Newcastle fan Steve Jackson has appealed to NCJ Media (Chronicle etc) to get off the fence and back the Boycott Spurs match campaign.

Steve says that after hearing George Caulkin of The Times giving passionate support to the anti-Ashley protests, he believes that the local media is duty bound to follow suit.

Here is what Steve has sent to the bosses at the Chronicle/NCJ Media:

NCJ Media,

As a Newcastle fan I just wanted to say how disappointed that I am to see that the Evening Chronicle is not backing the Boycott Spurs campaign.

I understand that you have reported the existence of the campaign but – as you are aware – that is not the same as giving it your official support.

The most successful spell in recent years – happened as a direct result of the Evening Chronicle pushing for regime change.  Sir John Hall took over, appointed Keegan and the rest is history.

You can’t begin to imagine how much it shames local media to hear George Caulkin on North East radio actively backing the boycott, being prepared to stand up and, most likely be banned, while the local papers still continue to believe fans and Ashley deserve to be treated equally. You owe Ashley nothing. You owe your local readers everything.

With respect to George, who is a fine reporter and a great North East ambassador – it’s a sad day when a London-based newspaper, a Tory one at that – takes the fans’ side ahead of the Evening Chronicle.

We need you.  And, I believe, local media has never needed a purpose more. It’s never needed local loyalty more. So what price your loyalty? Why sell out fans for the access to PR-controlled quotes from Ashley?  Please join the boycott. Ask fans to join it. Pull out your reporters on the night.  Yes it will most likely mean a ban but, take control. Your best reporting this year was during the ban.

I look forward to your response and, hopefully, action.


Steve Jackson

  • Maximus Moose

    No chance !

  • No Brainer

    Bunch of jokers

  • dude 1

    Not a chance these lot are spineless

  • newcastle7

    What the Chronicle and local media realise unlike yourselves is that we have an important game on Sunday where we need three points While three hundred fans in Leazes Park might want us to get beat and relegated the local media realise that backing the team on Sunday is critical.They you six pages on one day last week and John Carver only one saying we need your support on Sunday so stop moaning and get on with it.Funny how no other fans below us in the league are boycotting just our usual suspects.
    While there will be nearly fifty thousand backing the club on Sunday theer will only be a few hundred in Leazes Park so in my opinion you have had to much coverage allready.If you are a true fan please get there on Sunday and support the team as three points are vital.

  • LeazesEnder

    I think most  of them do back the cause….. but are too scared to write what they think….

    Put it another way lads…. no foreign trips, all expenses paid following the lads in Europe….

    If they continue to back this regime then the only stories they will be covering are ones like the ‘Skip full of photographic memories’ in yesterdays press!

    Their binning of Robson and Keegan wasn’t an accident was it?

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 …

  • PeterRobson


  • newcastle7

    See similar leaflets to the Pardew out campaign you know about as much about good managers as do about flying concorde.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 Tell me which game you were at in the 70s with a crowd of 7000 dumbo?

    I remember we used to take that number to away games!

  • IainT0842

    I agree whole heartedly. That is a good letter and well done for writing it.

    George Caulkin was outstanding on tota lsport last night he summed up the feelings of the vast majority of NUFC supporters but worded it a lot more elegantly than most of probably could. He nailed his colours to the mast and supports the boycott. I find it a crying shame that NCJ media are sitting on the fence. The club banned them last time for the “disproportionate coverage” they gave one of the protests that only a couple of hundred attended. This feels a lot bigger.

    NCJ are pandering to Ashley and letting down their readers.

  • justchampion

    newcastle7 Have you asked yourself why we so desperately need the 3 points?

  • PeterRobson

    LeazesEnder newcastle7 You must be at least as old as me mate !!!

    Leeds Utd always seemed to fall on Boxing day and the glorious season (tongue in cheek) when Carlisle briefly visited the first division, as it was then, and a full train with no aggro all the way there !!! Great days when we could still dream !!!

