An ‘exclusive’ is claimed today by The Star, who report that Newcastle are supposedly looking to buy James McLean for £4m from Wigan.

The former Sunderland winger turns 26 on Wednesday and is currently busy helping Wigan slip into League One, the former Premier League club odds on favourites to go down as they look a hopeless case.

Speaking of hopeless, McLean has spent two seasons in the Championship with Wigan since his £2m move from the mackems.

His two claims to fame so far in his career appear to be that he wasn’t even good enough for a shocking Sunderland side, as well as the fact that every time Remembrance Day comes around, James McLean refuses to wear a shirt with a poppy on it.

Needless to say, when John Carver has been bragging about all the great players Newcastle have lined up for the summer, the likes of James McLean isn’t exactly who fans would have had in mind, if they’d actually taken any notice of John Carver…


  • Tony Mark Elsender

    The cleaner retiring?

  • NottsToon

    He’s cheap……so fits the bill for Fatty and Co, or maybe they’re already preparing for next season in the Championship by looking at players of the standard.

    Seriously though, if this is the level of player brought in then I can see a few thousand more season tickets not being renewed next season.

  • Kris Suddick

    Tea ladies assistant….

  • N Eil R Obson

    NO SURRENDER U0001f1ecU0001f1e7U0001f1ecU0001f1e7U0001f1ecU0001f1e7

  • Bills frollocks

    I will be surprised if ANY season tickets get renewed for next season. It would be like buying a car from a garage for thousands of pounds, finding loads of faults on it and then going back the following year and buying another one. Surely you can all now see that you will NEVER get value for money with Ashley at the helm.

  • bill black

    Lets be honest Ashley never lets us know what he will do till he does it. He may buy 6 players in a few days. But if he does it IT will be 30 points by January gamble again. Then aim for the TOP 17 SPOT

  • Brownale69

    26 isnt that too old? make no odds if they signed Messi or Ronaldo in the present setup

  • SGM

    This is player link no14.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    What next – Ched Evans?

  • Peter E Hutchinson

    He’d be as welcome at SJP as Ashley is now. No way I’d want the Provo slime ball here!

  • scotty63

    He’s sh1t on several levels

  • Drumbo

    James Mclean – that’s a deal breaker! Fcuk the boycott, I’m going to buy an executive box on the strength of that one.

  • Andrew Swift

    About as welcome here as a St. George’s flag on the Falls Road

  • Mandy Mills

    Horrible man we dont want the likes of him at Newcastle #norespect!!

  • Polarboy

    No doubt McClean isn’t good enough but for those trying to impugn his character over the poppy waering thing you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about.

  • Toon Magpie

    Everyone has the right to wear or not wear a poppy and no questions should be asked.

  • tino o

    He’s shite will walk straight into our team. Instead of wearing the poppy he can wear the shamrock as long as it covers the wonga logo