There really isn’t much left to say about Newcastle United.

We had already rotted to our once-great core and now that core itself fades away with each passing week.

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The core of an entire city, a legion of thousands that abused their hearts and throats via the love and noise they selflessly devoted to those in black and white.

We were a club that once offered hope, oozed passion and immersed all supporters in a collective feeling of belonging.

None of this rings true anymore.

Newcastle United is diseased. Now only worthy of sympathetic, pitiful glances from the rest of English football, who watch on as we suffer under our scandalous ownership.

Jamie Carragher, Niall Quinn and Glenn Hoddle all sat in the Sky Sports studios after Sunday’s latest no-show from Newcastle and laid into Mike Ashley’s running of the club solely as a business, rightly stating ‘that isn’t what football is about’.

But right now, nothing remotely to do with Newcastle United is what football is about, and that includes a great deal of the fans.

After the 3-1 reverse to Spurs, abuse was sailing around social media toward the alleged 47,000 (a figure I don’t believe for a second, by the way) who had gone to the game.

So now it seems that Newcastle United fans doing what we do best, supporting our team, is now a crime?

We’re now at the stage where we, the greatest fans in the world, can’t even stick together through this horrid spell.

Everyone who went to the game had every right to do so.

Everyone who stayed away had every right to do so.

But there was no need, from either side, to abuse or belittle any fan whose opinion didn’t match their own.

We all crave for what is best for Newcastle United, either through team support, or through protest.

But some people aren’t realising that.

I’m a season ticket holder and watched the game from home.

I intended to go, but my Dad suffered a slipped disc that morning and was unable to even walk to the toilet on his own, so instead I stayed back to take care of him.

Is anyone going to have a go at me for my original intention to go? Well, yes, someone probably will, thanks to the poison that seems to be running through us.

The reality is, we are helpless. Premier League football is becoming more and more profitable each year, and even 52,000 empty seats at St. James’ Park each week isn’t going to stop Ashley from adding to his back balance.

For next season at least I’m just hoping that he sees what everyone else sees.

Newcastle United need a new, innovative coach and some serious investment in the playing staff (as well as, at the very least, adequate replacements for the likes of Moussa Sissoko, who seem destined to leave).

It was once promised to us that we would never go anywhere under Mike Ashley and we’re all fully aware of that now.

I don’t know what the answer is. All I know is that I want my Newcastle United back, just like everyone else does.

But the fans have to stick together for that to become a possibility.

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  • NottsToon

    The problem with your stance though is that continuing as is will only lead to a continuation what is. You might not agree with protest or boycott but surely you can see that some action is better than no action?
    If you were stabbed would you go to the hospital or sit and moan about the pain to your mates, who have also been stabbed?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Point made. But it’s rather strange for some of those who did go to state they are supporting the team – when the atmosphere again was like a morgue, the only real noise made was booing (other than having to listen to a few hundred Spurs fans) and an exodus before full time.
    Sounded therefore  like many actually agree with the points behind the boycott and protests. That is quite simply what we need to unite on and get behind – inside or outside the ground.

  • Belfast Ali

    I was there on Sunday and yes the atmosphere was as usual quiet.
    I also agree that we need to do something about getting rid of Ashley and Carver. But surely the priority is three points against Swansea. We need everyone in the ground on Saturday cheering the team on. Unless the unthinkable will become a reality!

  • RhysMelhuish

    NottsToon Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I have no problem whatsoever with action being taken, all I’m wanting to see is less poison between the fans who have differing opinions – hurling abuse left and right like some have done isn’t going to solve any problems!

  • Marklp

    I’m of the thinking that we need to get behind the team now until we are safe then people should do what they feel is best.  I have a direct debit which runs for another five years, I could be watching conference football by then.

  • NottsToon

    Why would relegation be such a bad thing? NUFC is privately owned so it would only hit the pocket of one man, and may make him question his continued stewardship.
    What does PL survival bring? Another season of what we have had for the last three years? More guaranteed income for Ashley? It certainly doesn’t bring hope to the fans, players on the pitch or an indication that we will at least try to achieve more than the minimum does it?
    Right now I would take relegation if for no other reason that to spite a man who has so wilfully and repeatedly spited us.

