I think that deep down most of us knew that we didn’t really appreciate at the time just how good Alan Shearer was.

Yes we knew he was class, yes we knew he scored lots of goals, but maybe we didn’t appreciate just how priveleged Newcastle fans were to watch the best striker in the world at the time.

To underline just how dominant Alan Shearer has been in the modern era, just look at the stats below.

They show the Premier League players who have scored the most goals against one team.

20 Alan Shearer v Leeds

16 Alan Shearer v Everton

16 Les Ferdinand v Everton

14 Alan Shearer v Southampton

14 Alan Shearer v Tottenham

14 Alan Shearer v Coventry

13 Alan Shearer v Sheffield Wednesday

13 Wayne Rooney v Aston Villa

13 Michael Owen v Newcastle

13 Michael Owen v West Ham

13 Frank Lampard v Aston Villa

Remarkably, Alan Shearer fills five of the top six spots with an outstanding effort fo 20 goals against our old Yorkshire rivals.

Nice to see as well Sir Les is the only one to break that stranglehold of the top half dozen.

  • PeterRobson

    He was more than just a goal scorer though !!

    He was a leader in words and deeds, he never understood the meaning of lost causes.

    He played with his head bandaged and bleeding and still went into the challenges as if he´d only cut himself shaving !!
    He was never intimidated by loud mouthed bullies like Roy Keane !!

    If he ever complained about a tackle on him, then it must have been a bad one because, he niether asked for, nor gave quarter !!!
    He was a warrior who battled back from injuries that would have ended most careers, and even if he´d lost a bit of pace because of those injuries, his footballing brain still got him into positions to overcome any deficiencies.

    I can´t remember which match it was, but I saw him make a clearance header worthy of an old fashioned centre-half on the edge of our area, then run the length of the pich to get on the end of a pass (which counter attack his clearance had started) and stick the ball in the net !!!

    He´s eloquent and when he has something to say, it´s worth hearing.

    He´s earned the respect of people within and outside of the sport of football !!


  • LeazesEnder

    We were a one man band for years…. it was in Shearers contract, nobody else was allowed to score… and woe betide them if they did….. he would give them the stare!

  • A lex

    Well said Peter

  • Paul Patterson

    Nicely put. I always said ‘Enjoy him while he’s here, because boy we’ll miss him when he’s gone’.
    Nobody has a hope in hell of beating his or Jackie Milburns records as they would have to be at the club 20 years to do it.

    LeazesEnder Where you privy to Shearer’s contract? He wanted to take all the penalties, true. It’s also true he was enhanced by Ferdinand, then Bellamy and Robert, but it’s a team game and look how others, especially Robert and Bellamy and also the likes of Jenas, Dyer, etc p****d on the club . .

    I wasn’t a fan of him as captain, as I prefer my captain to be further back, but anyone in their right minds would take him back. He’d outscore Riviere and Gouffran even now . .

  • Beardos Hips

    LeazesEnder Really? As me nan says, if you’ve got nowt nice to say about our greatest player say nowt at all.