  • dude 1

    Look kidda in my eyes we have a billionaire who when he first came to this club ( he was worth 1.4billion) promised this that and the other for our club and like idiots we believed him 7years on and our billionaire owner has raked in another 3billion into his bank account gave us a team that is a laughing stock and got every newspaper frightened to say anything in case they are banned, I keep hearing how he lent us £129 million to keep us afloat when I’d he had checked the club over prior to jumping in with 2feet may have had a second thought about buying us,
    When he turned up on our door step I for one thought like every other Newcastle supporter here we go a billionaire now let’s go and push on , but we haven’t pushed on we have slowly went backwards and all his promises of this and that have come to nothing so that’s why people are getting sick,
    In my opinion we need to do something I remember in the 70s-80s the local newspaper was king with regards to reports now it’s a waste of space with reporters who are scared in them days that I mentioned they went searching for stories but not this lot

  • nickbird1982

    HanoiToon NeilBenson DarrenThwaites This is quite brilliant #nufc #boycottspurs

  • HanoiToon

    nickbird1982 NeilBenson DarrenThwaites Thanks Nick. Still awaiting a response from NCJ. They’ve ignored me on Twitter too.

  • LeazesEnder

    PeterRobson LeazesEnder newcastle7 Yes Leeds away was great because it was so close….100 miles, I’m older than my Avatar.

  • LeazesEnder

    @HanoiToon nickbird1982 NeilBenson DarrenThwaites Ryder doesn’t communicate.

  • toonmad1956

    newcastle7 The fans protesting in Leazes Park on Sunday afternoon won’t want the team to get beat nor will they want relegation. They’ll be there because they care about Newcastle United and are sick and fed up the way Mike Ashley is abusing their loyalty. They’ll be there because they’re fed up with their club being used as an advertising hoarding for his shops. They’ll be there because they want the club to show some ambition and win something. They’ll be there because they love their team and want it to be run as a football club and not a business. They’ll be there because they want some hope for the future.

    I will be among them – not because I want the club to get beat or relegated, but because I care about Newcastle United – they run through my blood and I want this parasite out of it.


    HanoiToon NeilBenson DarrenThwaites With all this stalling would hazard a guess that NCJ are being lined up as NUFC media partners.Theory

  • PeterRobson

    toonmad1956 newcastle7 and like you it´s because we do care, and we hurt, not just for what the club has done to us, but more for what the club now symbolises.

    It used to beat like a heart in the centre of our city, now it just seems like it´s in a coma waiting for someone to switch of the machines !!!

  • PeterRobson

    @PEFIORENTINA HanoiToon NeilBenson DarrenThwaites well we all know what happened to the last guy who took his 30 pieces of silver !!!

  • RayBrown2

    Not only did i cancel my season ticket i also cancelled the chronicle 3 weeks ago after one too many brown nose pro-Ashley stories.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Ahhh, Simon. The Newcastle version of Comical Ali.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 And what has Fatty done for this Club to warrant such support from you or anyone else? They’ve busted the place and are ramming it down our throats, now they want us to help solve their problems – again!
    Did you think Ashley was so great when he got the club relegated for the first time in the PL? 
    Keep on fiddling while everything around you burns, Comical Ali.

  • DM_Eyre

    HanoiToon TaylorandBesty NeilBenson DarrenThwaites NUFCTheMag love it

  • pissed off mag

    newcastle7  you talk some shite you so so do

  • HanoiToon

    PEFIORENTINA NeilBenson DarrenThwaites I think they’re just afraid to back something that won’t succeed. It certainly won’t without them

  • pissed off mag

    newcastle7 works for ashley so dont even read his drivel hes a total bell end

  • newcastle7

    pissed off mag I do not work for Ashley but I support my club to call people names is pathetic.
    Was there on Monday was one of the seventy two in Moscow but people like you make me ashamed to be a Newcastle supporter a disgrace.

  • newcastle7

    IainT0842 The Time have always been anti Newcastle all their lives so supprting them shows how desparate you are.

  • newcastle7

    LeazesEnder newcastle7 One of six thousand against Werxham match abandoned at half time,the next week again Wrexham seven thousand and one against Norwich City seven thousand in what is now the Premier League.
    Why call someone a dumbo when he is correct just makes you look daft.
    Please educate yourself before you make any more mistakes.