  • NottsToon

    But surely you can see that so much of this born of frustration with people who repeatedly say that they aren’t happy, but then go on to list excuses as to why we can’t do anything about it?
    Let me ask you an honest question. By doing what you do how do you thin you are helping the current situation change?

  • Deluded

    NottsToon Don’t feed him Notts, he was on twitter giving it “This protest wants to be better than the Cardiff walkout” on Saturday, now he comes on here and moans, yet he was going to go the the game the next morning until his dad’s back gave way carrying his hypocritical son all over. 

    When you realise he’s studying to be a journalist, that’s all you need to know he’s just writing this for the sake of it, loves the sound of his own words. What he doesn’t realise is it’s ‘fans’ like him who moan and still go, and wonder why there’s poison towards enablers like himself. 

    I wonder, is he renewing his season ticket?

  • RooniusMaximus

    The problem with any cause of action is that no one knows what the right thing to do is… or even what we consider the right result to be.

    Is it to get Ashley out? Or is it to get him to invest properly in the club? Personally, I think the former, as the latter is never going to happen, but then what? He can’t sell if no one will buy. And no one will buy if the club shows no promise. However, something needs to be done. As a great man once said:

    “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

  • Deluded

    Belfast Ali HA HA HA. Here’s another one pretending they want change, but wants to keep the status quo. It’s been quiet for a while, but it was a morgue yesterday when you and the people like the lad who wrote this article went and clearly didn’t support the team. It was silent. People like you do more damage than the boycotters.

  • Deluded

    What ‘support’ did people like you give the team then? I could hear nothing, it was quieter than usual. You’re just a fan boy that’s all, it takes A LOT more to be a proper supporter than paying a direct debit pal.

  • Marklp

    Deluded I wasn’t there, I boycotted the game as I’ve said I would, but the last thing I want is relegation.  How on earth do you expect to gain support for the cause when your try to put people down when they have a different view point.

  • LeazesEnder

    Marklp Deluded He’s made a very valid point, if those who believe their presence is a factor….. where was the noise?

  • Deluded

    Marklp Deluded It was directed at the pretendy journalist who wrote this, but I’ll answer you anyway mate. I was wondering what people like him (i.e the people who went who think like him) achieved? The boycotters weren’t there so the ones who were should’ve roared us on to a big win, aye? After all, they’re the ones who will support the team according to Carver. 
    So why did that not happen?
    That’s because the ones who were left (fan boys) just sat in silence like they usually do. I personally think that’s more detrimental to the club than a potential relegation. Now I’m sorry your season ticket might be in the conference in five years, but that’s not my fault you signed up for some sly trick just to get bums on seats and exposure for his sports brand.
    I don’t feel I try ‘to put people down when they have a different view point’ I just tell it like it is.

  • Gaffa201

    One bonus of going yesterday I didnt have to hear the clowns who cant even sing the blaydon races right, however that was the only refreshing part of yet another spineless performance.

  • nev fur

    The atmosphere at the ground has been crap for years not just yesterday. Perhaps it was a bit quieter yesterday because this was a small further way to show protest or is the possibility of people having their own way of doing things not been thought of by those outside thinking they are the only ones with an opinion or a valid solution

  • nev fur

    You don’t try to put people down with opinions other than you yet feel it necessary and acceptable to call people fan boys, whatever that means to anyone other than you

  • dude 1

    I understand that feelings are running high but like i have said many times if you want to hurt this guy please don’t buy any of his kit and just for once lets all get  together and stay away form lets say the last home game against West Ham them my be just may be it would show him that if things don’t improve this is what it could be like
    I think the away fans that went to Liverpool showed that as even Phil Thompson said all the Liverpool supporters were shocked at the lack of support that turned up for the Monday night game so for once lets all get together and do it 
    I know it wont happen but i just had to write it down

  • nev fur

    The atmosphere has been crap for years

  • Sickandtiredstill

    nev fur Who was making all the booo’s then? Who were they that were walking out before full time?
    Can’t have things both ways. Support the team, not the regime, then make no noise except booing and the sound of feet leaving the ground!

