So it’s Monday and we still have the same manager, same owner, and yes the same result, of course nothing will change overnight, but a line has been drawn in the sand.

The hard workers from the group saw their efforts rewarded as St James Park descended into an ominously eerie depressed atmosphere, with swathes of empty seats due to the boycott.

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Various figures chucked about suggested there were over 10000 missing yesterday, what is without doubt is there was nothing like 47000 in the ground!

This has to be a sustained campaign to initiate change and I am sure it will be, it is hard to turn ones back on St James Park, but there was a grim determination yesterday amongst the protestors and the battle has begun.

Anyone watching matters on the pitch would be alarmed at how an average Spurs side won without breaking sweat, only a couple of players emerged with any credit, relegation very much now a possibility.

Again the idiot manager decided to play Yoan Gouffran, the same Gouffran who has done nothing all season, gave a penalty away a few weeks ago and again lost the ball to cost us a goal, why did Carver not give him the hook weeks ago instead of waiting until half time.

Of course Gouffran was replaced by the equally abysmal Sammy Ameobi, Carver also hooked the unlucky Medhi Abeid, it saddens me to say it but Ryan Taylor should have got that particular  hook.

I have got lots of time for Ryan Taylor, he has suffered two terrible injuries, and was often seen sat with the away fans while out injured, but he is now not premier league class.

As for the rest, do I need to say how bad Anita was again?

Did the captain look interested? His best mate was left out (of the entire 18)for unknown reasons, so maybe his heart was not in it either.

Whichever way you look at it, the disease that Mike Ashley has bought to the club has now infected those on the pitch.

I spoke a week or two ago of how I believe the club will spend in the summer but in realty which good players would want to be part of this toxic mess?

If John Carver wants to save himself an ounce of credibility then he should resign right now, walk away son, you are clearly just another patsy for Ashley and you need to save some self esteem.

What of the future. Steve McLaren, the wally with the brolly, is suddenly odds on to be the next manager up here, would he improve things? God only knows?

I have to admit the thought of Steve McLaren just does not fill me with any hope, there are better than him out there, but again, like any decent player, why would any potential manager with any credibility come here?

Jurgen Klopp or Clippety Klopp, who is the more likely?

So this weekend it is Swansea, and points are still needed, no matter what the toxic mess, relegation is not the answer. We tried it once anyway and look where we are at now!

I have got no enthusiasm for this weekend at all and my match going friends will say that is not like me at all.

However, in reality we all feel the same.

I have joked about going shopping, going to B & Q, watching rugby, and yes I have actually recently purchased a season ticket at Newcastle Falcons for next season, and there will be times when games clash…….at this moment in time it’s not a choice where I will be!

The spirit that always existed inside St James Park is well and truly broken.

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  • barkerp85

    well said

  • pissed off mag

    soooo well said brian, youll still have the idiots from here who will think your wrong likes of no brains or newcastle7 who will never understand a real mans view

  • Demented_Man

    To those who are pinning their hopes on the club making a ‘net spend’ this summer, I estimate there will need to be at least five major signings just to enable a first team worthy of the name to take the field and to replace those, like Sissoko, Coloccini and Krul, who will probably leave.  In truth, the investment needs to be far more than that to provide cover and to avoid the farce of playing men out of position just to make up the numbers.
    Can you honestly see Ashley spending to such an extent?  Will we ever learn?

  • WallaceWilson

    The problem (or at least one of them) is that Ashley is now reaping the whirlwind of several years of lack of investment. I doubt very much that he will splurge 4 or 5 years worth of spending in one summer. Rather he will as usual make a judgement on what is the least he can get away with to remain in the league and collect the television cash. He has no intention of making us competitive because there’s no money in it for him

  • Andgeo

    We need two strikers and two centre halfs minimum. We now need to replace other squad players that have been sold or given away, or who’s contracts are expiring. There’s another 6 players. So in reality 10 players need to be coming in and that’s without loosing krul, janmaat or sissoko who would need to be replaced. At least £50 million needs to be spent or it’s not worth bothering really! Seriously though that is less than the profit he has made in the past 5 seasons, so a “net” spend needs to be at least £60m+.

  • Andgeo

    More likely we will be fishing in the free transfers and wasting money on bargain hopefulls!!! spend some money you fat greedy [email protected]

  • NotFatFreddy

    I’ll keep saying it, we need rid of Krul whilst he commands a decent fee, and we are brainwashed if we think more than 3 players are worth keeping.  We need a complete clear out and a squad by the start of next season who are like a first pick for England.  In other words proud to pull on the shirt and fully committed to making a name for themselves at NUFC.  Four of five championship players would do us no harm.

    Where is the player who beats his man and gets it on a head or even to a body in the box?

    Where is the dead ball specialist after poor old Ryan?

    Where is the 20 goal striker?  His partner who will get 15.  The two on the bench?

    The combative midfield player like a Batty?

    Which midfield players will regularly get goals?

    Central defence that is good in the air and quick on the ground.

    I hope we keep Janmaat and the Forest boys come good! A fit De Jong. 

    If Carver has a 5 year plan, we’ll soon be playing York City.

  • BillytheFish

    John Carver is the right man for Ashley because he is cheap, and tows the line…..Club is broken and rotten to the core.
    Ashley has promised to sell next year, but he will sell to the highest bidder and not to the right people, just like John Hall before him.

  • Hughie

    Agree with most Brian, but thought Anita did OK again at left back, and Colback is a Batty. But, the fact that Abeid was taken off, sums up Carver’s appalling judgement. He was one of the better players and was growing into the game. The lad has pace and skill and knows his way to goal–way ahead of poor old Ryan, who is completely out of his depth. Gouffran has lost all confidence and appears to have an attitude problem–when you lose the ball you don’t shrug and stop running. Should never start again –get rid. Despite the understandable protest, going down would be a disaster, so get behind them for the next two home games and if we pick up a couple of points, really go for an all out boycott against West Ham. Remember that this could be the team assuming no more injuries for the last 3 or 4 games–Krul, Janmaat, Williamson, Collo, Dummett, Colback, Abeid Sissoko, Cabella or Ameobi, De Jong or Perez, Cisse. Looks a lot stronger eh?   Of them only Krul, Janmaat ,Dummett, Abeid, possibly De Jong (who knows??) Ameobi (yes he has potential–remember Waddle??) and Perez are worth keeping. Clear out Gouffran, Anita, Haidara, Jonas (possibly), Williamson, Coloccini, Sissoko ,Tiote, Cisse, Vuckic, Marveaux, all of whom can’t hack it or have attitude problems. That should fetch at least 50p. Unfortunately half or more of the latter list is who we will be stuck with next season, because no-one wants them at the club’s value,  with Krul, Janmaat, and Perez on their bikes, and six Albanian superstars signed by the so called “Board”, or should that be “Bored”.

  • baty1963

    I thought it was wrong of John Carver to say on sky sports that some of the players aren’t good enough to be in the team but he leaves out players who are and worse off all after saying such remarks he expects the same players  to go out and perform for him .I’m not knocking JC for coming out and saying that some of the players are no good  but for the fact that a few weeks ago he was saying that we didn’t need any more and we had a very good squad, SBR will be turning in his grave at the way the club is being run and at the way his  (protoge) has turned into another patsy/yes man .

  • Philippines

    We could always bring Ian Rush back on a temporary basis. Only joking. Its certainly a frustrating period to say the least.