Like many others I’m sick of the way our club is run.

I just don’t get why Ashley doesn’t take an opportunity to (try and) make it a success which in turn would surely see his associated business reap the benefits and his standing in the North East significantly improve…but it’s been 8 years now of incompetence, lack of any kind of ambition and false promises.  If only he’d surround himself with proper football men!!

It annoys the hell out of me that we are being patronised by the ex-pros who call us disloyal, disruptive etc etc and that includes the current manager.

The fact is, as the song goes, given the sheer numbers we pull in every couple of weeks, for no good reason whatsoever, “We are the loyalist, football supporters, the world has ever had” – FACT!!!  I’ll argue that with anyone who fancies a debate.

The previous attempts at demonstrations, boycotts, protests have largely fallen short despite the best intentions they had.  It’s difficult to know how many season ticket holders the internet actually reaches.  I don’t have a smart phone thingy or an ipad, I don’t tweet but do Facebook sometimes but only via a laptop.

I would imagine a majority of supporters are similar to myself although I have no stats to back that up – it’s just a theory.  How many access The Mag,, True Faith et al?  So how do you rally the masses and do the masses share the same view or heartache and disillusionment?

My preferred method of demonstration is to do this verbally in the form of song within the stadium, directed at those responsible, “direct and in yer face like”, but the problem at the moment is that singing in St James’ is almost non-existent, well not like it was when we were really sh*t but didn’t know any different.  In Spain they just wave their hankies en masse, job done.

I was there in the 80s for the infamous Sheffield United friendly where only around 5000 bothered going.  A few hundred shouted “Sack Jack” and by the time I’d got the bus home to Blaydon he’d resigned.

I was part of the Level 7 singing section that sang about Ashley and his dubious attempts to run a football club…and were subsequently relocated…I mean scattered, dispersed, divided around the remains of the ground.  Silenced by divide and conquer!!

HOWEVER, today seems an opportunity I am unable to let me pass by.  I’m the sort of person who finds it hard to sleep at night if I don’t do the right thing and today feels like it’s right.  Despite the fact I will be returning to my usual seat for the subsequent home games I will be boycotting against Spurs.

Whether the attendance will be significantly affected is open to conjecture but I hope the desired effect of lots of empty seats is clearly visible.  I will be joining my fellow Mags in Leazes Park to make my point before decamping to a local boozer who I’m sure will appreciate my custom.

If people are going to attend then that is up to them, I’ve come to my own decision just like everyone else should.  I know a fellow Mag who is closing in on 1000 consecutive home games so I’m not going to chastise him for going, given the significance of that potential achievement.

It has not been an easy decision for me either.  I can’t ever imagine not going to the match for an extended period like many others I know.  Yes we’ve had other terrible managers, chairmen, players, coaches etc. However, events of the recent months have tipped me over the edge.  There is now not even the HOPE that it will change anytime soon.

Where we go from after Sunday is another unknown.  I don’t think match day ticket money really affects any Premier League club these days given the ridiculous TV money deals being done.  But if it serves a purpose of drawing attention to the disgraceful way our club is run to just go through the motions rather than to compete, then for me it will be worth one missed game.

Finally, I’d like to make the point that, in my opinion, it would take only one man to boycott the match on Sunday and not multiple thousands to affect change.  That one man is called John Carver.


The man who is in alleged temporary charge while trying his best (failing miserably) to prove he is the man for the job long-term.  Remember this is the man that got into a confrontation with his own supporters at Southampton because they dared to challenge the debacle of a club he has been/is contributing to.  If I remember rightly he allegedly offered to see anyone down the training ground to sort it out like men.

Surely the full time appointment of Mr Carver would go against the whole reason Pardew was appointed in the first place i.e. Hughton was sacked because Ashley felt he needed someone with more experience.

Surely John is financially well off, better off than I am I would argue, so could easily do the right thing and refuse to be part of the charade that is the current state of NUFC.  I’m sure he could easily get a job somewhere else in football if he really is as good as he keeps telling us.

He could have easily said no thanks I’ll stay as a coach, but he didn’t.  He could easily say now that he is out of his depth, but he won’t.  He could easily join us in Leazes Park on Sunday but would he dare?

He’s quite welcome to pop round my house and explain to me why his current methods and statements are in the best interests of the club but I’m sure I’m beneath him for any of that!!

Anyway, I hope Sunday is a success in terms of the attendance at Leazes Park and the lack of attendance inside St James’ Park.  We’re doing it for the love of our club, we just want it back.  Spread the word comrades and take this opportunity to show the footballing world we are prepared to make a stand, even if it is just this one game.  In the time it’s taken me to write this I have had 6 of my season ticket holding match day mates also confirming they will be boycotting.  Viva La Revolution.