  • nev fur

    Did you read my reply at all? I didn’t mention supporting the team or otherwise. I suggested that maybe those there sitting in silence were doing that to make their own protest in that way likewise those booing or leaving early making thier protest in that way on the day. The point being that people have the right to protest in thier own way not just by boycotting the game. Not everyone will agree but one thing is for sure, fight amongst ourselves and we will just not be taken seriously and Ashley gains the moral high ground he just shouldn’t have. Sadly so many cant see this and can only abuse fellow fans who don’t agree with them.

  • Deluded

    nev fur ….”Perhaps it was a bit quieter because this was a small further way to show protest”…… I’m not putting anybody down labelling them as ‘fan boys’ if their way of getting change and protesting is turning up and sitting in silence, booing and leaving early. That’s what a fan boy does. That’s not the definition of support at all, at least boycotters have taken their displeasure outside to try and highlight the problems leading to a poor atmosphere, yet fan boys (as I call them) just sit there in silence expecting to be entertained in a sunday league atmosphere. You tell me what help to the team they are by sitting there in silence? How am I putting them down for  their opinions when they don’t show one by sitting there in silence, moaning all the time.  I go to away games and the atmosphere is always good. Proper support, no matter who you stand next to and chant with. Not sit in silence pretending they’re supporting anything other than Mike Ashley’s pocket.

  • Deluded

    nev fur sitting in silence, or moaning all the time that should read.

  • newcastle7

    Yesterday we were without Steve Taylor, Cisse who would have given us more physical presence  up front,,
    Toitte, the excellent De Jong and of course Sissoko.The first two goals were Kruls fault so not all doom and gloom.Got round two hundred mates who are season ticket holders and all went to a man very proud of them.
    This includes my son and daughter so happy that they stuck with the team during these dark days.
    We still need three to four points so please get to the match on Saturday and take your mates with you.
    Only our fans are boycotting no one else please support the team.

  • RaySte

    Attendance was 30k according to the council

  • RaySte

    Just wanted to say the 47k figure will be based on tickets sold, not on the actual attendance. The Mancs were caught doing something similar earlier this season:

  • wor monga

    You’ve made some valid comments Rhys…

    …I don’t pay much attention to the usual
    propaganda merchants and those that we see on here, churning out the hate
    against those of us who will be loyal to the club regardless…The fault lies
    with Ashley, and there can be no two ways about that…but if the boycotters, who
    should have known better had directed their venom against him instead of carrying
    out a personal hate campaign against Pardew…then it might not have been as bad
    as it’s turned out.

    …Now that Pardew has gone the senior players…(Cisse,
    Collocini, Sissoko) have decided that they would be better off spending time sitting
    on the sidelines rather than help our struggling team and the hapless Carver,
    get points for us, and it looks like Krul thinks he can even do that while  still playing

    … That’s the way it’s always been for the
    Toon though…except for that very short blip when Keegan / Robson were here, and it’s more
    than likely it still will be in the future when Ashley decides his boots are
    full enough, and he gets out!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    nev fur I’m all for uniting. Inside or outside the ground, preferably both.
    Hard to imagine (or take seriously) it’s any form of protest to have 40,000 turn up and do nothing except boo at the end of both halves and nothing else.
    That’s the public face of the Club – the televised one. Like it or not the majority crowd/support has changed and it seems like most couldn’t care less whatever is on display.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7  Monkseaton must be like the Twilight Zone if you there’s another 199 like you. 

    Did you go around slapping the legs of the naughty people booing, Simon? What about the early leavers? 

    Who else’s fans would you expect to join the boycott by the way?

  • Conman

    @newcastle7. I think you put two extra zeros on your mates. Should surely have been 2.
    Also, like our new signing Tiotte. Is he part of Deloitte the accounts firm. Hasn’t played for a while. Too busy cooking fcbs books.
    Over 20 k not there. Superb effort. Let’s do it again and soon there will only be newcastle7 and his two buds in there.
    Keep up the pressure all. It’ll happen eventually.

  • Gaffa201

    Conman Shame Deloitte dont audit the club accounts

  • MilitantGeordie

    newcastle7 Living in fantasy land again alan pardews black and white army?

