Alan Shearer clearly couldn’t believe what he was watching as Newcastle made it seven defeats in a row with a feeble collapse against Swansea.

It was particularly embarrassing considering the visitors had gifted the opening goal to Ayoze Perez, thanks to a woeful defensive error.

Shearer though slammed the Newcastle players and pointed particularly to the third goal when Swansea wlatzed through the whole United team in a move that started in their own half.

The United legend said he felt a bit sorry for John Carver because it was clear he loved the football club, unlike some of his players.

Alan Shearer talking on Match of The Day on Saturday night:

“Before anyone moans, Swansea were the better team, they deserved to win and they scored some very good goals. Let’s get that out of the way first of all.

“But…Newcastle, the third goal they conceded just summed them up. There was a lack of heart, a lack of passion, no pressure on the ball.”

That embarrassing third goal:

“They lose a tackle, (Dyer) got time to turn and take a touch, Riviere goes in half-heartedly, Colback goes (to close) and gets picked off, Anita comes in and doesn’t win a tackle, if you can’t win it then perhaps foul him.

“Look at the lack of reaction from the three midfelders; walking back Gutierrez, jogging back Colback and Riviere. That ball should never then come into the box and it is a simple tap in for Jack Cork.


“I feel a bit sorry for John Carver because he is from the area and he loves this football club, it’s just a shame some of his players don’t love the football club as much as he does.

“They’re in a mess, they’re in trouble.”

  • NottsToon

    Sorry Alan, Carver might love the club (might), but he is so out of his depth it’s not funny. If he loves the club as much as he, you and many other in the media say then it’s high time he did the honourable thing and walk away rather than stealing a wage.

  • NewcastleFansU

    NUFCTheMag shiteseats NUFC_Stats if carver really loved the club he’d resign He knows he wouldnt get another job tho so is being selfish

  • Andgeo

    Maybe fatty has blackmailed him and cardew knows that if he walked away fatty would appoint shola ameobi as player manager for the remaining games. Total farce and embarrassing disgrace!

  • NottsToon

    It would be a macabre spectacle to see just how far down the ladder they would go for a coach if Carver walked today. Stone? Pedro? Colo? Maybe Bobby Moncur would put his money where is sizeable mouth is.

  • LeazesEnder

    ……Analysing the symptoms and not the cause isnt a good prognosis!

  • MickWatson

    Carver is the reason the players don’t care!
    He should motivate them, instead every week he says they are not good enough!

  • PeterRobson

    Well one talent he (JC) does have : Is to motivate the team to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory !!!

  • gordonthemag

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats NUFC_Stats no criticism of carver then – he might be a Geordie but he is useless & hot headed thug

  • Peter Lamb

    Yep. About right, I’d say.

  • gordonthemag

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats NUFC_Stats also clear players not playing fir him – how can they respect him. Message from Ashley

  • gordonthemag

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats NUFC_Stats is that he’s not bothered with football as long as we don’t get relegated .disgraceful

  • Rusty Man

    I love the club but couldn’t manage them!

  • Paul A

    I’m no fan of Carver but I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. Ashley has caused this problem and Carver has to suck it up.
    We all know what should have happened and had we been a conventional club it would have happened too. Investment in January and appointing a proven manger/coach even if only until the end of the season would have prevented this disaster.
    Tell me Mr ashley what good will all the promised investment do if we drop out of the premier league?

  • essexMag

    You cannot feel sorry for Charver. He was part of the regime anyway so fully knew what,and who, he had to work with while pretending to be a football manager. Yes there are loons above him who he acts as puppet for but he is fully responsible for his own shortcomings and contribution to this mess

  • tino o

    Our players are a disgrace to the strip but it is carvers job to sort out. I don’t feel sorry for him he should have been a man and admitted he wasn’t up to the job it’s in the lap of the gods if we stay up where are we going to get any points from. Players and carver need to take a good look at themselves and be ashamed!

  • Wallsendstu

    Did you see Penfolds face on the 34th minute, it said it all To him and the fat man the supporters are a necessary evil who have the audacity to complain (all be it half heartedly). Along with Carver I would love to slap the smurk off their stupid faces.

  • toon tony

    Sometimes to reach the top you have to peck at the bottom (Pardew ,Carver etc ) keep going the regime WILL crumble.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Shearers dead right on the fast break for the third the midfielders just jogged back,didn’t seem to think any danger at all.anita at left back?shocking skinned all game,willo well he’s just crap.janmaat got s bath from oliveira too and he’s our best one really came out of the game with credit.heres a tip carver drop the useless players and try something new.i remember a few months ago no brainer or whoever said that we’d get points here and there and a few of us said no way well it’s looking ominous now.if we stay up which we don’t deserve to but if we do I really fear for next year any decent players are going and who would want to join this mess?sigh.

  • David Grey

    Tell us something we divvent knaa

  • Harry Todd

    So lets get this right the great Alan Shearers managers record was great when he was in a similar situation.
    We had eight games left when he took control with a good set of players.We needed to win two games
    to stay up but won only one at home to Middlesbrough. For the last two games we needed one point at home to Fulham and way to Aston Villa.Guess what we lost them both.Alan Shearer played a winger at left back who scored an own goal which got us releagted.Would put him on par with Carver as a manager and that’s saying something.

  • NottsToon

    Did you actually read what he said? Did Alan Shearer not also suffer from a clutch of spineless players? The major difference being that Shearer is the Premier Leagues all time leading goal scorer and a club legend who is professional and speaks with actual knowledge and experience, whereas Charver once worked for SBR ya narrr.

  • GToon

    Harry Todd Shearer took over a team in trouble and couldnt get them out. Carver took over a team in the middle and is in the process of relegating them. Big difference. Duff played as a wing back plenty of times for various clubs and for his country, by the way. 
    “Good set of players”? Are you joking? And Shearer was great so dont bother trying to take the p Harry.

  • cwtoon88

    Al your a legend but its your pal Carver who needs the stick as predicted when he got in charge his thuggish ways have alienated players to new lows

  • Jimmywayhay

    Shearer didn’t fair to good as a temp manager but he was clearly upset,frustrated,annoyed and speaking the truth on M O T D. last night ,like any true honest fan woukd !