Three days before John Carver attempts to make it seven out of seven, the Ashley Out campaign organisers have announced plans to protest on Saturday.

Whilst they support anybody who wishes to boycott once again, the people behind are asking fans to stand up on 34 minutes inside St. James’ Park to show their anger at Mike Ashley’s running of the club.

Whilst ahead of the match, there is also a co-ordinated effort along with Rangers fans to have a peaceful protest targeting Sports Direct stores.

Full details below.

Swansea (h) protest announcement: Stand Up to Ashley reflects on a successful start of the Ashley Out campaign.

In the two weeks since its launch, our website has attracted over 120,000 visitors and 800,000 pageviews, we have backed a match boycott heeded by many (numbers reported vary from 5,000 to 20,000 with the true number probably somewhere in between) and organised protests attended by thousands of fans outside St. James’ Park.

Most importantly though, we have seen a vast increase of awareness for Mike Ashley’s failed ownership of Newcastle United in the local and national media and amongst fans who were previously resigned to apathy.

These fans have now hopefully found a vehicle to express their profound dissatisfaction with the situation the club finds itself in, which is essentially one of a proud sporting institution transformed into a giant advertising vehicle.

With just six days in between the home games vs Spurs and Swansea, we have not had much time to prepare a new protest, but we are pleased to announce our plans today. As before, we will back any fan who continues to boycott the game to make a stand (#BoycottSwansea).

For those fans wishing to attend the Swansea game, we request them to #StandUpToAshley after 34 minutes of the game, to represent the fact that having no manager and a threadbare squad devoid of quality, yet having £34m in the bank is not an acceptable situation.

Secondly, from 12:30pm on Saturday we will target Sports Direct stores within a 20 mile radius of St. James’ Park and their flagship Oxford Street store by means of a peaceful protest. Further details regarding this protest will be released shortly but we wish to emphasise that this must be a peaceful protest and is aimed at Mike Ashley and the shareholders of Sports Direct International plc.

This protest is not aimed at the innocent staff members often working with minimal employment rights on zero hours contracts and they must be respected and supported at all times.

This protest will be coordinated with supporters of Rangers Football Club who will target stores in the vicinity of Ibrox.

The boycott for the Spurs game was only the start. We would like to widen the campaign at this stage to include Mike Ashley’s main interest, which is Sports Direct and affiliated companies and will shortly be launching a new section on our website dedicated to things every fan can do to ensure that Mike Ashley’s involvement becomes an ever-less profitable one for him and his companies.

This new campaign will be known as #AshleyEmbargo

Onwards and upwards!

Target stores:

Sports Direct Oxford Street 275.1 miles

Sports Direct Northumberland Street 0.39 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Gateshead Trinity 1.13 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Gateshead 2.20 miles

Sports Direct Kingston Park 3.08 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Team Valley 3.57 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Silverlink 5.65 miles

Sports Direct Washington 6.29 miles

Sports Direct South Shields 7.68 miles

Sports Direct Sunderland Gateway 10.41 miles

Sports Direct Sunderland 10.59 miles

Sports Direct Durham 13.66 miles

Sports Direct Ashington 14.55 miles

Lillywhites Dalton Park LW 14.80 miles

Sports Direct Peterlee 18.86 miles

  • NottsToon

    Whey ! Let’s stick it to Sh1te Direct ! I live near the Sports Direct HQ in Shirebrook, now that would be a protest ! Can’t do it on my own though……

  • Tony79

    NottsToon Get some mates together.  Or, you know what, what worked with UkUncut shite was that people simply turned up to their nearest one and if enough people are there, go for it.

  • Tony79

    I think this is a cracking idea.  I’ll be there at my nearest one.  Keep it fresh and interesting and directly target his business interests.

    Good escalation in my opinion.  I will also be boycotting the Swansea game however, although i realise this has not been built for as much as the last one.  Just don;t want to give any more money to him.

  • HarryKeogh5

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty Stand up on 34 minutes won’t have same effect – lost momentum!

  • TaylorandBesty

    HarryKeogh5 NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies It coincides with the protests at SD branches. It’s another angle

  • Brown Bottle

    Tony79 NottsToon …Rangers fans did mass browsing. Keeping the staff busy and the store full meant a real slow sales day. No-one got hurt except the day’s takings. Mind, I can see record sales at the Wheesekeys locations.

  • MikeAshleyLies

    HarryKeogh5 NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom TaylorandBesty it also encourages boycotts to continue.

  • Brown Bottle

    @TaylorandBesty HarryKeogh5 NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies Exactly…smack him from as many angles as possible.

  • HarryKeogh5

    TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies Just feel it’s going to dilute tact. Happy to be wrong!

  • TaylorandBesty

    HarryKeogh5 NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies We’ll see I guess, no harm in trying alternative methods.

  • HarryKeogh5

    TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies Yep – all approaches welcome!

  • LeazesEnder

    Where is the Cessna?

  • LeazesEnder

    @HarryKeogh5 NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty

    Yes it will those who go in can bloody well do something!

  • Gary Linney

    BOYCOTT Sports Direct, BOYCOTT Swansea. ASHLEY OUT!