  • RhysMelhuish

    Deluded NottsToon all I’m saying is that no one has the right to slate anyone for their decisions over a football match. I support those who went, I support those who didn’t. Now people like myself are practically being blamed for the predicament of the team, how is that fair?

  • NottsToon

    RhysMelhuish Deluded NottsToon I don’t think that anyone is blaming those who attend for the current situation to be honest, but if you can explain to me how you are not complicit by your inaction, or tell how your very presence in the ground does not validate the actions which you say you despise I would be interested to know.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    NottsToon RhysMelhuish Deluded I’d have to side with you on this. 
    Supporting the team has brought no change at all. Ashley continues to do as he wishes and plainly that’s because a large number of those in the ground couldn’t seem to care less. He gets away with it and the majority allow it to happen before their eyes.
    A full house didn’t, hasn’t, and wont change that mans mind. Protest certainly did before.

  • nev fur

    So by calling people fan boys, a phrase only you seem to have heard of, a describing later that these are not “proper” supporters and those left in the ground were fan boys is not putting people down? You contradict your own argument. I say again, calling each other names (including fan boys) arguing amongst ourselves and ultimately fighting omongst ourselves, which you can guarantee will happen if people continue to be abused, will only create further rifts amongst the supporters and get everyone labelled as purely violent typical football fans causing trouble as usual and deflect sympathy and support away from the real aim of all of the protests. Some people need to accept that other people are entitled to protest or not in thier own way without being abused by you or anyone else. Also what gives you the right to criticise anyone who is happy to go up there and enjoy the game in silence? Like it or not there have always been many like that and they are entitled to thier enjoyment in thier own way. Just because you make a lot of noise it doesn’t make you a super fan. Many of the quiet ones are older blokes enjoying the game who may well have made plenty of noise in thier time and are the ones who bring in the new fans as thier sons and grandsons etc. think before you abuse. We all want Ashley out, we all want success and enjoyment but don’t all need to go about trying to get it in the same way

  • DavidDrape

    Deluded tremendous comments deluded you are spot on.     if i am standing next to you at an away game please don’t have a go at me as i don’t sing because of voice issues,

  • Mister Tee

    @wor monga
    Why would Coloccini, Sissoko and Cisse rather spend time on the sidelines purely because Pardew has gone?
    What a damning indictment on those players.
    Are you telling me that you believe that because Pardew has left them, and lets be clear on that point – he left, 3 international footballers have spat their dummy out and intentionally got themselves sent off?
    These would be the same players who, when Pardew was still managing them, took part in some of Newcastle Uniteds worst Premier League results.
    6 straight Premier League defeats?
    The two 3-0 sunderland defeats?
    The 6-0 Liverpool defeats?
    The home defeat to Reading?
    4-0 at home to Spurs last year?
    The FA Cup matches?
    Sissoko was sent off against West Ham when Pardew was in charge?
    Cisse tried to take Seamus Colemans head off his shoulders when Pardew was in charge?
    Coloccini was sent off against Liverpool for a poor challenge on Suarez when Pardew was in charge?
    If those players have suddenly decided that because their esteemed and revered leader has gone then they can follow him to Crystal Palace for all I care.
    Senior players???
    They are spineless.
    The club still pay them to do their job and, if what you are insinuating is true, they should be more ashamed of themselves than they hopefully already are.

  • terriertwo

    Not a bad turn out for the boycott but spoiled by supporters holding the Ashley out boards up but still wearing the Wonka shirts. That would have the fat man laughing. Bin the lot of them and go back to your old shirts preferably the blue star ones. Look in the bottom of the wardrobe they’re there somewhere.

  • GToon

    NottsToon You are right. The joy of watching the lads doesnt depend on us being in one league or another. Some of my favourite games have been in the league cup like 7-1 at Notts County or 6-0 v Barnsley or 4-3 away at Crewe. The EPL is becoming much more of a product and less of a game. In fact the word game doesnt really come into it these days. Its just about survival and money. So yeah, who cares what league we are in. The EPL to me is just about misery, lies, greed and dashed hopes.

  • Jarra MIck

    The excellent De Jong?????? Try the permanently injured De Jong

  • NottsToon

    Jarra MIck He always described De Jong as excellent despite having seen him for about 15 seconds on the pitch…..he’s an idiot (stating the obvious).