  • newcastle7

    PeterRobson LeazesEnder newcastle7 Was at St James’s to see the great Leeds team in the early seventies on boxing day.
    While Leeds won one nil the gates were closed two hours before kick off with twenty thousand locked out and no Leeds fans except the odd few you were among our supporters.They were a great side and could name their team now.

  • DavidDrape

    spot on steve…i found the editor on FB  last year and messaged him about getting back into bed with ashley.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 IainT0842 Ummmmm, listen to George Culkin, or you? I think Mr. Culkin is somewhat better informed, but like a few others on here, you think anyone who writes, posts or speaks against Ashley are all wrong.

    Want to speculate how the Club supposedly acquired 18 new ‘players, academy, team management & support’ staff which added an additional 15 million for 13/14? We signed only Kemen (for 350k). Remy and L d Jong were loanees. He also let go of 6 players inc. Cabaye. Those 3 and a few academy kids must have been pretty damn expensive as we sure as hell didn’t get a new manager or other coaching staff!

    Commercial staff down by 14. Admin staff up by 1. Ground, facilities, maintenance staff down by 5.

  • Sickandtiredstill


  • 2someitsonlyagame

    newcastle7  I wish you would take your ego somewhere else, it is really starting to bore me.

  • pissed off mag

    LeazesEnder newcastle7  newcastle7 just talks shite mate

  • newcastle7

    2someitsonlyagame newcastle7 No ego at all mate but when people call me a Mackem,troll,tory,prick tool,dumbo and other pathetic names will defend myself.
    None would have the guts to say it to my face so why hide behind a site which simply hates Newcastle United.

  • DrCMiller

    HanoiToon fantastic!!!

  • pd_lynch

    HanoiToon TaylorandBesty NeilBenson DarrenThwaites are you saying NJC have to agree with your stance and back it? Is that not arrogant?

  • HanoiToon

    pd_lynch TaylorandBesty NeilBenson DarrenThwaites yes, you’re right – it’s just my stance. I am outrageously arrogant. Thanks Paul.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 LeazesEnder 1978, when they demolished the Leazes End you mean? Kind of throws a different light on things, Simon.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    newcastle7 I don’t have a problem with you defending yourself, but i do have a problem when you imply I hate Newcastle United, just because I dare to critisize Ashley and just because I did not travel to Liverpool on Monday. Due to personal reason’s I cannot attend matches at present, which is due to circumstances NOT hate, if you are happy with the way Ashley runs the club, you have every right to defend him, I am not happy with the way Ashley runs the club and I have every right to critisise him, which is due to concerns NOT hate.

  • Demented_Man

    Not only do we need the local media on our side, we could do with a few more ex-players getting behind the boycott campaign.
    Just think of the boost the likes of Alan Shearer could give!

  • Chemical Dave

    The reason nobody would say it to your face is because despite being in the top twenty of fans, nobody is able to find out who you are pal ! Oh, your list of insults should’ve included “fraud fan” and “bell end”.

  • No Brainer

    RayBrown2 Were not missing you

  • No Brainer

    IainT0842 And it was hugely dispropotionate

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill newcastle7 IainT0842 George Culkin, as for him being better informed. How is that what does a smarmy bloke like that know about nufc.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill newcastle7 IainT0842 Well, if anyone knows smarmy, it’s surely you.

    Is there anyone else left that speaks or writes against this regime that you haven’t had a go at?

  • ilullissat

    It has come to the point  that only the fans can do anything about it now.It’s in their hands.They will always have a football club to come back to.Sometimes you do have to cut off your nose to spite your face


    LeazesEnder newcastle7  WREXHAM


    LeazesEnder newcastle7  WREXHAM!

  • Adam_B

    here here

  • littlesom

    Just boycott the first 5 minutes, that will make the world Media stop and look and that the large chap realise we are Newcastle United. And we get to see the game!

  • Toon Magpie

    Stop dictating, let and wish everyone who isn’t going and everyone who is all the best.