Claims this morning that Alan Pardew has targeted Tim Krul for a summer move to Crystal Palace.

The Newcastle keeper’s former manager is said to have made the Dutch international his number one target in the summer.

The story has originated from The Sun who state Pardew and Palace think they can tempt Krul to leave St. James’ Park, particularly with the former Newcastle manager’s knowledge that the goalkeeper’s alleged current £28,000 a week deal can be easily beaten.

Crystal Palace’s current first choice Julian Speroni turns 36 before next season and Alan Pardewe is looking at the position as one that can be improved.

Each season we are used to speculation surrounding Newcastle’s better players but with the current mood so low at the club and a total lack of leadership throughout, it would take a brave man to predict that any decent player is certain to stay.

Earlier we reported on claims of Southampton interest in Daryl Janmaat and apart from the number of supporters going to the respective matches, exactly what have Newcastle got to offer players these days ahead of Southampton and Crystal Palace, amongst others.

Even Alan Pardew saw Palace as a better option than United and was instantly given around £20m to spend in the January transfer market.

In contrast, Newcastle didn’t even bring in a replacement for Pardew, arranged to sell two international defenders and not bring anybody else in, despite having no defensive back-up at the club.

Unless there is a major change in how Newcastle United operate, with or without Ashley, then protests appear sure to continue and chaos to reign at our club.

  • bill black

    As time goes by it looks as if Ashley is going for a sell off or a top 17 gamble from the start of the season. I am sure he knows people are ganging up to take him on ( AT LAST) with all his dealings and if that means we end up in a mess next season what is new but I will enjoy something new to look forward too.

  • Andy Wardle

    Let’s face it. He wants revenge on the fans who called for his head. This is the best way to get it.

  • Derek Keir

    Would you be upset Andy? He was brutal at the weekend.

  • Andy Wardle

    I’ve never rated krul to be honest like.

  • toonmad1956

    Wonder if he fancies taking Gouffran, Williamson, Anita and all the others he persisted in playing when he was our manager?

  • Paul Patterson

    I can’t see this one I’m afraid. Purely and simply in the fact that he would cost them £15m+ and I’m sure they have other areas to buy for. Plus I’m sure Krul would want a bigger club than Palace.
    However, if they (Palace) are going to spend a lot of money and IF Krul is on anything near as low as £28k a week then lord help us.
    Although it would suggest why we can’t get any decent players better than Gouffran, Anita, Riviere and Williamson over that stupid line . .

  • IntravenusMP

    bill black Wow, what a true fan??

  • Will Richardson

    Cost Ashley nowt, bought under souness. Anything more than a £5er and he’s gone.

  • pissed off mag

    just play jack alnwick it makes no odds who plays in goal the other 10 players are shite anyway, and if you were a player would you sign for our club under this fat liar ?

  • bill black

    IntravenusMP bill black  I was at Wembley in 1974 cheered the team for 90 mins and Harvey the Manager we lost 3-0 (did you know!) then we tried to win cups and I WAS HAPPY BEING A FAN.

  • hettonmag

    Get ready palace fans for some hoofball  if Timmy signs for you,  because we have had it for months now booting the ball up  for our little striker who plays up front on his own.

  • Andgeo

    If he wants to go to crystal palace, let him I say! That being said, he should be on more money than that in the current climate. The question is, who leaked the salary info and why???

  • Andgeo

    Nar, jak Alnwick should not be anywhere near the team seriously. Give one of the other kids a go yes, but Williamson, goufran and Alnwick all in the same team is like playing an 11 aside team with 5 men, total suicide!!!! They are that bad.

  • Andgeo

    I’m thinking that is the strategy. Cash in on the assets i.e. Janmaat, krul, sissoko and cisse. Bring in a load more sh1t like rivière, gouffran etc and then play for 17th. Asset stripping! We will never know the truth about how much money he is taking out of the club, but I fancy he will go all in on rangers next season, and sell us at the back end for what he can get, leaving us in a right mess. You can not rebuild a premiership squad in 1 season and that is already where we are at!!!

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Andgeo Charnley/the club stated Ashley would be here until 2016 (minimum) which is next year,once he has the TV money he’ll sell any asset/player he can make a profit on (and that after selling our assets this summer too) and not give a flying f**k if we get relegated because regardless what the Rangers fans/board say he’s got them by the ba*ls with deals/loan assurance on the crest/training ground/merchandising etc. and he’ll move in there, whilst I feel sorry for them I hope I’m right so we are free of him