  • NotFatFreddy

    The most worrying thing for me is how passionless our
    fans have now become.The Boycott should
    have been an excuse for some organised ‘noise’ outside the ground and even
    inside.Since Keegan left as manager the
    atmosphere has been almost consistently shameful.The away support has its days but nothing
    like it was from the 1970’s –end of the Keegan era.Now that Cashley has made a trip to St James
    Park just insanely ‘boring’ than you begin to wonder how we can ever recover if
    he remains in charge.Have a look at the
    videos below and marvel at ‘organised’ noise…the way once-upon-a-time we used
    to be.We can’t even be bothered any
    more and that is the kick in the teeth as it was the passion of our fans (not
    the numbers) e.g. those who turned up when we signed Shearer.If we signed Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney tomorrow I doubt a couple of
    thousand would turn up, that is how defeated we have become!

    see from 1.00 minute mark

    see around 4.43 mark

  • RhysMelhuish

    NottsToon RhysMelhuish Deluded Again, a very good point. I’m at a stage where I feel resigned to our situation, I can’t see any forms of protest getting Ashley out of the club! Next year’s TV deal for the PL is more than ever, and even if only 5k turned up to every home game he’d still be turning a profit because the money really is that ridiculous. And that’s all he cares about, as we all know. He isn’t going anywhere, why would he?

    I can’t afford to do much as a student, but I absolutely love going to watch Newcastle United, and I’ll continue to do so for next year at least (providing a decent coach is brought in and serious investment is made), but I am being worn thing by it all like everyone else.

    Like I said in the article, I don’t know what the answer is. I just want NUFC fans to stop the abuse among ourselves that was hurtling around social media on Sunday.

  • Jim2o11

    nev fur l

  • Jim2o11

    nev fur  As much as I respect your decision’s in going to the game’s, although it does frustrate and disappoint me, at the end of your last comment you say
    “We all want Ashley out, we all want success and enjoyment but don’t all need to go about trying to get it in the same way”
    My question is, in what way are you contributing to the removal  of Mike Ashley ?

  • Jim2o11

    Rhys Melhuish
     “It was once promised to us (by Kevin Keegan) that we would never go anywhere under Mike Ashley and we’re all fully aware of that NOW.” but then you say ” Newcastle United need a new, innovative coach and some serious investment in the playing staff ” surely you can see how you first quote completely invalidate’s your second.
     Newcastle United no longer exist’s, it is just a Subsidiary of Sports Direct.
    Newcastle United . R.I.P    

  • nev fur

    Actually I never said I went to the game I just pointed out that by spitting poison at each other and arguing who supports best and who protests best we deflect from the target. If some don’t want to protest fair enough it’s a free world and people don’t deserve criticism and abuse just because they don’t agree with you

  • Mal44

    ‘ I don’t know what the answer is. All I know is that I want my Newcastle United back, just like everyone else does. But the fans have to stick together for that to become a possibility’.

    The problem is that it’s almost impossible for the fans to stick together as some support the boycott and some, like yourself, wish to carry on going. 3 or 4 months ago I was in your camp but I think that now things have become so bad that a boycott is the only way that any impact will be made. The club has completely lost its soul and it’s difficult to see how it’s going to be turned around under the present ownership. It will be difficult to get a good coach under the present restrictions and whoever it is, assuming it’s somebody new, will have to keep Carver and Stone who are both part of the problem. Top players won’t want to come even if we are willing to meet the transfer fee and wage demands (unlikely) as we are a club that has no ambition. We are likely to lose at least a couple of our better players in the summer. The atmosphere at the ground is now so bad, and the football served up so appalling, it’s no longer a pleasure to go anyway. A really sad state of affairs. Even if we do get rid of Ashley there is of course no guarantee we will get a ‘good owner’; look at the farce at Leeds for example. But we are going nowhere at the moment and, unless Ashley is going to have a massive change of heart and direction by having a clear out at coaching level and investing massively in the squad (highly unlikely) I see no alternative to pressing for a change of owner.
    Having said all of that it is up to each fan to make their decision and we shouldn’t abuse those who have different points of view.