To Quote another Geordie

‘Anything that’s worth having

Is sure enough, worth fighting for

Quitting’s out of the question

When it gets tough

Gotta fight some more

We’ve gotta fight, fight, fight, fight

Fight for this love’

  • glindoe

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom Mike_Ashley_Out can’t beat a bit of Wor Cheryl

  • AlanCoates7

    NUFCTheMag MsiDouglas CaulkinTheTimes NeilCameron5 only way is not to renew your season tickets!!!#boycottspurs

  • toon tony

    Well said comrade….join the club. If the fans who still decide to go because they can’t do without. …do us all a favour. ..don’t take your seat until 10 minutes after kick off and show some UNITY to the fans choosing not to go. .NEWCASTLE UNITED SHALL NEVER BE DEFEATED. .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    @NUFCTheMag @MsiDouglas @CaulkinTheTimes @NeilCameron5 

    Welcome, Brother.  

    The message is spreading.

  • Sickandtiredstill That’s the the Daily Mirror banned then !

  • Jail for Ashley

    Well it’s ‘B’ day today and I’ll be going to SJP with a black and white top and scarf, only this time I won’t be going inside, I’ll be outside making up the numbers and showing the cameras I’ve had enough. In fact I’ve had enough of Ashley since the day KK announced he was selling Milner for 11M a decision in my opinion had a huge impact on our relegation. I’ve had a hard time up until recently persuading some people that Mashley was up to no good but now we have one of the best recruiters to the Ashley Out campaign we’ve ever had. His name is John Carver and he’s that dense he doesn’t even realise he’s doing it.

  • RaySte


    “Yet you can bet, Newcastle fans, that Ashley thinks you should be eternally grateful. You should not. Your club has become a commercial shell. A vacuous ­institution. And the only people who keep it an institution are you.
    There has been a good, balanced debate rattling around Tyneside over the worthiness of not turning up for the fixture against Spurs.
    Those who say the team – on a desperate run – needs support regardless of feelings against the owner have a strong case.
    Those who say there is no ­alternative out there are also not without reasonable foundation for their view.
    But the least convincing ­argument against supporting the boycott is that whatever happens it will not concern Ashley one iota.That is not the point.
    Whether you turn up or not, making sure – in an entirely peaceful and reasonable manner, of course – Ashley knows that you, unlike his staff, do not have to be grateful, is the least any ­self-respecting Newcastle fan can do.” – Andy Dunn

  • bbluenose

    NUFCTheMag good luck with the protest.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    @AlanCoates7 NUFCTheMag MsiDouglas CaulkinTheTimes NeilCameron5
    Heads up that the excellent Swiss Ramble will be releasing another of his analysis into the clubs finances at some point next week.

  • Toon Magpie

    There is still a lot of people there. A lot of cheers for the two lads that lost their lives in the crash, their names on strips on the big NUFC TV.

  • Toon Magpie

    SKY SPORTS showed the protests at half time, four young toddlers kicking a football around the field shouting we want Ashley out, we want Ashley out.
    Which one was NuttsToon?

  • Demented_Man

    Toon Magpie Aye, the quarter that boycotted must have been the only ones capable of making a noise.  You could have heard a pin drop in that stadium.

    Or are you all librarians in disguise?

  • BrightonMag

    Watching on tv on the southcoast. Can’t believe how many people turned up only to sit in their seats and not support the boycott. It came across so quiet on the tv. I suspect it was only out of obligation rather than passion. The club is bleeding slowing and people are so apathetic about it! Time for people to front up and stand by the campaign to get this weasel out.

  • BrightonMag

    Newcastle Disunited.

  • LeazesEnder

    BrightonMag We have been taken over by Zombies!

  • LeazesEnder

    Toon Magpie I said a few weeks ago, on here that the protest should circumnavigate these Zombie fams by hiring a light aircraft….

    ….My idea was acted upon by Sunderland fans!

    While we put out bloody leaflets…. to those going in!…..  

    You have to maximise your impact…. even though the consensus of opinion is decidedly against Ashley…. Ryders Zombie Army will bloody mindedly march in the same direction!


  • Sickandtiredstill

    LeazesEnder BrightonMag Well, mate, I don’t think accountants are renowned for making a noise.

  • GToon

    @bbluenose NUFCTheMag Ta. Good luck against the mackems. See if you can get 8 this time!

  • RexN

    BrightonMag Having got back from the protest and seen it on TV. Another in the horror genre is Silence of the Lambs.

  • Toon Magpie

    How long before Zombie fans start infecting the real fans ?