previously stated!)

Following this protest, we will head over to Leazes Park after the game has kicked off, where no specific protest activities have been planned, but where we will spend one and a half hours feeding the ducks, watching the grass grow and having a kick-about with fellow fans (there is every chance you will see more determination than on the pitch a few hundred feet to the South).

We encourage those fans who wish to boycott the game for the greater cause, but who can’t deal without their weekly fix of Newcastle United, to watch the game in one of the many pubs who have offered discounts to (season) ticket holders during the game in support of #BoycottSpurs. A list of participating venues can be found at the end of this statement.

Just before full-time we will head back to behind the Gallowgate end towards the corner of Strawberry Place and Barrack Road where all fans are invited to join us for a post-boycott/game protest starting at 5:45pm.

Whilst we ultimately respect each individual fan’s decision on whether to join the boycott or indeed our protests before kick-off and after full-time, we urge every Newcastle fan to join us in this peaceful demonstration of unity and strength to show the world that we want a club to be proud of once again.

Whether Sunday’s boycott is heeded by 500 or 50,000, will be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with like-minded fans as together we take the first step in reclaiming our club

This is only the start. Ashley out.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Let’s upset the FatMan.
    Support the Campaign. Ashley Out !

  • 4everaspur

    If you want to get Ashley out you will need a concerted campaign. How about 10’000 cars legally clogging the city up on match days so the game cant go ahead because the opposition cant get there in time. or how about surrounding the fat pigs car so it cant move anywhere…….. if you really want him out you will need to work hard at it as he is determined. It is no use getting a season ticket and not going to matches…. all he is interested in is your money……… do not let him have it. It may be illegal to go on the pitch but if thousands do it before kick off they can’t prosecute everyone of you. Ashley is a hard nosed b……… you have to be so too. Ghandi led the way with civil disobedience and he won in the end….. So can you.

  • newcastle7

    Your the same lot who handed out the leaflets at the Hull game to get rid of Pardew who has now gone to Palace got them out the relegation zone and over the last four months has them third in the current form league just behind Man Utd and Arsenal.So in short he has taken a relegation threatened team and out performed Chelsea and Man City over four months.Seems like a great idea to want rid of him.
    So lets say Ashley goes even though the club has been up for sale for five years and no one wants us
    you might get a chairman like at Birmingham City or Cardiff.
    Your group has already made one massive mistake you could be making another.

  • grahame49

    Just hope the protesters don’t abuse fans who go to the match,

  • toonlee75

    I have been saying same thing for weeks. Handcuff ppl to goal posts target his slave empire mske his share holders nervous. Smoke bomb his shops set off sprinklers in his shops ruining his stock. On the pitch delay kick off next 4 home game or get game postponded club will be fined or points deducted.. I would take relegation just to see look on his face.

  • Geordie Zebra

    To all those Pardew fans, lest we forget.

  • 4everaspur

    toonlee75 keep it legal but persist and you will win

  • DavidDrape

    well done and well done liaising with the police and council meaning no laws trespassing are broken or any hassle from the clubs heavy handed stewarding

  • SGM

    newcastle7  FFS don’t say anything like “I could be a lot worse”, you will be accused of flogging a dead horse, or trawling out the same old chestnut. I was told that 80 out of 96 league teams have had no such problems, when replacing there owners.

  • Demented_Man

    newcastle7 Another one stricken by hindsight, conveniently forgetting Pardew’s appalling later record, as well as his craven defence of a regime that is driving this club into the ground.
    I will be similarly stricken by hindsight when things turn sour at Palace.
    You can bet there are buyers out there, but perhaps not at the price greedy guts will be asking.

  • kuromori

    newcastle7 The reason Pardew has been a success (so far) at Palace is that he has a better squad, a chairman who backs him and he was allowed to bring in half a dozen new players.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 You’re the same bloke who said he protested against McKeag weren’t you? 

    If you have so much faith in Pardew, despite his results here, then you can lay his and the teams failures at Ashley’s door as well. Signings and lack of them were all at Ashley’s hand.

    As a self alleged super supportor you should be one of the first in line to shout about things if you really care about the Club.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    grahame49  Just hope those who go to watch the match don’t abuse the fans who have decided to protest.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM newcastle7 Aye and heaven forbid it could actually be a whole lot better!

  • CMRowley

    newcastle7 I’m afraid you have succumbed to a logical fallacy Newcastle7.  Indeed Mr Pardew has left, our form has slumped somewhat but to imply the slump is caused by his departure is incorrect, correlation does not imply causation.

    You’ll see from Mr Pardew’s past record that exactly the same happened last year, when Mr Pardew was in charge, and the year before, again, when Mr Pardew was in charge.

    The fact that Pardew is now enjoying a run of form with a different team has no bearing on the events at SJP.  It’s futile and embarrassing for you to suggest that they do or that his current run of form somehow invalidates the terrible form Mr Pardew presided over at SJP.

    If we were to rely solely on fleeting temporary form as an indication of managerial success then there are 100’s of managers available that we should be considering with far better records than Mr Pardew.  

    Fact is Pardew has the same honors in management as George Burley, should we go and get George in?

  • Brian Standen

    Would you care to explain how the group has already made one massive mistake, face facts Pardew is a nothing manager, and he will fall again, his history will tell you that! I am all for live and let live, but your comment is simply antagonistic and quite ridiculous! It is up to each individual what they do on Sunday and I hope whoever chooses what does not get abuse off the opposite side, so we can do without the extra antagonism from you

  • Chemical Dave

    If you think Fraudew was a good manager, who do you blame for the similar set of results from last January onwards? Take your time with that one fraud fan.

  • No Brainer

    That some fans have had enough, which is their right, see ya lasses.

  • Grumpyoldmag


  • Grumpyoldmag

    This protest at the gallowgate end worries me. Please whoever is organising this don’t allow a mob mentality to take over. If people start shouting scab and traitor at fellow supporters we really have lost perspective.

  • Chemical Dave

    @SGM, would love to take my laddie andlook forward to the next game, appreciate you’re happy for it to be terrible just incase it might get worse. Have you left your house today and if so, was it scarey for you?

  • PhilYare

    newcastle7 so why did the mighty pardew not do it here? answer being that its all b*****ks, if you look at pardews overall career stats hes a pretty c**p manager -hence the plethora of inexcusable results (like getting beat 4-0 on a regular occasions) 

    plus all the regular s**t he spouted in support of Mike Ashley who lies and snatches money and dreams