Alan Pardew has claimed that he could do a better job than Mourinho, Pellegrini, Wenger and Van Gaal.

Speaking to Radio 5, the former Newcastle manager added that he will be quite happy working at lower ranked clubs if his talent isn’t spotted.

“I look at the top teams and feel I could do that job better than I’m seeing it being done.

“But I’m quite happy where I am and if I work in this part of the league for the rest of my career I will be extremely happy.”

Crystal Palace got lucky:

“I’m really happy here and I don’t really want another job.

“In a way the Crystal Palace board have been lucky because even if I have great success here I won’t be looking to jump.”

The current Palace boss would surely struggle to spell modesty, never mind say it.

He has had a couple of decent months at Palace and starts shouting the odds.

I bet there aren’t many Charlton, West Ham or Newcastle fans who thinks he could do a better job than Jose Mourinho, or indeed most managers in the Premier League.

When at St. James’ Park, and indeed since, at every opportunity Pardew mentions finishing fifth in 2011/12 but dismisses the dismal non-winning runs and near relegation in 2012/13.

He is just like Sam Allardyce, who a few years ago was saying how great he could do at Real Madrid if only he got the chance.

  • cavste

    WTF has Pardew been smoking???

  • PeterRobson

    Shut your cakehole Pardumbo !!!!

    The reason you´re working at lower ranked clubs, is exactly because you have no talent !!!
    You fool everybody with your brief periods of Luck/tactical flukes, but in the end your limitations always come to the fore !!!

    Your record speaks for itself and your ineptitude is there for all to see !!!

    Let´s see what you deliver next season !!!

  • Maximus Moose

    Mad as the March Hare !  Not a full shilling

  • Maximus Moose

    cavste Something he got off Charva !

  • Maximus Moose

    PeterRobson Milk with a bit of luck

  • David Armstrong


  • lupamac

    Pardew ” i look at players ,past and present Pele Maradonna Bobby Moore Georgie Best Messi Ronaldo etc etc and think to myself i was better than them “