Over three months after leaving the north east, Alan Pardew has finally responded to the rumours that surrounded him regarding gambling debts and Mike Ashley.

As soon as he became manager at St. James’ Park, spurious rumours circulated that Pardew was beholden to Mike Ashley because of supposed gambling debts.

Something that Alan Pardew has now decided to clarify when speaking to the Mail:

“I went in there and immediately stories started, claims I had these huge casino debts.

“Nonsense and my friends will tell you I’m a proper tight arse when it comes to gambling. On the few occasions I have been in a casino I’ll gamble no more than 50 quid.”


“If I’d been someone else I may have got more recognition (as Newcastle manager) than I did but there were other stories of how badly I was treated up there. I wasn’t treated badly at all.

“On match days there was abuse, for sure, but away from the pitch there wasn’t one incident or anywhere I couldn’t go. Nobody was nasty to me and nobody threatened me – a load of old tosh.”

With regard to those gambling debt rumours and widespread speculation that Pardew had got the job because of already knowing Mike Ashley via casinos, it was also very bizarre when Mike Ashley decided to have the following included in the club’s public statement confirming Alan Pardew had left, back in December:

Newcastle United’s managing director, Lee Charnley, said:

“I would like to thank Alan for his service to the club.  Despite public perceptions, fuelled by the media, Mike Ashley had never met nor spoken to Alan before his appointment. However what developed over the last four years was a very strong and positive relationship between all parties.

After Crystal Palace hammered Sunderland 4-1 earlier today, Alan Pardew couldn’t resist winding up the mackems just that little bit more:

“No disrespect to Sunderland but the scoreline slightly flatters them, I thought”

Palace now seven points clear of Newcastle after having been 18th in the table when Alan Pardew jumped ship at United, John Carver only picking up 2 wins in 13 matches.


  • Well, he sure as sh#t didn’t get the job on merit!

  • PeterRobson

    I don´t reall y agree with the comment about Pardew “jumping ship” !!

    We (myself included) were crying out for him to leave or be sacked, now that he´s enjoying a modicum of success at a club that appreciates him, however fleetingly, accusing him of jumping ship stinks of sour grapes by the author !!!

    We didn´t like him, we didn´t want him, he left !!!!

    The fact that he´s enjoying his time in his new job tell us something about the club we´re stuck with.

    The club has no ambition to progress in any way shape or form with regards to football.

    The owner is either ignorant or stupid with regards to running a club.

    We need a suitable (better) replacement for our last manager.

    I don´t accept that “Geordie John” is suitable or capable to lead the team beyond the end of the season, and the sooner a decent manager is found, the better !!!

  • AndyMac1

    Pardwho couldnt buy a Derby win over the mackems and IMHO I think he jumped ship before the humiliation of a fifth defeat in a row arrived. Yet the silver haired numpty manages to win 4-1 at SoL so what does that say about us as a club ?

    Players not up for it. Desire and passion at rock bottom and ambition, non existent. Not only does Fatman have to go but the whole *tenth will do nicely” attitude has to be ripped out of the club’s psyche and dumped unceremoniously at the door of the nearest Shlte Direct store.

  • Andgeo

    Just looking at that photo at the top of the story. Weighing up the two faces and wondering who I dislike the most……simple!!! fat Ashley, complete toe rag.

  • MickWatson

    A tiny, dumb minority wanted him to leave, a minority clueless about football. The fans who understand football recognised that Pardew was a good coach doing a good job in a really difficult situation

  • Andgeo

    He either has better players at his disposal or fewer restraints. Alternatively he has found it rosier to motivate an underperforming team with low expectations. Whilst we continue to [email protected]@ into the wind on a rudder less boat without a sail. With fat man weighing us down, and no one to navigate it’s just a matter of time before we sink like a lead balloon.

  • Andgeo

    Rubbish mick. Twit!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And I hope all those regime supporting nut-jobs who were shouting on here a couple of days ago about Ashley and Pardew allegedly being threatened, now choke on the truth
    “but away from the pitch there wasn’t one incident or anywhere I couldn’t go. Nobody was nasty to me and nobody threatened me – a load of old tosh.” 
    Credit to him for at least clearing that up. let’s hope he spills some more facts.

  • AP69

    I disagree Mick
    Check his record over the years he was here then look at his record at the other clubs he has managed
    Next year the wheels will come off unless he’s learned not to put square pegs in round holes
    I think his ego will take over again
    get Out Of Our Club

  • Polarboy

    MickWatson Wrong on every count.

  • philrenner09

    Without a doubt would rather have Pardew than Carver in charge. Carver is a complete gobsh-t- and no tactical ability at all sort of looks like frying pan to the fire!

  • ilullissat

    Question :Are you happy with your football club.Question:If not what are you gonna do about it

  • stevennufc

    has pardew suddenly become a good manager?…or was he hog tied here?….unbelievable!

  • NottsToon

    Let’s all believe honest Alan, who never once lied blatantly to supporters obviously, who never once tried to shift blame away from his own actions, lack of ability, negative tactics and ludicrous decisions. Of course now Alan has won a few football matches we should all regard him as an equal of Jose Mourinho.

  • Jimmywayhay

    So what ,watch what happens next season !

  • toon tony

    If Pardew was such a good manager, when he was touched up by Palace then still having 5 Years on his contract surely FATTY could have said “you’re going nowhere”..no he saw the £ signs and cashed in his chips. Thankfully. !!!!

  • pissed off mag

    MickWatson  another ashley arse kissing plant on here are you

  • NicholasDryden

    Mick Watson,

    The guy relegated charton, almost relegated west ham and had us finish16th, when we still had half the current French national team.
    All this whilst playing the most mind numbing containing football I’ve ever seen, with favourites always played regardless of form, players played out of position and pass and move football nowhere to be seen. I don’t think I’ve ever head of a manager who had his own sack campaign.

    One top 6th finish in nearly 20 years of management is what AP has to show. Everywhere he goes he starts well, then he drinks his own bath water, his ego takes over and a lack of any plan B is cruelly exposed. But hey ” Alan pardew it’s never your fault”

    What a shame AP is being compared against a totally inadequate pardew mk 2 the original one left behnd.

  • BillytheFish

    Pardew always has a decent first year or 2. Nearly won the cup at West Ham, finished 5th at the Toon, it’s after that you need to worry as stuff seems to catch him up.

    I still think he was a decent bloke, who did give it a good go but came up short in the end, and let down by the clubs transfer policy.

    Would be interesting to see if a world class coach could do a better job with this lot, maybe Steve MacLaren will be better.