  • aboutthetoon

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty
    Both were my ideas! You are welcome lads! U0001f609
    #NUFC #AshleyOut

  • aboutthetoon

    NUFC_Stats AshleyOutdotcom
    Love to see you all taking my advice! I raised both ideas three days ago.! U0001f600U0001f44d

  • Tony79

    @aboutthetoon NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out AshleyOutdotcom MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty Are you for real?

    Everyone has been talking about targeting Sports Direct.  My mate in the pub said it.  Its called collective intelligence.  AshleyOut are just the conduit.  Its nowt to do with who came up with it, its whether it works or not.

  • Tony79

    @aboutthetoon NUFC_Stats AshleyOutdotcom Lots of people have been talking about this tactic.
    Lets get behind it rather than people trying to take credit.  That is just weird

  • LeazesEnder

    Tony79 NUFC_Stats AshleyOutdotcom I still want to see a Cessna with a message for Ashley.

  • DavidDrape

    great stuff  i look foreword to a list of any of his connections with any other business’s so i can raise awareness of all his connections. love the phrase Ashley Embargo

  • Tadger

    Good thinking the match will be televised world wide and believe me (I live in Oz) if 40000 do go and stand up at 34 minutes the match commentators will talk about it and last weeks boycott and if a 100 million (supposed viewing) did not know about it they will after Saturday. What do you think Fat mike who wants to open stores everywhere will think about negative pre publicity about his slave empire

  • zanzzibar

    Just saw the Ashley out and I thought we’d lost Williams!!!!

  • Brown Bottle

    LeazesEnder Tony79 NUFC_Stats AshleyOutdotcom …..try Kickstarter or somesuch. Raise the funds. Pzz on the Cessna,get a Spitfire. I’ll pledge a tenner mate.

  • Brown Bottle

    zanzzibar ……you looking for a specific website mate ? Avante Garde ?

  • 9 of the last 10 S*** DIrect reviews on TrustPilot give them 1 star
    out of 5, with many criticising the ‘rude staff’ and the ‘bad’
    ‘unpleasant’ ‘dishonest’ ‘very bad’ ‘snotty’ ‘very poor’ ‘terrible’
    ‘worst’ ‘poor and rude’ customer service.
    The staff at S***
    Direct are treated badly, and thankfully this is getting plenty of
    publicity recently, but what isn’t getting quite as much publicity is
    how badly some of these staff treat their customers. This company offers
    nothing positive to the world and needs to be removed.
    Going by
    the TrustPilot reviews, it’s only a matter of time before they treat so
    many of their customers like S*** that they don’t have any customers
    left, but if we can speed this process along then that’s something we
    can be proud of.

  • If we could find out where his products were made. I ake pictures and videos of his employees in the poor countries they work in and most important there poor working conditions and how they are treated. Give the videos to news channels like sky news cnn and all those big tv news channels and youtube. Post picture all over the net and in the papers for all the world to see how he treats his employees. This is a suggestion.

  • LiamDson

    NUFC_Stats AshleyOutdotcom think i’ll just not turn up again

  • NUFC_Stats

    LiamDson good on you mate

  • Andgeo

    This action with boycotts and demonstrations in the stadium during every game is what we need. Sports direct store demonstrations on match days and coordinating efforts with Rangers is definitely a great move going forward. An exposure/documentary on his use of factories and possible human rights issues in Asia is a brilliant idea too.

  • Andgeo

    Slavery, exploitation, suppression and manipulation. Pure scum!!!

  • NottsToon

    Despatches has a documentary about Sports Direct on Channel 4, Monday night I believe.

  • toon tony

    DON’T GO.

  • Hez

    Boycott, stick to what seem to work, stand up and do what? sing about Ashley, haven’t fans been doing that for years? needs to be visual to have an impact, in my opinion!

  • john22061984

    NUFC_Stats AshleyOutdotcom NUFCTheMag 34 mill where’s rest. We need 60-70 mill in summer or were relegated

  • gibsond9_sean

    NUFC_Stats NUFCEST1892 AshleyOutdotcom The last one worked a treat. #Not

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    This is really good everybody. Anything to get up his nose. Nobody knock the smallest suggestion and r ember the golden rule EVERYBODY STICK TOGETHER no matter what they do, either continue to go or stay away. We must be United.
    We could even continue the SD shop boycott s during the close seasons with a few beers after like a normal match day. How about setting our phone alarms off on 34 mins too. It would make a helluva din. Anything to spice things up. Flags over his free SD ad boards. Don’t let up either when the first few wins come and pick up. This has to go to the bitter end one way or another. Come on we can do it. My only warning is a man with that much money can be nasty also so let’s be on our guard and watch out for rogue Mackems pretending to support the fat pail of s(£&. They will try to spike things despite their plight. One last word of advice, wear black and white but for Christ sake no Wonga tops. They won’t be happy. Think about it lads and lasses
    Good luck lads. We can and will do it just respect everybody and be Newcastle United

  • toon46

    Instead of boycotting games which affects the players, boycott his pocket! Don’t buy anything at the club shop, don’t buy a programme, don’t buy anything at the food & drink stands in the ground, and certainly don’t buy anything in SD or from any of his companies!

  • Gaffa201

    The £34 million, 30 of which was spent in July 2014.